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Top 5 Best TVs For PS4 Slim 2024 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Since I have been playing games via PS4 for the last many years, I have used several televisions to make connections with my PlayStation and play the game on a big screen.

So to make it easier for you to search for the right product, here I have listed five of the best TVs for PS4 slim that are all highly reliable when it comes to latency rate, color contrast ratio, image quality, and price.

Additionally to the products, I’ll also be elaborating on the specific features that make the product worth purchasing. Look at the details so you can make an adequate choice according to your needs.

Top 5 Best TV For PS4 Slim 2024 Reviews

These five best TVs for PS4 slim offer uncountable features and are all greatly compatible with PS4 promising to give you the ultimate features at the best price to ensure you can enjoy gaming without spending much money.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
SAMSUNG TU-8000 SeriesBuilt-in Alexa
Built-in voice command
Operable via remote control
Outstanding 1080p screen resolution
Check Price
Sony X800HOutstanding audio quality
Extremely slim and sleek
Comes with remote control
Check Price
Hisense Quantum SeriesGoogle Assistant
Comes with remote control, power cable, and start manual
Delivers billions of colors clearly
43.8 x 25.4 x 3.1 dimensions
Check Price
TCL S325/S327High-quality construction
32 inches size
60 Hz refresh rate
1080p screen resolution
Check Price
Vizio MQ74K ultra HD design
Quantum color
29.9 pounds of the total weight
Black in color
Check Price

1. SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series:

SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series

With a 120-hertz refresh rate and 5.2ms input lag, this is one of the most reliable and attractive televisions that you can purchase to get the most real-life gaming experience. It delivers outstanding image quality and is highly reliable when it comes to color production making the television ideal for PS4.

This Samsung television not only is ideal for gaming but also comes with numerous inbuilt features making it ideal to watch for entertainment purposes. It is versatile, flexible, and highly compatible with gaming consoles including PS4 making it the top choice for pro gamers.

Additionally, the built-in Alexa and inbuilt voice assistant help in recording movies and shows and make it easier for you to search via audiobooks and control the settings of the game and television while watching.

This makes it ideal for beginners. Furthermore, this Samsung television is not only affordable but also energy efficient, resulting in it being one of the most affordable options.

  • Attractive design
  • High-quality construction
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Not bright enough

SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series is a smart TV that comes with numerous features making it stand in our top 5 positions. It comes with inbuilt Alexa and an integrated voice command option making it easier and ideal for beginners.

Additionally, the presence of a 120-hertz refresh rate and 5.2 ms input lag is one of the top choices for pro gamers to attach to their PlayStation 4 and enjoy gaming.

2. Sony X800H:

Sony X800H

The next best TV for the PS4 slim that I have selected in this guide is Sony X800H. I am concluding it at the second best place because of the beauty and the brightness it offers in its pictures.

I love how clear the audio in this smart TV is. The audio system integrated into the TV focuses on each and every sound making the game more realistic and more fun.

Furthermore, the sleek design and slim look make sure that you can enjoy gaming without compromising on the looks of the television.

Additionally, the clearest picture quality gives you the experience of a home theater setup on which you not only can play games with your friend and family but also can watch your favorite movies and shows together.

A wider viewing angle when combined together with high-definition clarity of the image displayed on the screen gives you a clear and concise view of the scenes in your game.

This feature helps gamers in staying focused on every concise detail in the game, making it easier for them to play the game with better performance. Additionally being affordable it is one of the top choices for players looking for the best TVs for PS4.

  • High-quality construction
  • Incredible picture quality
  • Delivers brilliant colors
  • High definition clarity
  • No subwoofer output

Sony X800H comes with the delivery of outstanding and beautiful picture quality. The TV not only performs well but also is very sleek and slim in design, making it ideal to use in gaming zones.

3. Hisense Quantum Series:

Hisense Quantum Series

Hisense Quantum Series is not a random television; instead, it is an Android TV that comes at an affordable price and delivers outstanding android features. The inbuilt hands-free voice control makes it easier for the user to use the television and make connections with PS4 to play the game.

This is a 49.5 inches screen Android TV that delivers real-life-like colors and contrasts, making it ideal when it comes to clarity of the visuals displayed on the screen. These life-like colors are made possible in the presence of quantum dot technology.

Moreover, if you are looking for a television to connect with your PS4, purchase it and get the best possible image quality. I have been using the TV for the last 4 years but still, I haven’t encountered any flaw in its working or functioning in any way.

That is why I truly recommend you to go with this TV for your PS4 to enjoy next-level gaming and create a home gaming zone environment.

  • Comparatively affordable
  • 49.5 inches screen
  • LCD display
  • Some useless android apps

Hisense Quantum Series is another best TV for PS4 that is affordable and is known to be one of the best options that come with numerous smart features. It comes with a 49.5 inches screen and has easy to use remote control making the usage and system ideal for beginners.

4. TCL S325/S327:

TCL S325 S327

TCL S325/S327 is a 32-inch TV with 1080p screen resolution ensuring delivery of the best combo of video and audio to make it ideal for PS4 connections.

The TV belongs to a reliable company making it ideal to spend money on because of being high quality in construction. Most of the appliances in my home belong to TCL and I never came across any complaints related to them.

Moreover, the possibility of delivering amazing colors and fine video quality makes it ideal for gaming purposes. Those gamers who are looking for a TV to give them a clear and concise view of every precise detail of their game should go with this model without any complications.

Plus, a 60-hertz refresh rate and 1080p screen resolution make the TV ideal for PS4. You can always play the game on this TV if you truly want to enjoy next-level gaming while sitting at home.

Furthermore, not only for gaming but also for other entertainment purposes, this is one of the best-known television that offers you numerous internet facilities including, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, and YouTube.

  • Fine audio quality
  • Inbuilt numerous internet facilities
  • High-quality construction
  • Remote control operable
  • Remote doesn’t work from a far distance

TCL S325/S327 belongs to a reliable company and comes with a 60-hertz refresh rate. The presence of 1080p screen resolution and outstanding video quality make sure to deliver clear and concise image quality making it ideal for gaming purposes.

5. Vizio MQ7:

Vizio MQ7

Vizio MQ7 is the next best television for PS4 that is 50 inches in total size and comes with all those features that you look for in your television to make it compatible with PS4. The presence of inbuilt Alexa compatibility and the possibility of delivering outstanding video quality makes it one of the best TV for PS4 gaming.

Furthermore, Vizio MQ7 comes with numerous apps built in it making it reliable not only for gaming but also for having other internet entertainment sites such as prime video, Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Max.

Moreover, being slim and stylish in design this is one of the best and most appealing televisions that you can purchase for PS4 connections.

Plus the presence of numerous HDMI ports and USB slots gives you the choice to connect to various external hardware making it ideal for establishing connections with more established connections to get more advanced and next-level functioning.

I love hearing clear and uninterrupted sounds and this is the reason why I selected this television for PS4 gameplay. It comes with BlueTooth compatibility making it reliable to connect with the Bluetooth device and listen to clear and fine audio without any unnecessary interactions.

  • 4K ultra HD design
  • Built-in speakers
  • Slim, sleek, and stylish
  • HDMI ports are not durable.

Vizio MQ7 comes with 29.9 pounds of weight and is black in color. It comes equipped with a 4K ultra HD design that when combined together with other numerous features makes the television ideal for PS4 gameplay.

Built-in speakers and sleek stylish and slim design ultimately add to the looks of the television making it the best choice for Pro level gamers.

Guide To Pick The Best TV For PS4 Slim

Following is the list of specifications that should be present in your TV to make it ideal for PS4 gaming. Look for these features if you truly want to purchase the right product.

Quality Construction And Durability:

Look for a television that comes with high-quality construction and is durable in manufacturing. The TV that is high quality in construction lasts longer than usual and delivers better image quality and visualizations.

You have to make sure that the television you’re purchasing for PS4 connections and gaming purposes is durable so you don’t have to purchase the TV again and again.

HDR High Dynamic Range:

High Dynamic Range is another important thing that depicts the brightness level and range at which the colors are displayed on the screen by TV. Inbuilt HDR technology in televisions makes a noticeable difference in the colors, mainly bright and dark areas of the screen.

I will recommend you to go with the one that comes with high dynamic range technology. Moreover, if you want to get the best color contrast with the best sharpness and vividness on screen, going with the television that comes with inbuilt technology is worth spending money on.

Low Input Lago:

Low input lag tells you about the time taken by the input and the output display on your screen. Make sure to check for the input language before finalizing the TV for PS4. TV that comes with low input lag so that there are no notable delays in the output shown on the screen.

Moreover, since you want to play the game uninterruptedly and smoothly then going with the television that comes with low input lag value is worth spending time, money, and effort.

Smart Features:

Since you are spending hundreds of dollars on TV you have to make sure that the one you are purchasing is not only sufficient for gaming but also is adequate for other entertainment purposes.

Keeping that in mind you have to make sure that the TV you purchase comes with extra smart features so you can reliably use it for every type of entertainment via direct internet facility.

Well keep in mind the additional smart features also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, remote control operations, and integrated voice commands.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best TV for the PS4 slim that you can use to play games?

SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series is the best-known available television that you can use for PS4. It comes with inbuilt Alexa, and an integrated voice command option, making it ideal for beginners. The delivery of 1080p Screen resolution and outstanding color contrast ratio promises to deliver the best visuals when connected with PS4.

What are the important things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing the best TV for PS4?

You have to look for the response time, refresh rate, and color clarity when purchasing a TV for PS4 connections.

I will recommend you also focus on the smart features such as inbuilt Alexa, inbuilt voice command, and integrated Google Assistant technology that makes the television not only ideal for gaming but also for other entertainment such as for watching television shows and searching for your favorite shows with inbuilt internet options.

Why is it important to focus on the response rate of the TV when purchasing it for PS4?

Focusing on the response rate is one of the important features that you have to put your attention to when selecting a TV for gaming purposes.

The response time is basically the time taken by the screen to deliver the change in color. The presence of quick response time gives you lag-free performance, making the television ideal for use in gaming.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the details I have elaborated in the above-mentioned article that tells you about the 5 best TVs for PS4 that are suitable with PlayStation 4 and compatible with it to give you the best possible gaming experience.

All of these TVs that are elaborated above are the ones that not only are affordable but also come with incredible audio quality.

This audio deliverance when combined together with outstanding picture quality delivers the best combo of features that gives you outstanding performance for gaming.

Although all of these products are high quality in construction and reliable for PS4 gaming still if you want quick recommendations, I will recommend you to go with,

  • Sony X800H is sleek, stylish, and made up of high-quality components. It delivers brilliant colors and comes equipped with high-definition clarity in image quality, making it ideal for PS4.
  • SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series comes with a 1080p screen resolution and promises to give the best possible visuals in the presence of an outstanding color contrast ratio. This TV is both affordable and energy efficient making it ideal for use with PS4.

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