Can Every TV Be Wall Mounted?

Can Every TV Be Wall Mounted? – [Detailed Guide & Info]

After buying a new smart TV, the first question that comes to mind is; Can I mount my TV on the wall? It’s quite simple.

Yes, Every smart TV can be wall mounted. But every TV will not fit in one wall mount. You should buy a wall mount according to the size of the TV. Every smart TV has holes on its back for wall mounting.

Wondering about TV brackets for wall mounts? For wall mounting, you should consider the VESA option. VESA tells you the standardized mounting holes. Some brands make adjustable brackets for all TVs that can fit in any hole.

The VESA option can be checked on TV’s manual or online.

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Can I Wall-Mount My TV?

Want to experience extreme visual display? Then Wall mount your TV. “Yes, you can wall mount your smart TV”.

Most flat-screen TVs are built in a way to be wall-mounted easily. Flat-screen TVs are lightweight and have holes on the back of the TV where the TV bracket will perfectly fit.

wall mounted tv

However, always check the VESA sign. This shows that a TV will fit in a standard TV wall mount. In addition, you should check the four symmetrical holes on the TV’s back.

Use of any wall mount – No, not all TV mounts fit with every TV. The TV bracket should perfectly fit in the hole pattern on the TV back. Usually, many TVs have a VESA size; that is a standard mounting pattern.

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What Is An Ideal Wall Mount For A Smart TV?

If you get bored with your TV stand then it’s time for a change. Bring something new to your TV lounge and buy a wall mount. But how will you decide which wall mount is best for you? Let’s learn it.

There are multiple types of wall mounts in the market and it’s quite confusing to choose between them. Each wall mount has its specifications. Every TV does not fit in a single wall mount.

Considering which wall mount is best for a TV requires some technical knowledge.

Sometimes it’s a headache because it’s not an easy job. So always call out a technical worker from a TV company who will guide you to the right size and type of wall mount according to your TV.

What To Consider While Choosing A Wall Mount For A TV?

There are multiple things to consider for a wall mount like the size and weight of the TV, and your TV’s VESA mounting pattern.

wall mount for tv in a room

Size Of TV:

Every wall mount has a specific size bracket. For a 24-inch TV, a 25-inch wall mount is suitable. Your TV size will guide you to choose the right bracket for your TV. Also, measure corners from a diagonal. Considering the weight of the TV is also an important factor.

VESA Pattern:

The VESA pattern matters a lot. It stands for Video Electronic Standards Association. This gives you an estimate of the standard distance between holes for the wall mount connection on the back of your TV. This shows that the latest wall mount can easily fit with new TV models.

In most cases, measurements for wall brackets are mentioned in the TV manual. If you have an old model and you find nothing in the manual then you have to use a measuring tape.

The easiest way to buy a perfect-size TV bracket is you can buy a standard fit that is suitable for all TV brands.

Is A 55-Inch TV Wall Mount Suitable For Me?

A 55-inch TV wall mount is perfect when you are hosting a party or for a movie night.

“It’s perfect to create an enhanced visual display”.

A 55-inch TV mount is a flat, standard TV mount. This is an inexpensive option because a flat mount gives less flexibility. In this situation, a flat mount cannot tilt or angle your TV. While mounting your TV for the first time a basic wall mount is perfect.

One of the best options is a tilt or swivel TV mount. With this TV mount, you can easily change the angles of your TV. You can angle it according to your comfort.

There are also full motion TV mounts as they have a foldable arm between the TV and the wall so you can easily adjust the angle. Lastly, there are many options for a TV mount, but you have to match the one that is adjusted to your TV size perfectly.

Compelling Reasons To Have A TV Wall Mount:


Besides multiple advantages, we discuss three compelling reasons for having a TV mount.

Saves Space:

When you mount a TV on a wall it gives you much space that was taken by a TV stand. This gives you a more pleasant look for your entertainment area. A TV mount is more beneficial for those having small apartments.

“You will get a less messy, cleaner, and less cluttered environment by wall mounted TV”.


A wall-mounted TV is more secure than placing it in a stand or TV cabinet. When the TV is on a stand or in the cabinet it is susceptible to damage by pets or children.

“Wall-mounted TV is a source of peace”. Because it eliminates all risks and is not under children’s reach.

The angle of TV:

Wall mounts make it easy to view the TV from any angle of the room.

Using a full-motion TV mount allows a more flexible position and freedom to angle your TV as you want. The titling option gives more enhanced and powerful screen effects.

Concluding Arguments:

To conclude, when you are buying a TV bracket for wall mount consider the size, material, and angle you want. Keeping all these factors in mind you should go for the most suitable option for a wall mount.

After completing this tricky task, all you have to do is enjoy a movie with your family and friends!

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