Can Drywall Anchors Hold A TV?

Can Drywall Anchors Hold A TV? – [You Need To Know Properly]

Unboxing a fresh and new sleek TV screen is one of the best feelings in the world. But it gets a bit stressful when you don’t have any experience hanging a TV on the wall. If you are stuck in this situation, you must have one question popping into your mind, “Can drywall anchors hold a TV?”

Yes, Drywall anchors can hold a TV. But drywall anchors are not the most recommended way to mount your TV on drywall.

If you don’t have studs or any other way and still want to use drywall anchors, you need to read this article till the end.

Can Drywall Anchors Hold a TV?

Wall anchors are usually used to hold relatively lighter items to hold on the wall. People normally don’t rely on small drywall anchors, especially with expensive TVs. Instead, they use studs. But if you don’t have studs, the easiest way to mount your TV on drywall is by using drywall anchors.

Drywall Anchors

As we told you, drywall anchors can hold your TV, but it all depends on the size of your TV. If you’ve bought a good quality drywall anchor that can hold heavy items, you are then able to hang a TV of almost 100 pounds. So, if you’ve 32 inches TV, you never have to be worried about hanging it with drywall anchors as your TV is just 12 pounds (approximately) without a stand.

But if you have a TV of 65 or more inches, you need to be quite choosy because almost every kind of drywall anchor will fail to hold your TV. Drywall anchors are of many kinds. You just have to choose the best possible type for your situation.

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Types of Drywall Anchors That Can Hold a TV:

As you know, not every drywall anchor can help you hang a TV on drywall. But you still have three options from which you can choose the most convenient one:

Note: These three drywall anchors can hold a TV. But still, you have to buy them from the right place to get the best available quality. An anchor of bad quality can be a great reason for your TV falling from the wall. Only buy from your trusted brand or shop.

Drywall Toggle Anchor:

Toggle bolts or drywall toggle anchors are quite easy to use. A toggle anchor looks like a normal bolt but has a butterfly-style toggle at the end. This butterfly toggle does the whole trick. Due to this specific-styled toggle, the whole TV’s force on the anchor will be shifted equally to every part of the drywall.

In simple words, when you use a toggle anchor, the entire wall holds the TV instead of one bolt. So after using it, your TV will be completely safe. Moreover, your drywall will also not get damaged.

Hollow Wall Anchors:

wall anchor

Hollow wall anchors are commonly known as Molly Bolts. When compared with toggle anchors, they are a bit difficult to set up. But the results are almost the same. With Molly bolts, you’ve two options as they come up with two types:

  • Pointed Molly Bolts
  • Unpointed Molly Bolts

The tip of a pointed molly bolt is sharp. It can be installed simply with some moderate yet potent hammer taps. On the other hand, an unpointed molly bolt has a dull kind of tip. To install this wall anchor, you must first make an installation hole using a drill machine.

Which molly bolts should you use?

If you want to mount your TV on a plaster wall, use an unpointed molly bolt. Otherwise, go for the other option. Molly bolts are also available with a barbed head, which are more suitable but are not so common. If you find them, always use them.

These anchors might look thin initially, but they will immediately expand when you tighten them into your drywall. Due to that expansion, they will work as anchors and hold your TV nicely. Once your molly bolts are installed, replace their screws with the TV’s screws.


Professionals suggest that snap toggles are even better than molly bolts and toggle anchors. They are not much different. But they do have one special feature—You can remove and reset the bolt when needed. This drywall anchor is quite similar to a toggle anchor.

How to Use Different Drywall Anchors That can Hold a TV?

Drywall Toggle Anchor:

These toggle bolts are considered the easiest way to anchor the TV on drywall. So, let’s read its step-by-step installation process:

  • Mark the point on the wall where you want to hang your TV.
  • Make a hole in the pointed area using a drill machine. The hole must be a big one so that the toggle bolt gets some space to slip through in its folding position.

Tip: If you don’t know drill bit widths, read the instructions on the box of your TV.

  • Take the bracket of the TV and put that bolt in it. Now, attach the toggle to the bolt. Make sure the tips always face the screw head.
  • Now, press the toggle to close it and put both bolt and toggle into the drywall. Make sure to push them forcefully so that they can get in the wall completely.
  • Boom! Attach your TV, and you’re done.

Hollow Wall Anchors:

To install molly bolts, just follow these simple steps:

  • Mark the working points.
  • In case of an unpointed anchor, drill an installation hole. (Read the tip of the previous heading)
  • Insert the anchor in the wall and tighten the bolt in the cover of the molly. That’s how the molly bolt will expand to make a strong grip from the inside of the wall.
  • Now, remove its screw and replace it with your TV’s screw.


Follow simple steps to hang your TV on the wall using a snap toggle:


  • Drill a perfectly-sized hole after marking the hanging point. (Read the tip of the Drywall Toggle Anchor heading)
  • Take the metal channel of the snap toggle and cross it through the hole.
  • Pick up the ends of the straps with one hand and pull them until the metal channel holds behind the drywall.
  • Put your thumb between the straps. Now, push your thumb side to side to break off the straps level with the rim or flange of the cap.
  • That’s it! Now attach your TV and enjoy.


Now, you know the answer to this question: Can drywall anchors hold a TV? Not just this, but you also know how and which drywall anchor you should be using to get the best results.

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