Best TVs Under 700

Top 10 Best TVs Under $700 – [Reviews & Buying Guide 2024]

Looking for 4K resolution, HDR picture quality, motion clarity, connectivity choices, wide compatibility, and high precision at an affordable price? If you are tired of searching for a product within a budget-friendly price, you are at the right place.

Here, I am going to discuss the 10 best TV under 700 that are all well known, highly positively reviewed, and reliable when it comes to clear display of the picture.

The guide below tells you about the features that are necessary to be present in TVs under 700 to make them worth purchasing.

Also, focus on the advantages, disadvantages, and specifications that are all elaborated below under each product. Make sure to put your all attention towards the details so you can opt for the best TV at an affordable price.

Let us, without wasting any more time, start with the guide below.

10 Best TVs Under $700 Reviews

These best TVs under $700 are all those that are renowned for their high-quality construction, stylish design, adequate size, reliable performance, HDR display, 4K resolution of the picture, wider connectivity choices, and numerous options when it comes to inbuilt apps.

Product NameFeaturesPrice
Amazon Fire TV 65-inchHigh definition technology
Inbuilt voice assistant
4K ultra HD picture quality
Better color contrast
Check Price
Hisense-65A6GCinematic experience
Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB compatibility
60-hertz refresh rate
Clear display of the images
Check Price
6-VIZIO M6 SeriesUSB and HDMI connectivity
It comes with Alexa voice assistant
Inbuilt Apple airplay and Chromecast
It comes with a game mode
Check Price
Toshiba 75-inchInbuilt Wi-Fi integration
It comes with numerous apps
Ideal for outdoor mounting
4K resolution picture quality
Check Price
LG UQ9000 PUD series65 inches screen size
Compatible with both Google and Alexa
HDMI connectivity choice
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible
Check Price
SAMSUNG 50-Inch Crystal AU80Ultra HD 4K picture resolution
The high dynamic range of colors
It comes with numerous integrated apps
Compatible with Samsung Galaxy
Check Price
Sony 32 Inch TVSmooth and clear picture display
It comes with thousands of inbuilt shows
Numerous smart apps
Compatible with Alexa
Check Price
TCL 65S435 TVHigh dynamic range screen
4K ultra HD display
Belongs to the reliable company
Delivers stunning image quality
Check Price
TCL 32-Inch LEDEasy to use remote control
It comes with the stand
Full HD 1080p resolution
Sharp colors and contrast
Check Price
Insignia 40" Class TV19.18 pounds of weight
Belongs to a reliable company
It comes with a USB port
60-hertz refresh rate
Check Price

1. Amazon Fire TV 65-inch:

Amazon Fire TV 65-inch

Amazon Fire TV 65-inch is one of my favorite televisions that belongs to Amazon Fire and comes with a 65 inches size. This television is considered as one of the best TVs with a 4K resolution and a 60-hertz refresh rate.

With the presence of an HDR10 display and the availability of numerous apps integrated into the TV, such as Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Netflix, the TV promises to deliver outstanding performance.

Moreover, at an affordable price, you will also get Alexa compatibility for voice assistants and triple HDMI cables in order to increase connectivity choices.

Furthermore, with its sleek, modern, and stylish design, the TV is known to be popular because of its attractive aesthetics and lightweight construction.

Plus, with easy-to-use and easy-to-control remote control, the TV is known to provide effortless management and better detailing in every scene, whether bright or dark.

Well, It’s been 6 months since I mounted this television, and since then, until now, I have never come across any type of structural or functional complication.

  • Motion control
  • Affordable
  • Smooth display
  • 65 inches size
  • The interface could be better

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and large TV, I will recommend you to go with Amazon Fire TV 65-inch. It comes with outstanding performance and belongs to Amazon, making it unmatchable in quality and performance.

In the presence of numerous advanced features and a built-in voice assistant, this TV comes with a stylish design and easy-to-use remote control.

2. Hisense-65A6G:


If you are looking for the best Android TV under $700, Hisense-65A6G is the one that is made for you. This television is another 65 inches television with LED display type and 4K resolution of the picture.

In the presence of a 60-hertz refresh rate, you can enjoy fast action pictures with more precision and sharp detailing.

Moreover, in the presence of an outstanding sound system, you will not need to wear headphones and still can enjoy the outstanding sound quality.

I love the great sound system, and that is the reason I always prefer watching movies with family and friends on this TV.

Furthermore, with inbuilt BlueTooth connectivity, you are not required to connect cables and wires to establish a connection. Instead, you can simply turn on the Bluetooth and connect the TV to that wirelessly.

Plus, the possibility of establishing connections via USB and HDMI also adds to the reasons why this is one of the top TVs under 700.

  • High level of brightness
  • Minimum input lag
  • 4K resolution
  • Narrow viewing angle

Hisense-65A6G is the next best Android TV under 700 that comes with 65 inches size, 4K resolution, and 60-hertz refresh rate.

This Android TV is compatible with Google Voice Assistant and allows you to make connections via BlueTooth, USB, and HDMI. Moreover, because of being stylish and having the best sound system, it delivers a crystal clear sound.

3. 6-VIZIO M6 Series:

6-VIZIO M6 Series

Here is my favorite and highly recommended television, and that is the VIZIO M6 Series. This M6 model from VIZIO is another best choice that comes in 55 inches size and 4K resolution.

Because it is a smart TV, it comes equipped with numerous apps giving users the choice to enjoy a variety of shows on a big screen. The apps include 111qDisney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, Apple TV, Discovery Plus, and Fandango.

Moreover, it comes with connectivity choices via USB and HDMI, giving you the opportunity to make connections by simply connecting wires.

I love the color contrast that makes the displayed picture more clear and more perfect when it comes to shades. You will enjoy each and every inch of the screen because of the dominance of colors and precision at the corners of objects.

  • Minimum input lag
  • 55 inches size
  • 60-hertz refresh rate
  • Low response time

VIZIO M6 Series is the next best television that comes with minimum input lag and has an inbuilt game mode.

It offers next-level color contrast and shades displayed on the screen, making the screen clear, concise, and precise. Moreover, the screen is 55 inches in size and displays 4K resolution picture quality.

4. Toshiba 75-inch:

Toshiba 75-inch

Toshiba 75-inch is a television that is made for those looking for a very large TV. It is a 75-inch television made specifically for outdoor purposes. With 4K resolution picture quality, 60-hertz refresh rate, Alexa voice assistant, and HDR10 technology, this TV is one of the best TVs under $700.

I love using this TV whenever I have to watch movies because of the presence of inbuilt Wi-Fi and the USB. If I have to export the movie from outside, I simply put it in the USB and connect the USB to the TV, and the movie is ready to watch.

On the other hand, if I have to search it online, there are numerous apps, and Wi-Fi integration in the system makes it easier for me to search and watch my favorite movie on a big screen.

Furthermore, it comes with a wider viewing angle and high refresh rate that makes it ideal for not only games but also for fast-action movies and TV shows that involve quick movements.

So if you are one who is looking to play games on a big screen or watch action movies on a big screen, you can always opt for this TV.

  • Inbuilt wi-fi
  • 60-hertz refresh rate
  • Alexa voice assistant
  • Poor quality screen

Toshiba 75-inch is the largest television with 75 inches size and compatibility with both Wi-Fi and USB. It has an inbuilt Alexa voice assistant, 60-hertz refresh rate, and 4K resolution picture quality, ultimately making it the top choice for most gamers and movie lovers.

5. LG UQ9000 PUD series:

LG UQ9000 PUD series

LG UQ9000 PUD series is the next best TV under 700 that belongs to the reliable company LG. And LG undoubtedly is known for manufacturing the best appliances among other brands. This is their best creation that is best suitable for gaming.

With an easy-to-use interface and a bunch of smart, innovative features, this TV is said to be the combination of style, elegance, budget-friendly price, and functionality.

Furthermore, they are made in a way to deliver sharper, better, and fine colors making the viewing experience of the user not only pleasing but also very fun and adventurous.

Moreover, I like the brightness in the picture, which makes the picture quality more realistic and more clear, making it the top choice to watch movies.

With numerous integrated smart apps, such as Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix, you can enjoy different shows from variable apps just by clicking the buttons on the remote.

  • It comes with numerous apps
  • 60-hertz refresh rate
  • It comes with a gaming mode
  • Budget-friendly price
  • No VRR

LG UQ9000 PUD series is one of the best and great options for those looking for affordable yet efficient television with proficient performance and better functionality.

This television comes with numerous connectivity choices and is compatible with both Google and Alexa voice assistants. Moreover, 65 inches in size, it comes with numerous apps that make it the ultimate choice for movie watching.

6. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Crystal AU80:

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Crystal AU80

The next best TV under $700 in our list is another large TV with 50 inches screen size. It is another smart TV offering you numerous integrated smart apps, including Skype, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. This means you can open any of the apps mentioned here and can enjoy the television shows from them.

Plus, I personally like the presence of triple HDMI connectivity choices that gives me a choice to connect the TV to other devices simply by establishing connection wires. This makes it easier for me to connect the TV with other hardwares quickly.

Moreover, the presence of Wi-Fi and USB compatibility adds to the reasons for making this TV the best choice for most users. Furthermore, being affordable and high quality in construction, the television promises to serve you for longer times.

  • High-quality construction
  • High contrast ratio
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Not for daytime viewing

LG UQ9000 PUD series is the next best television that comes under $700 and belongs to a reliable company. It is one of the most excellent all-around TVs that offers smart features with innovative technology built into it.

In the presence of numerous connectivity choices, you can always establish connections with the TV and can enjoy a better experience of watching television.

7. Sony 32 Inch TV:

Sony 32 Inch TV

Sony 32 Inches television is another reliable television that belongs to one of the top-known companies, Sony. Yes, you must have heard about Sony and its appliances. Undoubtedly, it creates high-quality and highly professional electrical appliances, including televisions.

This is one of the most affordable televisions with a 60-hertz refresh rate and 760p resolution. Moreover, it comes with a stand, meaning you can easily put it on the table and can enjoy watching television, specifically when it comes to small rooms. If you are low on space, this could be the best television that you can go with.

Furthermore, with easy-to-use remote control and the presence of numerous integrated apps like Amazon Instant Video, HBO Max, Netflix, and Hulu Plus, the TV provides you with innovative features at an affordable price.

What I liked in the television was the presence of beautiful HDR colors and a wide array of contrast that ultimately enhances every scene and every shade on the screen, making you feel like you are viewing the best, natural, and real-life-like picture quality on the screen.

  • Life picture quality
  • High dynamic range
  • Wide area of colors
  • Higher latency rate

Sony 32 Inch is the best space-saving television that is made for mounting in the bedroom. It comes with a stand and an easy-to-use remote that you can use to make settings and set the TV on top of the table by mounting it on its stand.

Moreover, because it comes with numerous smart apps, you have the option of watching thousands of shows within this small, compact, and innovative package.

8. TCL 65S435 TV:

TCL 65S435 TV

TCL 65S435 is another best option when it comes to the best TV under 700$. It is 65 inches in size and comes with LED display technology.

The presence of 4k resolution and 60-hertz refresh rate makes it ideal for fast action movies and fast games, so you can definitely use it if you are a gamer or movie lover.

Moreover, it belongs to TCL, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of construction or about the performance of the TV. The presence of numerous integrated apps allows you to watch numerous shows from those apps so you can have as much fun as you want.

Furthermore, if you love simple interfaces and settings, this one would be the best choice that you can make.

Additionally, with a simple personalized home screen, you have quick access to 1000s of streaming channels, gaming consoles, cable TV, and other devices, making it worth purchasing for those looking for endless entertainment with effortless navigation and settings.

I love its voice control which is made possible with inbuilt Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, helping you make settings without lifting the remote every time you want to switch the channel.

  • Thousands of streaming channels
  • Easy voice control
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Weak and fragile

TCL 65S435 comes with a 4K HD ultra display and is 65 inches in total size with black color and stylish outlook. It comes with easy voice control and streams thousands of channels.

Moreover, with a simple home screen, you can make connections and can access numerous things easily with a simple tap of the button on the remote control.

9. TCL 32-Inch LED:

TCL 32-Inch LED

TCL 32-Inch LED is the next best smart HDTV with the same 32 inches size that is known for being one of the premium choices for professional usage.

It comes with Netflix and YouTube internet services and has 1080p resolution that, when combined together with a 60-hertz refresh rate, makes it ultimately the best choice for most users.

I love its compatibility with Wi-Fi and HDMI, which enhances the connectivity choices and makes it more versatile.

Furthermore, it comes with a mounting stand that you can definitely use to mount it on the wall easily and quickly. It will hardly take around 30 minutes, and your TV will be mounted and ready to watch.

Furthermore, in the presence of 3 HDMI ports, you can easily deliver digital pictures and data with high speed and fast transference, ultimately enhancing the possibility of establishing connections with the external world.

  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 8 pounds of weight
  • Free wall mount
  • Not durable

TCL 32-Inch LED TV is the next best television with 32 inches size that belongs to TCL and is another smart TV. It comes with a free wall mount, has a 60-hertz refresh rate, and comes with a sleek and stylish outlook that looks nice and attractive when mounted on the wall.

10. Insignia 40″ Class TV:

Insignia 40" Class TV

Insignia 40″ Class is the last best television with 40 inches in size and black color. This television comes with 1080p resolution and belongs to insignia. Insignia undoubtedly is one of the best companies manufacturing electrical appliances.

The refresh rate of this television is 60 hertz, which is not really high but still enough for playing mid-level games.

So if you are a gamer and looking for the best high-quality television to offer you a smooth gaming experience on a large screen, going with a 40 inches Insignia Class would be the best choice that you can make.

Moreover, with this size, you can easily mount it in your bedroom and can play games easily and comfortably, simply by sitting on your bed because, with 40 inches size, the TV not only is reliable for the bedroom but also provides a nice clear picture.

You will definitely love the presence of 2 HDMI inputs that offers you advanced home theater connection possibility making it reliable for most users.

  • 40 inches size
  • Black in color
  • Dual HDMI inputs
  • 1080p resolution
  • Poor customer service

Insignia 40″ Class Is the last best television with 40 inches size that belongs to Insignia and comes with 1080p resolution and 60-hertz refresh rate. It also has integrated dual USB ports and is black in color, making it looks sleek and stylish.

Guide To Pick The Best TV Under $700

Following are the important things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing the best TV under $700. Of course, it’s not easy to purchase premium and highly advanced television at such an affordable price, but with analysis and research.

Here are some of the features that, when present in the television, make it worth purchasing under the budget-friendly price.


I personally think that focusing on the size should be of top priority when purchasing a television under $700. Ask yourself where you are going to fix the television and what size would be a good adequate for you.

Look for the television that you think would be compatible with the storage space you have and purchase the TV with the size suitable for you.

Connectivity Options:

Connectivity choices should also be looked for when purchasing a television under $700. You have to make sure that the television you are purchasing comes with numerous connectivity choices.

It should be compatible with BlueTooth connectivity and should provide you the option of establishing collections via HDMI and USB. Similarly, the TV that comes in compatibility with Wi-Fi is also worth purchasing.

Picture Display:

You should not ignore the picture display as it is of utmost importance. If the picture of the TV is not clear, is rough, and blurry, of course, you would not personally prefer watching it. Keeping that in mind, you have to make sure that the television you are purchasing comes with an HDR display, 4k resolution, and motion clarity.

Quality Construction:

Next important thing that demands attention when purchasing a television under $700 is quality construction. There are chances that the television you are purchasing comes within an affordable price but is poor quality in construction.

I will recommend you not to go with that; instead, select the one that is made up of high-quality components, is durable, and comes with a warranty. Make sure not to compromise your quality because, of course, you are not going to purchase the TV again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get a smart TV for under $700?

Yes, you can get a smart TV for under $700 with all the premium features that make the TV the latest and most innovative. There are brands manufacturing affordable yet premium televisions, and one of the most reliable brands among all those is Sony.

What you have to look for in an affordable TV is HDR picture quality, motion clarity, connectivity choices, and quality construction, and that’s all.

What size of TV should you get?

You cannot specify one size fits all because the place where you are going to mount a TV differs in all cases. Of course, larger TVs of 65 inches or 53 inches would not look good in a small bedroom.

Similarly, smaller TVs will not work well in porches, sunrooms, or large living rooms. You have to consider the space where you are going to mount that television before finalizing the size of the tv.

What is the best TV that you can get for $700?

Amazon Fire TV 65-inch is the best available TV with a large size and amazing performance. It comes with an attractive design and offers better colors and contrast.

Furthermore, the presence of precise detailing, in addition to the quality construction and integrated smart apps, makes the TV ideal for those looking for the best TV under 700.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the above-mentioned article that tells you about the 10 best televisions under 700. All of the televisions that are selected above are highly positively reviewed televisions that come with innovative features making them stand as the top choices.

They’ll offer numerous connectivity choices and are made up of great-quality construction components. Moreover, regardless of what product you select, whether the first one or the last one, you will definitely end up having the best experience of watching smooth and uninterrupted and clear picture quality every time you want to watch television.

Plus, if you want quick suggestions, I will recommend you to go with:

  • Hisense-65A6G comes with a sleek and stylish design, affordable price, high-quality construction, and smooth display. It delivers crystal clear sound and makes sure you can enjoy television watching up to the next level
  • VIZIO M6 Series comes with numerous inbuilt apps, 4K resolution of picture quality, and 55 inches in size. It is compatible with HDMI and USB connectivity choices and has an Alexa voice assistant that you can use for better functionality.

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