Can A 65-Inch TV Fit In A Honda Accord?

Can A 65-Inch TV Fit In A Honda Accord? – [Complete Info]

People always wanted to save money. This is the reason behind this question: if a 65-inch flat TV screen fits in a Honda Accord easily?

Yes, A 65-inch TV can easily fit in a Honda Accord. When you are carrying a 65-inch tv screen in a Honda Accord, it is necessary to be careful of road bumps and drive safely. Transfer your tv to proper packaging to avoid any cracks and scratches. If you don’t have a box, wrap soft blankets over the tv and use foam padding around screen corners.

Transporting a flat tv screen in a car depends on the size of the tv screen. Your Honda Accord will rescue you here! As it has enough space to carry a 65-inch tv screen. Let’s continue with the guide and know the process of carrying a tv in a car.

What Precautions Should We Take While Transporting A 65-Inch TV In A Honda Accord?

The main issue while transporting a TV in a car is its size and weight. Your main aim is to protect the TV screen. Following steps make it easy to transfer a TV in a Honda Accord.

65 inch tv in honda accord


The first concern is to estimate whether a 65-inch TV can fit in your sedan or not. If you have a Honda Accord, a 65-inch TV can easily fit in it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that a packed TV (In Box) has more weight and is larger than an unpacked tv. So your car should have more space over 65 inches. Honda Accord has quite more space to carry a 65 inches tv.

In case, if you are moving your existing Tv to a Honda Accord, then do some precautionary measures to protect your tv. Pack the tv in protective boxes or blankets. However, you can also get some similar boxes just like the original one. In addition, prepare some small bags in which you can carry screws, cables, or some rubber bands.

In the preparation step, remove all the tv cables, unplug your Tv, and remove it from the tv mount. Clean it and remove all the stuff that could cause damage to the screen while transporting.


Packing a tv includes protecting and securing all the cables. You can put rubber bands around tv cables.

For further convenience, you can label all the cables to have an idea of what they are for. Put all the screws of the Tv in a bag.

You can also pack tools that are needed for tv installation. All these accessories should be packed separately as they could damage the tv screen during transportation.

packing of a TV

While transporting your tv in a Honda Accord you should have a tv box or some protective foam. In case you don’t have any of these, wrap the Tv in a soft towel or blanket.

This step is taken for the extra protection of the tv. Soft blankets or towels will save it from any damage or scratch while going through jumps on roads.

Additionally, you can wrap the tv in a plastic cover to protect it from moisture.

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Transporting TV In Honda Accord:

Honda Accord has enough space to carry a 65-inch tv when you fold down its seats.

Some experts say that never lay down a tv as it may cause pixel damage. On the other hand, some people say that nothing will happen to Tv pixels, however, it may cause bending damage. Modern TVs are built in a way to achieve a balanced weight in an upright position.

If you ever noticed that in the original Tv box, there is no foam in the middle however it is present around the edges. This is the reason that companies also transport TVs in upright positions. So if you want to lay down your Tv in a car, make sure it is adequately supported from the middle.

One of the easy ways to transport a 65-inch tv in a Honda Accord is to protect it by using safety belts for its protection. Use some safety bands if you are going to put them in the car’s trunk.

How To Transfer A TV In A Honda Accord Without A Box?

If you don’t have a TV box, soft blankets are your savior. Wrap your Tv in dry, soft blankets. These blankets will provide enough padding and protection during your moves.

However, if you wrapped the tv with the blanket still it needs foam corner protectors. You can buy them from the store or also available online. For a flat screen, you will need more than one blanket for maximum protection.

Can a flat-screen TV lay down on the seat?

flat screen tv in a room

It’s okay to lay the flat screen down on its side. However, it is not the ideal condition. As there is a chance that laying down your TV screen could damage the LCD crystals or plasma in the screen. However, it is not applicable in all conditions. If it happens then laying your TV flat will also cause external damage.

Flat TV screens are built in a very balanced way. Weight is evenly distributed around the TV screen edges which reduces the pressure on the delicate screen surface. When you lay down a Tv, you may disturb this balance and all the weight will shift to its middle. In this way, cracks may appear on your TV screen.


A 65-inch tv is a huge investment so take all the precautionary measures while transporting your Tv in a Honda Accord!

Properly secure the Tv with protection bands or seat belts. In case you don’t have a TV box wrap blankets and protective foam around it. Pack all the accessories of your TV separately to avoid any scratches and cracks.

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