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Top 5 Best TVs For PS2 2024 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you finding the best TV for enjoying PS2 games? Then you are at the right place. In this guide, you will get detailed information on how you can search for the best TV for PS2 games.

However, there is not any restriction on buying specific TVs for PS2 gaming. You can connect PS2 with any TV with HDMI inputs. It is better if you have a TV that supports composite or component connections.

In case, if your smart TV does not support PS2, then you can use an HDMI adapter to upscale your device.

Top 5 Best TVs For Ps2 Gaming Reviews 2024

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

  • Resolution - 3840 x 2160 (4K)
  • Display Type - LCD (VA panel)
  • Response Time - More than 7ms
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Inputs - Supports USB, HDMI, Ethernet
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TCL 32S327

TCL 32S327

  • Resolution - 1920 x 1080
  • Display Type - LCD (VA panel)
  • Response Time - More than 5ms
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Inputs - Supports USB, HDMI, Composite (RCA)
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Vizio M55Q7-J01

Vizio M55Q7-J01

  • Resolution - 3840 x 2160
  • Display Type - Quantum Dot LCD (VA panel)
  • Response Time - More than 6 ms
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Inputs - Supports USB, HDMI, Ethernet
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LG NanoCell Smart TV

LG NanoCell Smart TV

  • Resolution - 4K
  • Display Type - LED
  • Refresh rate - 60 Hz
  • Inputs - Supports USB, HDMI, WiFi
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Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV

Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV

  • Resolution - 4K
  • Display Type - LCD
  • Refresh Rate - 120 Hz
  • Inputs - Supports USB, Ethernet
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When you are buying a PS2-compatible smart TV, you have to consider many factors. Many brands in the market offer amazing features in gaming TVs. Below we have compiled a list of smart TVs that are suitable for PS2 gaming. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Amazon Fire TV 4-Series:

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series

This Amazon 4K smart TV comes with an HDR 10. This is one of the best TVs for your gaming as it is compatible with PS2. Additionally, it comes with an Alexa voice-control remote.

Structurally, this smart TV has a thin plastic build-up. Moreover, its panels will creak when you press them. However, when you wall mount this TV then these issues are ignorable.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series offers an excellent contrast ratio. Due to its high contrast ratio, your picture quality during gaming would not be compromised. Additionally, it comes with low input lag that gives an efficient and responsive gaming experience. It offers very less delay behind the fast-moving objects. However, it is not compatible with the latest gaming features.

Irrespective of the gaming type, this smart TV is there for you for every game. Additionally, it is compatible with PS2. On this TV, you can also download games from the AppStore. Furthermore, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, then you can play games for free on Luna.

This smart TV includes an Alexa Voice Remote which can control specific functions like volume, and power on many compatible IR-enabled devices, A/V receivers, and soundbars.

  • Cheapest 4K TV
  • Excellent color accuracy can be achieved with basic tuning
  • Efficiently handle reflections that make it ideal for a well-lighted room
  • High contrast ratio
  • Excellent input lag
  • Lacks a good HDR brightness
  • Does not have advanced gaming features
  • Terrible accuracy
  • Less response time

2. TCL 32S327:

TCL 32S327

For your PS2 gaming console, you have to need a good 60Hz 1080p TV that can easily upgrade the 480p images without any blurring effect. So TCL 32S327 is an absolute choice for every gamer as it is the cheapest 1080p TV for the PS2 gaming console.

TCL 32S327 delivers a decent image quality for retro gaming. It comes with excellent color accuracy, contrast ratio, viewing angles, and brightness.

For gamers, it is a great choice as it is compatible with the PS2 console. It delivers a fantastic gaming experience due to its low input lag and good response time. These qualities ensure a smooth gaming adventure without any blur effect.

This TCL smart TV is great for casual gaming but not good for the latest gaming features. This TV feels very responsive during gaming due to its low input lag.

But it may show some blurring effect while fast-moving objects. Additionally, it has a Roku smart interface that is similar to high-end smart TVs.

  • Cheapest smart TV
  • Good response time
  • A great option for retro gaming with consoles such as PS2
  • Composite input allows direct connectivity with PS2
  • Comes with the Roku operating system
  • Voice-controlled TV
  • Not a 4K TV
  • It has some smeary motion

3. Vizio M55Q7-J01:

Vizio M55Q7-J01

This is one of the best smart TVs for PS2 gaming. It offers great brightness features with an amazing contrast ratio. Additionally, color accuracy is the factor that makes it everyone’s favorite. You can enjoy 1080p content on this smart TV.

It supports variable refresh rates for PS2 gaming. Its low input lag is perfect for an amazing gaming experience. Thus it falls under the best gaming TV for PS2.

This TV works best in darker rooms because of its fantastic contrast ratio. It offers FreeSync with fast response, low input lag which is ideal to enjoy a true gaming experience.

However, it shows some black smearing. Additionally, it doesn’t have a dimming feature. This TV brand is very popular due to its amazing support for gaming features.

  • It is considerably brighter
  • Comes with good contrast ratio
  • It supports Google Cast and Apple AirPlay
  • Good for gaming because of the low input lag
  • You may face some shadow issues while gaming

4. LG NanoCell Smart TV:

LG NanoCell Smart TV

This LG TV brings you a completely new experience because of its refined colors. It removes all the impurities with its latest technology and delivers accurate colors to enjoy every scene. Its 4K Quad Core processor offers a smooth viewing experience with enhanced contrast, colors, and blacks.

This smart TV is Bluetooth-compatible and you can easily connect your wireless surround system to it. This LG model has many innovative technologies as it has Filmmaker Mode. Also, it comes with an automatic processor and picture settings.

One of the most exciting features is it comes with a game optimizer that takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. On this TV, you will get an auto-low-latency mode with dynamic gaming. This is a perfect choice for the PS2 gaming console.

This amazing device comes with a magic remote that has a click, scroll, point, or buttons for easy management. You can also get a newly designed screen with content suggestions; in this way, you can control all the connected devices at a time. You can get access to Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix LG, or Disney+.

The most important feature is you will get an Alexa voice assistant with this smart TV.

  • It has a magic remote with unique features
  • Auto low-latency mode
  • Feature dimming lighting control
  • Comes with a super slim design
  • Customized home screen

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of this TV is its high price

5. Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV:

Hisense 55H9G ULED Smart TV

This smart TV is a complete package for enjoying movies, watching sports, and playing games on PS2. This Hisense TV comes with Quantum technology that delivers fantastic images with ideal brightness, colors, and many other details for smooth motion.

With smooth motion features you can enjoy every aspect of fast-moving objects in games or movies because it offers a motion rate of 240 image processing systems.

Apart from these features, this TV offers local dimming zones for an excellent HDR  experience with maximum brightness.

Like other PS2-compatible smart TVs, Hisense comes with an additional gaming mode to increase input lag for a more amazing gaming experience. Additionally, it has automated scene recognition that continuously adjusts the pictures and sound.

Furthermore, on this TV, you will get a Dolby Vision HDR picture and a Dolby Atmos sound quality. These features will convert your home into a home theater with a perfect entertainment package for you.

Additionally, this gaming smart TV features a Google or Alexa assistant that helps in controlling smart devices. Its voice-enabled remote control is very easy-to-use that permits you to search your favorite games, movies, or applications.

  • Comes with local dimming features
  • Offers one-year warranty
  • Offers optimized gaming mode
  • Voice-controlled remote
  • Design issues

An Ultimate Buying Guide For PS2-Compatible Smart TVs

If you are a gamer, then you may look at some different features for your gaming TV than other smart TVs. You have to consider some additional features for gaming TVs. Screen size, resolution, HDR, and input lag are very important factors to consider while buying gaming TVs for PS2.

Let’s discuss some factors that you have to consider while buying the best TV for PS2.

Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate of a smart TV is defined as the number of times a smart TV can redraw a picture or image in a second on your TV screen. If you want to enjoy fast-paced games then you will need a TV with a high refresh rate.

The refresh rate matters a lot for gamers. People have different opinions about refresh rates during a game because many people cannot see the minor difference between 60FPS or 120FPS.

Smart TVs with high refresh rates are great for gaming. High refresh rates may come with raw visual quality. However, if you’re a regular gamer then buying a TV with a 120 Hz display may be worth the money.

Screen Resolution:

Most of the 4K smart TVs are compatible with the PS2 console. For a gamer, a 4K TV is an attractive choice. Screen resolution is the deciding factor in buying a TV for your gaming experience. You should go for a full-HD TV to get amazing picture quality.


HDR is the measure of contrast. HDR is responsible for creating an image of an object with dark blacks, bright whites, and highly-defined details. You can easily set contrast on any screen size.

If a TV has a good HDR then you will get better and brighter image colors. The amazing news is every 4K TV in the market will come with HDR. HDR is mainly dependent on the brightness of the TV.

If a TV has a lower brightness then it will be difficult to find the changes in the HDR improvement. So, you should go for a TV with high HDR for the optimal gaming experience.

Low Input Lag:

You should find a low-latency TV for playing PS2 games. Latency or lag is the time that your TV takes to display the picture or image on the screen. When you are playing games, lag can ruin your gaming experience.

Usually, you should buy a TV with 60 ms of latency which is very high for playing games. For a true gaming experience, a low latency rate is very necessary because it is responsible for the fast image changing on your TV screen so you have to check this feature before buying a new TV for your PS2 gaming.

Display Type:

Display type is quite important for gamers. The latest display types will provide high picture quality. Generally, it is suggested that an expensive TV has more technological features so they offer enhanced and improved TV displays. Display types do a better job in upscales and improve the gaming experience.

When you are connecting PS2 with your TV you want exceptional upgrading of the content to fully enjoy the gaming experience. Now, most TVs come with LED or OLED technology. Buying an LED TV for games is an affordable option.

Display Type of tv screen

However, one of the drawbacks of buying a LED TV is it cannot shut down the individual pixels. Resultantly, the level of blackness in the images will not be perfect. This issue is very visible while playing games in the dark. On the other hand, QLED cannot show this issue.

But OLED offers more features than other technologies because it shows a perfect ratio of blacks that produces better color and contrast. So OLED is a better option for you. If you want to play games in a fully lit room, then LED is a better option because it offers limited brightness.

Right Size:

Right-size TV is very important for gamers. Your gaming experience can be affected by the size of your TV screen. It is noticed that when you go for the biggest TV screen, it will affect the image quality.

If you want to play games on PS2, then an ideal gaming TV size will be 40 to 60 inches, specifically when you want to play games on a 4K smart TV. You should buy smart TV between these sizes for gaming; as a bigger TV will dramatically affect the picture quality.

TV Design:

TV design is one of the most appealing factors in buying a smart TV. For a gamer, a TV having a thin bezel set will provide a more amazing gaming experience.

Choose a TV that has easy port placement, so connecting and disconnecting the PS2 would be easy for you. You should find a TV having an easily accessible connection. This will make your gaming experience smooth and quite easy.

Other Features:

Gaming TV may also come with many smart features like app streaming services, and Google or Alexa assistant compatibility. So, it will be easy for you to connect and control the smart devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PS2 Compatible With The Latest TVs?

No, the latest HD TVs do not support PS2. You cannot play PS2 games well on HD TVs because they cannot support video modes for PS2. However, if you plug in PS2 to a new TV, it will not work out even if you use advanced component cables.

Can LED TV Support PS2?

Yes, you can play PS2 games on LED TV. You may not get some input components for PS2 on your 4K TV. So, you have to buy an AV port or HDMI adapter. In this way, your PS2 will work better. However, it does not output at 4K TV but it helps to upgrade it as needed.

What Resolution Quality Does PS2 Support?

PS2 can efficiently output the video resolution on HDTV or SDTV for around 480i to 480p. PS2 can also support some games like Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo 4 and upscale them up to 1080i resolution.

Does PS2 Display Blurry Images On HDTV?

On PS2 most of the games run at 640 x 480. This is the reason that images look blurry on 1080p or 720p TV. When the TV shows images at lower resolution it gets blurry.

Can I Play Games On A 4K TV With PS2?

For playing games on the 4K TV with PS2, you will require an AV port to the HDMI adapter box.


Hope this article helped you to get the best TV for PS2. As you have to decide between buying a gaming TV depending on many factors that affect your gaming experience. You have to check its size, resolution, and input lag for gaming.

Additionally, you have to consider the display type of the TV that should be compatible with the PS2 console. Screen resolution also plays an important role as it affects the graphics and image quality while gaming. You will need a 4K TV for a true gaming experience.

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