Are All LG TV Power Cords The Same?

Are All LG TV Power Cords The Same? – [Complete Details]

Many people get their TV’s original power cord damaged, and now, the only thing they can do is use a new power cord. If your case is the same (or similar) and your TV is of LG company, you must be asking the question yourself, “Are all LG TV power cords the same?”

Sad, The answer is ‘No.’

But this is not the end of the discussion because we have some solutions and essential information that will help you enjoy your TV without its original power cord.

So, let’s start with an explanation of the question:

Are All LG TV DC Power Cords the Same?

A power cord is a power cable that provides transfers electricity to the TV. A power cord is just like a charger’s data cable.

Just like a charger, every power cord can’t be the same because every kind of TV requires a different cable to be plugged into the port.

LG TV Power Cords

In this case, most of the brands are difficult to deal with if you want to make things work with a different power cord (that is not original). Because they use a wide range of power cord systems for distinct TV models and types.

But you are lucky because LG only uses four different kinds of power cords for all of their TV models:

The best part of this problem is that although all power cords are not the same, you can still use a different power cord for a different TV. But there is a thing you need to understand first.

A changed power cord can only be used in place of another if its style fits the style of the port of the TV on that end which is to be connected to the TV.

Now, you are much more ready to use a new power cord for your LG TV. But wait! There are still many things you need to understand because rushing might cause damage to your TV.

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What If I Use a Different LG TV Power Cord?

Although only four types of power cords can be used for your LG TV, if you don’t pay attention and do some work, you might end up with a damaged TV.

You already know that to make a power cord work for you, it needs to fit with the style of the TV. Apparently, your TV should turn on once you plug that specific power cord into your TV.

LG TV Power Cord

But even if that power cord plugs into your TV, there is no guarantee that it will work. Why?

Because most of the new smart TVs require a specific amount of voltage and current in the power cord.


These days every power cord comes with a different current value to suit specific devices like TV. And their current and range depend on amperage. It specifies how much current a cable or power cord can carry.

Related to the current, one more thing needs to be perfect according to the TV, and that is polarity. If they both are as required, your TV will turn on and start working.

Moreover, some TVs require DC (direct current) to proceed. So, for that, you might also need a power adapter that will convert AC (alternative current) to DC.


But this is not it because there is one more thing:

Note: Using a power cord with less current might just not turn on your TV. But if the current is more than what you need, then it will damage your TV even on your lucky day.


The proper amount of current might turn on your TV, but still, you are not safe to go. Because voltage matters as well.

Before moving further, you need to know the countries where LG TVs are being manufactured:

  • Korea.
  • China.
  • India.
  • Russia.
  • Vietnam.
  • Indonesia.
  • Poland.
  • Mexico.

Every country uses different voltage. That’s why every country has power cords that can transmit different amounts of voltage. If you are in a country where LG TVs are manufactured, you (most probably) do not need to be worried about voltage.

Because each country manufactures LG TVs specifically perfect for their country. So, if you don’t live in any of the above countries, It means that your TV is imported from one of these countries.

Now, first, you need to know from where that TV was imported. After that, see the voltage of that country. And always buy power cords that can work with the voltage of that specific voltage. For example, the nominal voltage of China is 220/380.

Note: Excessive amount of voltage is not that harmful. But if you use a power cord with less voltage than needed, it might reduce the life of your TV. Not just this, but it can also cause malfunctioning in your TV.

Which Power Cord Should You Choose For Your LG TV?

lg tv

If you are looking for a new power cord for your LG TV, there are two possibilities:

  • The previous one is lost
  • The previous one is damaged

If the previous (and original) LG TV power cord is damaged and you have that, you just need to take it to a local hardware or electric store. The shopkeeper will find the best alternative for you.

But if the case is different, first, you need to know these features of your original LG power cord:

  • Volt or electric pressure that the cable can handle
  • Amp or the amount of electric current that can flow through the power cords
  • The type of power cord
  • Watt or the amount of electric power that can be handled by the cable
  • The type of plug end of the power cord

Once you know them, just buy a power cord of these specifications and enjoy watching your TV like before.

Bottom Line:

Now you do not just know that the answer to the question: “Are all LG TV power cords the same?” is ‘yes,’ but you also have enough knowledge to use a new power cord for your TV.

Tip: If you don’t have any idea of how to know stuff about the original LG TV power cord. The best and easiest solution is calling customer service of LG. That’s how you might also get a free new power cord (if your TV is in a warranty period).

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