Can A Neighbor Connect To My TV?

Can A Neighbor Connect To My TV? – [Complete Detailed Info]

Everyone is concerned about their privacy issues with smart devices. Because every smart device can watch you, listen to you, and easily get hacked to spy on you!

Yes, your neighbor can easily get connected to your smart TV. If you share a wifi network with them, they can take control of your smart TV device. You can change your privacy settings for removing other devices from your WiFi network.

Make all your TVs settings invisible so no one can see your device and couldn’t get access to it.

Let’s discuss how your neighbor can get your TV connection and how you can prevent it for your privacy.

Can My Neighbor Connect To My TV?

If you have a smart TV, then YES, your neighbor can connect to your smart TV easily. You can control the devices that are connected to your TV through the internet.

Connecting TV

If your neighbors share a Wi-Fi password with you, then they can connect to your smart TV.

Your smart TV can detect how many devices are connected to it. It can detect when someone is listening or watching TV. If you want to secure your privacy, then change the permission setting by installing a VPN.

If someone is connected to your TV, they can also spy on your smart TV webcams. Malware also spread from one device to the other device. Your TV’s microphone and camera can also be infected by malware. In this way, hackers will get access to your device.

Electronic bugging devices use radio frequency signals produced by antennas. Sometimes, a white spot appears on the TV screen. A data usage checker can be used for data usage comparison on devices.

What Settings Are Required To Block Smart TV Connections?

Many people search for new technology when they are buying a new TV. The best feature of a TV is that it should be packed with the latest technology like it should get connected to an internet connection.

Many brands offer this feature. However, Samsung has a wide range of smart TVs.

Here are steps that you have to follow to stop your neighbor from connecting to your device.

  • Immediately deny permission of connection.
  • Secure your internet network.
  • Disable your connections with other connected devices.
  • Block devices with router settings. You can block devices when you receive a Bluetooth pairing request on TV. The other way is you can turn off all the nearby devices. This will solve your issue.

You should take these steps for your privacy concerns. When you are using smart devices that are connected to the internet, you have to face some privacy and security problems. All the smart devices have a microphone and built-in camera that can be easily accessed by hackers and they use these features to spy on you.

So keep checking your privacy parameters!

Can My Neighbor Get Access To My Apple TV?

Apple TV can easily be shown on people’s devices if you share your Apple TV Bluetooth code with them. It will easily see your neighbors when they AirPlay from Apple devices.

apple tv

If you receive a notification of your neighbor’s Apple TV, they cannot connect with you unless you send them a 4-digit code.

You have to disable this feature if you don’t want to get connected with them. Immediately disable this feature due to the following reasons:

  • Block devices of people living within 20-50 feet of your Apple TV.
  • People may mistakenly get access to your Apple TV if they have your code. This may interrupt what you are watching and disturbs you.
  • If you want to disable this feature follow the below steps:
  • Go to Settings – Go for AirPlay – Allow access.
  • You have to set “Allow Access” to “Anyone on the Same Network”. So this will prevent anyone from getting access to your Apple TV.
  • You have to turn off the “Require Password” option.
  • Below the “Apple TV Options” go for “Also Allow Nearby to AirPlay” and turn it off.

What Should I Do To Stop My Neighbor From Connecting My TV?

Privacy of smart TVs is very important. If you share your connection details with others, your data can get hacked.

To avoid this, there are many ways to stop your neighbor from doing this. Like:

Faraday Cage:

Faraday cage is used to bug a device and helps to block the signals. It can block the smart TV’s Bluetooth signals and prevent others from accessing your device.

Talk To Neighbors:

The other way is to talk to them politely. You can request your neighbors to unpair the Bluetooth devices and never try to pair them again. However, usually smart devices can connect up to 10 meters so you can place your device 10 meters away from your neighbor.

Reset Your Bluetooth Settings:

Reset your device settings so that you could know how many devices are connected to them. Resetting your system will disconnect all unnecessary devices.

Secret Code Links:

Most Bluetooth connections have passwords so try to change passwords regularly for your convenience. Use strong codes, so that any unknown person finds it difficult to access your device.

Turn Off Your Device:

When you’re not using your TV, try to turn it off. Because smart devices work when they are powered on.

Make Bluetooth Connections Invisible:

When you keep it invisible, your neighbor cannot get access to your smart TV. You can also secure your smart TV by blocking all Bluetooth requests.


Smart TVs are convenient to use but come with many privacy concerns. Avoid sharing your smart TV Bluetooth details with your neighbors.

Smart TVs have Bluetooth connections so your neighbors can easily get connected to your TV. When you receive any Bluetooth request, block it. Try to impose above mentioned tips on your Smart TV to make it secure.

Hope this guide will help you to prevent your TV from connecting to your neighbor’s devices and keeps you safe!

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