Best Smart TVs For Web Browsing

Top 5 Best Smart TVs For Web Browsing – [2024 Buying Guide]

Nowadays almost all Smart TVs have web browsing, which helps you broadcast all the channels by simply using the internet. From the variety of TV available for web browsing I have selected the top ones for you. Web browning TVs provide more options to the user, which facilitates people in many ways.

Web-browsing TVs are a source of entertainment because it allows multiple options for playing games, watching movies, or listening to music online. The best TV for web browsing should have amazing internet technologies so that you can enjoy the available browsing facilities.

There are a large number of TVs for web browsing that you can find in the market but selecting one is highly tough. Well, in this article, I have introduced the best TV for web browsing so that you can take full advantage of internet facilities.

Top Rated 5 Best TVs For Web Browsing Reviews

I always come up with a list of the best products that I have tried. I used many TVs for web browsing but only a few satisfied me. Here, I have shared the top-notch models of Smart TVs for web browsing so that you can avail all the internet operations smoothly.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Ultra Viewing Angle
Dolby Atmos
HDR Quality
Check Price
Hisense U8H QLED SeriesQuantum Dot
Alexa Compatibility
Google Smart TV
Check Price
LG Smart TV Web BrowserUSB Compatible
Excellent Condition
Active HDR
LED Display Technology
Check Price
Amazon Fire TVUHD Smart
Without Cable
4k Ultra HD
Brighter Color Contrast
Check Price
TCL 75 6-Series TVPremium Features
Free Sync
Contrast Control Zone
Check Price



The SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4K QN90B is the best TV for web browsing. This TV is available in different screen sizes, which gives the best viewing experience.

This TV has a good internet connection, which makes sure to support internet services including, Apple TV, HBOMax, Youtube, Netflix, Disney, etc. The LED display technology emits different color lights from the background.

These quantum HDR mini LED lights give the best experience of watching movies, especially at night. Its fast internet support helps you watch your favorite shows and movies online.

The Neo Quantum processor of this TV shows 4k resolution, which helps you watch every single detail of the image. The amazing picture quality increases the watching experience of the user.

Another important characteristic that I like about this TV is its sound system. The speakers of this TV are present at the back side of the TV, which makes sure to produce a clear sound. The Dolby Atmos adds more reality to the sound, which makes things lifelike.

  • High-quality sound system
  • Smart calibration
  • Brilliant colors
  • Wide range of angle
  • Poor picture quality

Well, this TV is highly best to use for watching movies, videos, or playing games online. When you are watching movies at night then you can use the LED mini lights of this TV, which will give a smooth watching experience.

The operating system of this TV is quite simple but you need to be careful with the use of the remote control.

2. Hisense U8H QLED Series:

Hisense U8H QLED Series

The Hisense U8H QLED Series is best for online movies, HDR gaming, video games, sports, and TV shows. The best thing about this TV is its price, which means that at a suitable price, you are getting the better TV option.

This TV has impressive features, which provide outstanding image output. The ULED technology helps in boosting the brightness, color, motion, and contrast of the videos and pictures.

The quantum dot shows the next level of color contrast, which brings the images to life. There is an automatic brightness control, which controls the colors of the screen accordingly.

Also, there is a local dimming zone, which will produce HDR-quality images and colors. The dimming zone of Hisense TV is between 1500 to 528 local where 500 is quite good.

The Dolby Vision and Atmos help you perfectly see and hear the sound of every scene. The smooth motion of this TV removes all distractions and provides a fluent screen display.

It gives a clear view of all the moving objects, which results in satisfactory viewing. The remote control of this TV has hands-free voice control, which helps you change the channel by simply speaking.

  • Automatic setting
  • Local dimming zone
  • Produce HDR content
  • Voice control
  • Poor viewing angle

Well, this TV has a good internet support service. Many people love the HDR screen quality of this TV as well. You can watch movies or your favorite show easily by just using voice control.

Its pro-minimized input lag is the best feature that I experienced using this TV. Good input lag reduces frame tearing and screen jittering of the TV.

3. LG Smart TV Web Browser:

LG Smart TV Web Browser

LG Smart TV is another guaranteed TV for web browsing that is available in excellent condition. Also, this product has high-quality features with smooth and perfect color contrast.

The screen size of this TV is suitable enough that it gives the best gaming experience to the user. This TV supports many internet services so that you can have a great viewing session.

The resolution of this TV is 720p, which shows high-quality pixels without any blurry effect. The background LED light adds more brightness and enhances your watching experience.

The internet facility allows the user to access streaming services for more fun including, Prime Video, Youtube, Disney, and many more.

The refresh rate of this TV is 60 Hz, which makes sure to show many pictures smoothly in a second. The operating system of this TV is WebOS, which provides advanced features for better functioning. The active HDR shows vibrant and original colors.

  • Show more colorful image
  • Better input lag
  • Easy control
  • Expensive for some

This TV is quite good to use and the best thing I liked about this TV is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can simply connect your phone to your TV through free sync and see anything from your phone on your TV.

The sound system of this TV is good enough and you can set the sound accordingly by changing the settings.

4. Amazon Fire TV:

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

The Amazon Fire TV is available in three different sizes i-e 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch. You can buy any size you want according to your TV room. Also, this TV has all the features you need for web browsing and the price is quite reasonable too.

The brighter color and picture make your watching experience smooth by delivering HD-quality images. The Dolby Digital Plus produces a smooth and realistic sound that builds a connection with every scene.

Also, the wide screen helps the user to watch the screen perfectly from all angles.

You can stream multiple movies, videos, shows, and games. You can watch live programs as well by using the advanced features of this TV. The functionality of this TV for web browsing is simply amazing and fulfills the user’s demand.

  • Advance features
  • More bright colors
  • Additional screaming options
  • Poor interface

The 4k picture quality brings life to the images. Also, there are other picture settings too that enhance the quality by brightening the colors.

There are HDMI ports that connect the USB and other cables to your TV. You can even connect your Xbox to enjoy better gaming.

5. TCL 75 6-Series TV:

TCL 75 6-Series TV

TCL 75 6-Series TV makes sure to produce picture clarity for a better viewing experience. Uncompromised brightness and uniformity of the picture provide an incredible feeling to the user. The QLED wide lights provide better color volume and contrast.

To get the cinematic experience you should try out this TV. Also, it provides better opportunities for web browsing. The high-quality performance of this TV delivers dark colors and fluent motion of the videos. The 4k ultra HD features of this TV make everything look richer and more realistic.

The best thing that I liked about this TV is the contrast control zones, which help the individual to distinguish between light and dark colors. You can watch many different live shows on this TV without any hassle.

  • Deep dark colors
  • Better picture and color
  • Cinematic view
  • Quality issue

This TV pleased many of the users because of its better picture and screen display. The decent features of this TV provide a flawless viewing experience to the user. The picture quality is good too, which never disappoints the buyer.

Best Smart TV For Web Browsing – The Buying Guide

Buying a perfect TV for web browsing requires proper guidance. Knowing which features are important to consider is the most important part of your purchase.

Here, I will tell you about the important features that you should check in TVs for web browsing to get a high-level screening and smooth viewing experience. So, continue reading the article so that you can make the right choice of TV for web browsing.

1. Image Quality:

Image quality is very important to check while purchasing a TV so as to get a clear image picture. High-quality TV imaging gives an excellent viewing experience. Also, people love enjoying movies or videos more when the TV image quality is better.

A good TV web browser makes sure to produce high-quality images, which gives a more thrilling experience of watching.

2. Input Lag:

Input lag is another feature that you should consider while buying a TV for web browsing. The input lag of web browsing TVs should be very good. Sometimes people click a button and it takes a long time to respond.

A good TV for a web browser should be one, which responds quickly without taking a longer time. A fast input lag gives a great web browsing experience. Low input lag will reduce the performance of your TV as well.

3. Easy Usage:

Easy usage is one of the most demanding features that most people search for. Well, make sure that you buy a TV that has simple usage. Sometimes, complex TV makes things difficult for users.

So, make sure that you buy a TV that has a simple usage system so that you do not face any problems during web browsing. Web browsing seems interesting but the difficult system makes it boring and hard for people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which TV is best for web browsing?

Well, varieties of TV are best for web browsing but the most demanding and suitable one is SAMSUNG Class Neo QLED 4K QN90B. This TV gives the best web browsing facility to the users.

Is there a TV that can browse the Internet?

Yes, the Smart Google TV is the one that can simply browse the internet for a better and more thrilling viewing experience.

Is it safe to browse the internet on a smart TV?

Well, sometimes using the internet on a smart TV can cause problems like it can be hacked by someone. People can hack the TV and can spy on whatever you are watching on it.

Which is better: OLED or QLED for web browsing?

Well, both of these TVs are best to use for web browsing but the most demanding one is QLED. It has better features and a fast speed internet connection, which makes it better than others.

Does Samsung TV have a web browser?

Yes, many Samsung TVs have the facility of web browsing. This means that you need to read the description before buying any.


Well, I hope now you can easily choose one TV for web browsing that you find the most suitable for yourself. All of the above-listed TVs have a great web browsing facility, which will give you a superb viewing experience. Also, web-browsing TVs provide greater entertainment in comparison to traditional TVs.

You can watch your favorite show online if your TV is providing a web browsing facility. If you are in a hurry to select then I have made your selection easier I have selected the top two best TVs for web browsing, which are as follows;

  • LG Smart TV Web Browser has compatible features and provides better output.
  • SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4K QN90B provides an HD picture display and viewing angle.

Now, go and choose the best TV for the web browser that you find the most suitable for yourself.

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