Are Curved TVs Good for Gaming?

Are Curved TVs Good for Gaming? – [Things You Should Know!]

Are you a gamer and want to buy a curved TV so that you can enjoy gaming more than ever before? But before that, you must know the answer to this question: “Are curved TVs really good for gaming?

Yes, Every gamer loves to go intense while gaming and this is what curved TVs provide you.

If you don’t know much about TVs and especially curved TVs, you must have many other questions in your mind, like “How will curved TV make gaming intense?

So, let’s go and explore this helpful article to be completely clear in mind:

Advantages of Curved TVs for Gaming:

Whenever you want to see whether a thing is good or not, the first task you need to do is understand its pros and cons.

So, here we first start with the advantages of curved TVs, especially for gaming:

Curved TV for Gaming

Immersive Viewing Experience:

The curved design of the TV screen can create a more immersive viewing experience. Now, what’s an immersive viewing experience?

When you feel a 3D experience in which everything seems to be happening super close to you, you say that it’s an immersive viewing experience. While gaming, it will make you feel that everything happening in-game is actually happening in real life.

It’s a thing of perception!

Wide Viewing Angle:

Curved TVs typically have a wider viewing angle than traditional flat-screen TVs, which can be beneficial for gaming.

Gamers have always suggested that a wider angle helps them to see more of the game world and react more quickly to changes in the environment.

Reduced Eye Strain:

While playing with a curved monitor, your eyes will get less stressed and will not get tired soon. The curvature can help to reduce the amount of light reflected off the screen and minimize glare, which can help to reduce eye fatigue. It eventually helps you get more gaming time as your main body part will allow you.

Improved Contrast:

Curved TVs can also offer improved contrast, which can be beneficial for gaming. Now, the real science behind it is that this curved screen can help to minimize the amount of light that is reflected off the screen.

Enhanced Sound Quality:

Very few people know, but curved TVs also offer enhanced sound quality, which can be particularly beneficial for gaming.

Did you even imagine that curved TVs can also play with sound?

Disadvantages of Curved TVs for Gaming:

We should not just understand one side of the coin (advantages).

So, let’s jump into the disadvantages of curved TVs so that you can be clear at the end:

advantage and disadvantages of Curved TVs for Gaming

Limited Viewing Angle:

The curved screen of this kind of TV wants you to sit at a particular spot to experience its optimal view. Unlike flat TVs, you can sit back on your sofa and enjoy gaming with this TV, as distance makes a difference. Moreover, the screen may not be as effective at displaying content for multiple viewers.

Screen Reflections:

Curved TVs can also be more prone to screen reflections, particularly in brightly lit environments. It means that if your surroundings are lighter than a TV screen, you will get a lot of shadows and stuff on the screen, which eventually becomes a distraction.

Higher Cost:

Normally, almost in all parts of the world, Curved TVs tend to be more expensive than traditional flat-screen TVs. It is a great disadvantage for gamers who are looking for a more affordable option.

Mounting Difficulty:

If you are not an expert, you will find it difficult to mount curved TVs, and eventually, you might have to call a professional in this case. It will be quite an expensive thing to do.

So, it is proven that you should only go for curved TVs if you have an excessive amount of money.

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The Best Types of Games for Curved TVs:

If you are a gamer but don’t play any of the games shown below, you should not go for curved TV:

Racing Games:

Want to participate in real-life bike or car racing but don’t have enough resources?

Don’t worry, and buy a curved monitor that can create a more natural and realistic sense of speed and movement, allowing players to feel like they are actually inside the game.

First-Person Shooter Games:

After racing games, first-person shooting games are the best when played with curved TVs or monitors. The wider viewing angle helps you perceive your surroundings better and react more quickly.

Sports Games:

If you are a lover of sports like basketball or football, you should try playing sports games on a wide curved screen as it will make gameplay more realistic.

Simulation Games:

Games like flight simulators or strategy games become next level with increased depth perception and wider viewing angle provided by a curved TV.

What to Look for When Choosing a Curved TV for Gaming?

Now that you have decided that going for a curved TV for gaming is the right thing to do, it’s time to first look at some things you need to consider before starting the buying process.

Curved TV

Screen Size:

The first thing you need to consider is screen size because if you can only afford a tiny curved TV. It will not be an ideal thing for gaming at all. If you can only afford a small curved TV, you should instead think of buying a traditional flat one.


At least 1080p is what you should look for, as the resolution of the TV is also important. A higher resolution will give you sharper images, which is essential for gaming.

Refresh Rate:

A higher refresh rate means that the image will appear smoother and more fluid, which is ideal for gaming. 120Hz of refresh rate should be a good choice.


Buy it only if you can afford it because there are many other things a gamer needs to consider


At the moment, you are the one who can answer this question: Are Curved TVs Good for Gaming?

If you still think that you are not determined to buy a new curved TV, you can ask your questions any time without hesitation.

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