Can Hear The Neighbor's TV Through The Wall?

Can Hear The Neighbor’s TV Through The Wall? – [Explained]

Everyone wants to live peacefully in his home. But what happens when you get disturbed by your neighbor’s tv?

Yes, You can hear your neighbor’s tv through the wall. It is common when you have an apartment on the same floor. However, you will also hear tv upstairs or downstairs. The best way to avoid this issue is to soundproof your walls or ceilings.

Comfort and peace is everyone’s priority. So you have to talk to your neighbors when facing noise issues. If it doesn’t work out, inform your community and talk to them collectively.

One of the best methods is to soundproof your walls and ceilings. In this article, we will guide you on how to avoid neighbors’ noises and how to get through them. Let’s start.

What Are The Common Reasons Behind Hear TV Through Walls?

There are multiple reasons for this. Maybe your walls and ceiling are not soundproof. Below are some reasons why we will get interrupted by the neighbor’s Tv.

Apartments on the same floor will experience louder noise than upstairs or downstairs apartments. Likewise, downstairs apartments get more interrupted by the upstairs neighbors. If you ever experience living in a downstairs apartment you have noticed that sound coming from moving and footsteps in the upstairs apartment also bother you.

Neighbor's hearing Through The Wall

Additionally, wooden houses can also pass the sound better than metal or cement homes. If you are living in such a home or apartment, you can hear your neighbor’s Tv easily. Before buying any home or apartment conduct a home inspection and ensure that walls and ceilings are soundproofed to avoid future noise problems.

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What Should I Do If The Upstairs Neighbor’s TV Is Bothering Me?

People who live in apartments might receive TV noises from upstairs as well. If you are going through such a situation, you have to install a soundproof ceiling. For this purpose, you can install an acoustic drop ceiling.

These ceilings will soundproof your ceiling in two ways; first, they will absorb all the sound waves and sound will not bounce around the room. Secondly, it will block the traveling of sound waves. Lastly, these ceilings help block sound effects from upstairs neighbors. In this way, you can live peacefully!

What To Do If My Neighbor’s TV Is Too Loud?

You must take some strict action if your neighbor’s TV is too loud. Loud Tv can affect your daily routine. Your office work or your child’s education will also be affected.

To resolve this issue you should talk to your neighbors.  Because in many cases, neighbors are not aware that their tv bothers others. So talk to them politely to avoid any unnecessary drama.

Suggest using headphones instead of speakers. If this will not work out, talk to them as a group. Gather your other neighbors and approach that noisy apartment or home collectively and explain your problem. Be gentle in explaining your matter.

load music tv

If nothing works out for you, then you have to soundproof the walls or ceiling of your living place. This method may seem costly but is very effective for your peace. It is better to do something yourself for your peace rather than become furious with your neighbors.

What Are The Things To Avoid With Loud Neighbors?

Never deal offend your loud neighbors. Try to suggest new ways to reduce tv noise. Always try to be polite with them no matter how frustrating the situation is. When you are having a conversation with them, never get frustrated.

One of the best ways for their advice is to leave a humble note at their doorstep. This trick will be very helpful. In this way, you can avoid any unnecessary drama. In any situation, never call the police.

What Are The Basic Ways To Lessen The Sound Impact Or Soundproof A Wall?

If you have noisy neighbors or you can hear their TV, you will need to soundproof the walls of your house. Let’s discuss some ways for soundproof walls that help you to tackle severe noise issues.

Add Volume Or Mass To The Affected Wall:

This is the most difficult yet most effective way to reduce the level of noise. As you know, sound can easily travel through the wall, so adding volume or mass to walls offers maximum resistance to sound thus lessening its effect.

You can achieve a voluminous wall effect by adding drywall over the existing wall. Due to the thickness of the drywall, the sound impact will be reduced a lot.

Use Furniture For Less Sound Impact:


Many sounds can easily travel through the air. So you can disrupt the sound path by placing furniture or some home decor pieces. When you place such things in the sound path it will lessen the sound impact.

Here are some ideas for your assistance:

You can stack up books in the sound path. Books can absorb and lessen the sound impact. Few books will not be enough for this purpose. If you have a library, move it to the affected walls and you will notice a huge difference.

One of the best ways to install sound-reducing curtains. This will reduce the sound impact. In addition, you can use a white noise machine. These are not very expensive and you can use them on your mobile phone.

Fill All The Gaps In The Wall:

For airborne noises, gaps in the walls are the main entry points. So you have to check the walls for gaps, holes, or cracks. If you find any, fill them and stop the noise entering your room.


TV music or noise can disturb your neighbors. So try to keep the volume as low as possible!

If you are among those who are facing noise issues, then take precautionary measures. The best way is to soundproof the walls or ceiling of your living place.

Good luck choosing the right soundproof method to lessen the sound impacts!

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