Where Is The Ambient Light Sensor On The Samsung TV?

Where Is The Ambient Light Sensor On The Samsung TV?

Have you noticed that your TV suddenly brightens or dimmer? Sometimes people worry about it as they don’t know about “Ambient Light Mode”.

Ambient Light Sensors are located on the backside near the bottom of your Samsung TV. These small sensors are black in color, helping to adjust the brightness of your smart TV according to the room’s light. You can also “turn off” this feature from “Settings”.

This feature is available on Samsung’s latest TV. Let’s read out this guide to know more about “Ambient Light Mode”.

Where Are The Ambient Light Sensors Present On Samsung TV?

Ambient light sensors are present on the back side of your TV near the TV’s bottom. These are small black sensors used to detect the light ratio of a room; thus adjust the TV screen’s brightness accordingly.

These sensors measure the room’s brightness and adjust it with the TV’s brightness for an equal light level.

Additionally, this sensor has a built-in radar connected to the control block of your TV. These sensors can detect an object or person in a room. If these sensors detect any movement in a room, they may trigger the signals. In this way, it controls the brightness level of your TV. Additionally, these sensors also minimize its emitted light.

Ambient Light Sensor

If you observe that your Samsung TV has a dim display, there may be an issue with Ambient Light Sensor. In case you would not find out the problem you may disable the Ambient Light Sensor’s sensitivity.

For this, you have to go to the TV’s settings. Then select the General section. In this section, you can turn it Off or On according to your choice.

In older Samsung TVs you may not find Ambient Light Sensor. These sensors are present in new models.

This feature of Samsung TV is helpful but frustrating at the same time because sometimes it makes your TV too dark to view.

How To Operate Ambient Mode On Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung always features advanced technologies in their smart TVs like Ambient Light sensors. These sensors adjust your TV’s brightness according to your room’s light.

It is important to know how you can operate your Ambient light sensor in Samsung smart TV.

“Turning On” The Ambient Light Sensor:

Samsung TV comes with amazing technological features. The Ambient Light Sensor is one of them.

Ambient Mode will allow your TV to display your favorite photos, weather, or time.

Turning On an Ambient Light Mode is quite simple. To start, you have to turn off your smart TV. When your TV is off, you have to press and hold the “Menu” button from your remote control device.

While holding a “Menu” button, press the “Power” button. Press both buttons for around 5 seconds. Or you can continue pressing both buttons until the power light of your TV starts to blink. When your smart TV goes into standby mode, then release both buttons.

After this, navigate to “Settings” and select “General” with the help of your remote control. From these settings scroll down and select “Ambient Settings”. On the next screen go for Ambient Mode ON and select the information you want to choose like weather forecast and time.

Additionally, you can also modify features like screen timeout or brightness features from the settings.

“Turning Off” The Ambient Light Sensor:

If you have a Samsung smart TV, there is a chance you may accidentally turn on an Ambient Light sensor. You may mistakenly press a remote control and turn this feature On. In any way, it may offend you!

Luckily you can disable this feature easily.

Follow the below steps:

  • Press the “Menu” button from your remote.
  • From “Settings” select “General”.
  • Choose “External Device Manager” and head toward “Motion Control Settings”.
  • Then turn this “Motion Control” feature OFF.

How Can You Check An Ambient Light Sensor?

An Ambient Light sensor can detect your room’s light thus automatically adjusting the screen’s brightness. This sensor is built-in into your Samsung TV.

If you want to check your device sensor, you have to “Turn ON” your TV. Then find where your sensor is placed.

Firstly you have to turn off your TV’s Ambient Light Sensor. If your TV sensor is not working properly your screen may flicker. You can fix this problem with a third-party application.

You can download the Sensor Test application. These can show you all the sensors from your device including Ambient Light Sensor. If you see a constant light value sensor, then there may be a hardware-related problem.

However, if you observe that the brightness of your screen is extremely low there is a possibility that your TV’s sensor is not working properly.

desembled ambiant sensor

How To Detect An Ambient Light Sensor From Your Smart TV?

Ambient Light Sensor is also called an Auto-Dimming feature. When this feature is enabled in your smart TV, it automatically adjusts your TV brightness according to your room’s light.

You can turn off this feature from Settings. After turning it Off, your TV will become bright as before. You can turn this feature Off and On anytime you want.

Additionally, you can also set this feature on a Timer. If you want to enjoy a movie in a dark room you can simply turn off this feature and enjoy dark scenes.

One of the advantages of Ambient Light Mode is it makes your viewing experience better!


Samsung smart TVs always come with amazing technological features that are convenient for us!

Your Samsung smart TV may get brighter or dimmer in response to your room’s light. This response is due to the Ambient Light Sensors. If this feature annoys you, you can turn it off from Settings.

Hope this article provides you with enough details about your Samsung TVs Ambient Light Sensor.

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