Are All Vizio TV Power Cords The Same?

Are All Vizio TV Power Cords The Same? – [Complete Info]

When you spend a considerable amount on your smart TV, you don’t want to take any risks with it. You want to use all those accessories that should be compatible with your smart TV like power cords.

No, All the Vizio TV power cords are not the same. If they physically fit your TV you can use them interchangeably. Some TVs need adaptors for the correct current and voltage for your smart TV.

Choosing the right power cords for your TV, check a port on the back side of your smart TV. If you want more about power cords for smart TVs let’s continue reading!

Are All Vizio TV Power Cords Universal?

The simple answer to this question is; Not all power cords of Vizio TV are the same. You can use any power cord that is available to you as long as it is compatible with your TV. It should have a perfect fit with your TV.

Not all Vizio TV power cords are similar. There are two types of power cords for Vizio TV; IEC C7 cable and IEC C13.

However, it is essential to check whether the power cord is capable of carrying an amount of current. You can find all this information in your TV manual.

power cord for vizio tv

New TV models do not just require a power cord but also need a power adapter. These adaptors convert the AC to DC that your TV needs. However, you have to ensure that an adapter would receive the right voltage and current for your TV.

As far as Vizio TV is concerned, its all power cords are not the same. However, if the cord fits perfectly with your TV you can use it interchangeably.

Can I Use Any Power Cord With My Vizio TV?

Yes, you can use any power cord if it fits your TV.

However, it is better to check whether the cable is carrying the right amount of current to the TV. You can find the specifications in the TV manual and get the right power cord for your TV.

New TV models come with adaptors that convert AC to DC. You have to make sure that adapter draws the right amount of current.

What Are The Effects Of Using The Wrong Power Cord With Vizio TV?

If a power cord does not fit into the socket of your smart TV, don’t try to use force to fit in it. Because you need a power cord that is designed for your TV and perfectly fits in it.

However, you can use any universal power cable for your TV. The universal power cord can easily fit in any TV. However, there are differences between adapters and power cords. You can plug in an adapter in one end and its other end has a round part to insert into the electronic device.

On the other hand, the power cord will perfectly fit your device or TV. The power cable can be a two-prong cable.

How Can I Choose The Right Power Cord For Vizio TV?

Different brands have different power cords for TVs. Some power cords have two prongs while some have three prongs. Moreover, two or three-prong cables come in multiple shapes.

If you want to identify the correct power cord for your Vizio TV; Here is the guide for you:

  • Firstly, match your old power cord with the new one.
  • The other option is to take your old power cord to the electronics store and ask for the same cord for your TV. However, there is a possibility that your new power cord would be from some other manufacturer. But you have to make sure that it works properly.

Read The TV Manual:

If you have your TV manual then you would know which exact power cord you needed. If you don’t have a TV manual you can also check it online by searching for your TV model on google.

Additionally, you can also look at the back of your TV to know whether you require a two-prong or three-prong cord.

You can estimate the cord shape by looking at the port shape.

Some TV brands have an inscription that tells you about the cable type.

If your TV needs an adapter to convert AC into DC, the cable port at the back of the TV tells you about the voltage needed by your TV. However, you should consult the TV manual before buying an adapter for your TV.

Check Online:

The next option to get the right cable is to check it online. When you shop online there is everything mentioned in the description. The product description includes makers and models of TV and describes TV models that the power cord is compatible with.

An ideal place to buy the perfect power cord for your Vizio TV is the manufacturer’s website. Or you can also find out at a reputed online store.

vizio tv power cord

Shop In-Person:

If you try all the above options and still don’t find a perfect match for your TV then go to the local TV shop and ask the staff to assist you. You have to provide them with information about your TV model and they will guide you to get the right TV power cable.

The more you give them information about your TV model the more easily they will help you!

Additionally, you can also take photos of ports from the back of your TV to get the correct size and style of power cable.


Choosing the right power cord for your smart TV is very important. If you buy an ill-fitted power cord it may lead to damage. Every Vizio TV power cord is not the same.

However, you can use any power cord interchangeably if it fits with your smart TV. In case your Vizio TV power cord is damaged or lost, you can buy it from your local electronics store or shop online. Hope you get enough information about Vizio TV power cords.

Good Luck with your purchase!

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