Can A 65-Inch TV Fit In My Car?

Can A 65-Inch TV Fit In My Car? – [Complete Detailed Info]

So, you are going to buy or have bought a 65-inch TV and are now thinking about taking it home from the shop. Right? Hence, you must have a question in your mind, “Can a 65-inch TV fit in my car?”

There is no straightforward answer to this question, as it all depends on your car.

Therefore, keep reading to get the most appropriate answer to this question and a few other pieces of information that you need to know:

Can a 65-inch TV Fit In My Car?

A car is not one of the most convenient or safest ways to transport a TV, especially when the size of the TV is too big. If the TV is around or less than 40 inches, you can transport it in a medium-sized car (especially an SUV).

65-inch TV Fit In Car

But 65-inch TV will give you tough competition. First of all, the width of a 65-inch TV is 144 cm, and the height is 81 cm. So, your car must have this much room spare in the backside, and not every car has this much area.

As we have already told you that it all depends on your car, so let’s see which car can carry 65-inch TV with the box to your home:

  • A small Sedan and SUV can only be used to transport a maximum of a 45-inch TV. But there are some cars that are designed in such a way that they give enough space for a 65-inch TV.
  • Hyundai Elantra can’t be trusted to travel with a big 65-inch TV as it is a compact Sedan.
  • Cars with the shape, size, and design of the Honda Civic can help you. It’s surprising because it is also a compact Sedan. With this car, you need to make some adjustments with backseats to take the TV home. Compact SUV, mid-sized SUV, and jeep can also help you.
  • Cars with the shape, size, and design of the Nissan Altima can’t take your 65-inch TV. This car’s size is too small for a 65-inch TV.
  • You also can’t fit your 65-inch TV in Volkswagen Jetta.
  • Toyota Corolla is a big NO while transporting a 65-inch TV.
  • Big cars like Landcruiser or Fortuner can easily carry this large-sized TV.
  • Cars with open spaces and roofs (like Toyota Tacoma or Truck) are probably the best for this task. Because they have extra space in the back, you also do not need to worry about the height of the TV box.

If you already have a big car or truck that can easily carry a TV, don’t worry; just keep reading.

But, if your case is different, compare your car with the already-mentioned cars that can carry a 65-inch TV.

Now, if you don’t have an appropriate car, you can try our method of transporting the TV without its box. But it’s not a recommended way to do it. In this case, you should opt for better transport as you and us don’t want to break your expensive TV. Right?

How to Transport a 65-Inch TV in Your Car?

Now, you know that you have a big enough car to transport a 65-inch TV. Right? But your job is still not done, as the most difficult part is waiting for you.

Moving a large TV is quite a hectic job, especially when you don’t have a car with open space. You already know that cars like Toyota Truck are the best for this task.

If you can’t afford to rent a car like Toyota Truck, follow these instructions completely to have a safe journey.

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Packing the TV:

This is probably the most crucial step because if you don’t pack your TV nicely, it might break on the way even if you drive carefully.

While packing, you can have two situations in front of you. One is that you have bought a new 65-inch TV and want to take it home. In this case, you must keep it in its original box for safety reasons.

The other situation you might face is that you want to transfer an already-used TV from one place to another. In this case, you have to be more conscious as you now do not have the TV’s original box.

We have got you covered in both situations:

Brand New TV (with original box):

As you are buying a new TV, you already have its box and protective foam, so you don’t need to worry much about packing. Moreover, your car is also of the required size. Right?

For safety, you have to ensure your TV is not moving in the box. If it’s moving, tell the shopkeeper this and ask him to put some extra foam or cloth in the box. Other than this, everything must be fine when talking about packing.

Old TV (without original box):

This old TV is the real issue because smart TVs are extremely sensitive; in your case, the TV is quite big.

Before packing, unplug all wires, put all TV accessories (from the TV mount to every small screw) in one box or bag, and clean all of them.

Now, as you don’t have the TV’s original box, find a large box in which you can put a 65-inch TV. This is not the TV’s genuine box, so you also need clothes to fill the box after putting the TV in it so that the TV doesn’t move in the box.

Before putting the TV in that box, wrap it in a soft towel or cloth that is thick enough to save the unrepairable screen of the TV.

put 65 inch tv in a car

Put the 65-inch TV in the Car:

You always have to put the TV in a vertical and standing position. TV should never be traveled while being laid down. Place the TV in such a way that it doesn’t fall.

  • Note: Drive carefully! Don’t think that TV can’t fall down. You need to be extremely cautious about your speed. Always keep an eye on the TV. Use a flat track as a bumpy ride can make you cry.

Final Words

So now you know whether you can put a 65-inch TV in your car or not. Right?

You also know how to do it. So, once you reach home safely, don’t open it until you have a point where you will hang or place it because exposure can damage your TV.

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