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Top 5 Best TVs For Viewing Angle 2024 – [Killer Choices!]

Struggling with the sofa arrangement in order to have a perfect TV viewing angle? Sometimes people view the perfect angle of the TV from the front side while the side angle of the TV shows a blurry screen.

If you are facing the same issue then it means that you need to change your TV in order to overcome this problem. Picture quality and visual impression are very important to check while you are buying a TV for yourself. You need to buy a TV that has a wider viewing angle to get perfect image quality from all angles.

Well, in this article, I will tell you about the best TVs for viewing angles so you can get the best viewing experience. Read the article carefully in order to get the right TV with the broadest viewing angle.

5 Top-Quality Best TVs For Viewing Angle Reviews

Well, I have experienced a perfect viewing angle of the TV because I have an OLED TV, which has the widest sides and a slim screen. No matter where I sit in my lounge I see clear-quality images on my TV screen.

Many people complain that their TV screen shows a good frontal angle but they face bad picture quality usually when they sit on the sides of the TV.



  • Quantum HDR
  • Object Tracking Sound
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Alexa Built-In
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  • Al Powered 4k
  • Gaming Mode
  • WiSA Ready Supported Internet Services
  • OLED Display
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  • Better Display Technology
  • Big Screen
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Deep Black
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  • Audio Sound Bar
  • High Resolution Screen
  • Rich colors
  • Premium features
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  • Ultra Viewing Angle
  • LED Series
  • Titan Black
  • 4k UHD
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The SAMSUNG S95B OLED is one of the best TVs for viewing angles because of its wide and large screen. SAMSUNG OLED Technology makes this TV the best one that includes self-illuminating pixels, which allows different color contrast by showing more detail, texture, and depth.

Also, this TV has the best setting, which has different modes for a better viewing experience. The cinematic mode of SAMSUNG S95B OLED is the most favorable one.

The best feature that I experienced about SAMSUNG S95B OLED is its object-tracking sound, which provides the sound in a way that gives you a sense of reality.

You feel as if you are experiencing or living that moment in reality. The Neutral Quantum processor of this TV makes sure to optimize every single picture for better viewing.

Also, the Quantum HD OLED shows unimaginable details on the screen. Making it possible to show an HD-quality picture to the viewers.

The laser slim design of SAMSUNG S95B OLED provides a stylish look and shows a better view from all angles. Also, it has a smart TV Hub that allows you to watch movies, play games, and listen to your favorite music online.

  • Better picture quality
  • Great colors
  • Cinematic sound and picture
  • Slim screen
  • Automatic brightness

Well, to experience the best viewing angle you can simply opt for SAMSUNG S95B OLED. This TV has all the qualities that a user is looking for.

The colors, sound, and images produced by this TV are just perfect. Also, this TV gives a better color display than the traditional TV, which means that you can have a cinematic movie experience simply at your home.

2. LG A1 OLED:


LG A1 OLED TV is another best TV for viewing angle, which is a 4k built-in Smart TV. The OLED display of this TV shows vibrant picture colors and high-quality images.

The pixels of this TV are quite good, which makes sure to show impressive picture quality. Also, better pixels give you a cinema-like feeling even at home as well.

The vibrant rich colors provide a greater viewing experience from all the different angles. The a7 gel processor of this TV allows the user to see every single detail, which surely enhances the display experience.

Moreover, the LG A1 OLED has an automatic sound system, which makes sure to adjust the sound automatically with every scene. Also, you can change the brightness of the TV colors accordingly.

The best thing about LG A1 OLED is its gaming mode, which fascinates many gamers. The picture quality makes it more demanding because gamers love playing games with better colors.

Playing games on this TV will help you get HDR gaming quality and detailed pictures. Also, you can watch different cartoons, and movies, play games, and listen to music simply with the help of Alexa’s built-in feature.

  • 4k screen
  • Google Assistant
  • Vibrant color screen
  • Automatic sound system
  • Low HDR

Well, this TV has superb side angles, which makes your view clear. The black representation of this TV is amazing, which enhances the picture quality and provides a clearer version.

The built-in features make sure that you enjoy any TV show with a clear picture from all the representative angles. With this TV you can get a cinema-like feel because of its big screen i-e 48 inches.

3. LG B2 OLED Smart TV:


The LG B2 OLED is well-known because of its better viewing angle and infinite color contrast. It helps you see billions of colors because of its high-quality display and resolution.

The innovative α7 Gen5 AI Processor of this TV adjusts the picture’s quality and brightness accordingly making it more visible to the user from every angle.

You can watch HD-quality videos at a fast speed without facing any system-hanging problems. It has good speed, which helps you play games for hours without overheating.

The game optimizer mode improves your gaming experience because of fluent screen motion visibility. During the whole gaming session, you will experience a smooth screen display rather than any blurry effect.

Also, you will get a magic remote with it, which will help you watch anything online quickly and speedily. You can also find your favorite TV shows by using a magic remote as it has built-in different channel buttons, which will help you find the better show.

  • Separate stand
  • Has magic remote
  • Best gaming experience
  • Instant access to channels
  • Unclear color display

The big screen of this TV gives a clear view from all the different angles, which means that you can get this TV for better viewing angles. I literally loved the colors of this TV as it gives a high-quality viewing experience, especially in dark rooms.

4. LG C1 OLED:


The LG C1 OLED TV has the best color contrast with better picture adjustment quality. This TV is designed in a way that you can simply see it clearly from all possible angles. Also, it has a wide screen with clear images, which results in appropriate display and visibility.

The 4k processors make sure that you watch videos in high quality. The LG C1 OLED never gets stuck even when you are playing the video in 4k.

This TV makes sure that you watch everything in better and with good quality. Also, it has a free Sync premium feature, which will help you to connect your other devices easily with your TV.

The audio technology of this TV is simply amazing as it controls the sound system accordingly. Also, you can control the sound setting by using the magic remote of the TV. Another important thing about this TV is the rich sound quality, which gives a realistic feeling of life.

  • Durable
  • High-quality display screen
  • Better features
  • Little pricey

Now, you select this TV for a better viewing angle because of its large screen, which reduces blurry effects from side angles. You can watch any videos or movies on this TV in order to see the visible motion of the pictures.



The SAMSUNG Neo QLED has special features, which provide a better viewing angle because of its aesthetic features. It has advanced-level features, which analyze better signals in order to deliver better content. The minimal glare reduces the reflection in order to prevent distractions.

You can enjoy watching any show, sports, or movie because of its motion Xcelerator turbo, which shows fast-moving action and breathtaking color contrasts. The built-in speakers produce a smooth sound, which can be heard equally at every point of the room.

The design of this TV fascinates multiple people as it has a slim and straight screen, which provides a clear view from each side. There is a voice assistant too, which will help you to watch any movie in seconds without any struggle.

  • Extra high-quality features
  • Fast speed
  • Better sound system
  • Sync is not free

For extra features and better visibility, I will recommend you buy the SAMSUNG Neo QLED. This TV has everything you all are looking for. The HD-quality screen and viewing experience will simply melt your heart.

Best TV For Viewing Angle – The Buying Guide

Well, looking for a TV with the best viewing angle? So, I hope that now you have got many options. But, before you make a choice it is important to note certain features that are important to check while you are buying a TV. I have shared some necessary features that will help you buy a better TV with a wider viewing angle.

1. Picture Quality:

Picture quality is one of the first features that you should look for while buying a TV for a better viewing angle. Sometimes poor picture quality is the reason for invisibility from side angles.

So, the better picture quality will show vibrant colors, and clear images. So, you should always look for the picture quality while buying any TV so that you can have a good viewing angle from everywhere.

2. High Dynamic Range:

High Dynamic Range is a standard quality feature that you can find in a few TVs. TVs with this feature have a high contrast ratio of colors and have more specifications related to bright images with a wide variety of vibrant colors.

Well, you can get a clear picture view from all sides if your TV has this feature. So, make sure that you check this feature while buying a TV.

3. Viewing Angles:

A better viewing angle of the TV makes sure that you see a clear picture regardless of your sitting place. Either you are sitting close enough or you are sitting far away. It is important to see the same TV image from all angles and sides.

So, make sure to buy a better viewing angle TV for a better and clearer viewing experience. Better viewing angle TVs have good seeing accuracy with bright image colors. For a better viewing angle, I will highly recommend you buy OLED TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which TVs have the best viewing angles?

Well, to have the best viewing angle you should buy an OLED TV, which has a wider and slim screen for better viewing.

Does OLED have good viewing angles?

Yes, OLED has good viewing angles even though if you sit diagonally you will experience a similar frontal view.

What is the viewing angle of TVs?

The best viewing angle of TVs where you can see everything clearly is between 0 degrees to 15 degrees. This is the angle where you experience maximum viewing comfort.

Which TVs are easiest on the eyes?

OLEDs are the easiest TVs on the eyes in comparison to all the traditional TVs.


Well, I hope that now you have many options to select the right TV for a better viewing angle. You can watch movies with vibrant colors and realistic sounds. Also, the best TVs for viewing angles should contain the above feature to enjoy thrilling experiences. The top three recommended best TVs for viewing angles are as follows;

  • SAMSUNG S95B OLED has better tracking sound, which provides a more realistic and cinematic viewing experience.
  • LG B2 OLED Smart TV is best for a better gaming experience.
  • SAMSUNG Neo QLED delivers good picture content with a better sound system.

Now, it’s time to select the best TV that falls under your requirements.

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