Can I Lay An LCD TV Flat For Storage?

Can I Lay An LCD TV Flat For Storage? – [Complete Details]

Modern or flat-screen LCD TVs are getting more and more slim and big. This makes it easier for TVs to get damaged. Now, if you are storing your LCD TV, then one question arises “Can I lay an LCD TV flat for storage?”

Yes, But this question can’t be answered in one line. Instead, it requires some explanation.

So, to get the best and most detailed answer to this question, read this comprehensive article thoroughly:

Can I Lay an LCD TV Flat for Storage?

Some people will advise you that keeping an LCD TV flat is not dangerous, while others will suggest It is because most people have partial knowledge, and we all know how dangerous incomplete knowledge can be.

flat screen tv in a room

In the 21st century, we Have two types of flat-screen TVs:

  • Plasma TV
  • LCD TV

These two are quite different in nature, but a common man thinks that both are the same.

Plasma TV vs LCD TV:

Although they both have many differences here you need to know just about one:

  • Plasma TV can never be laid down. You can risk doing this even for a second.
  • But LCD TV can be laid down with the screen facing the surface.

So, first, read the original box of your TV and know whether you have a plasma TV or LCD TV.

Nevertheless, you can’t leave even your LCD TV for a long period laid down. In short, you can lay your LCD TV down with the screen facing the surface just for a few minutes.

Yes, you can transport your LCD TV while laying it down, but only if the distance between your first and second points is not that far. It means that if you are shifting from one city to another, never risk doing it.

There is another point:

  • Size of LCD TV

If your LCD TV is not that large, you can keep it laid down for a good interval of time. Relatively smaller LCD TVs are still not recommended to be laid down for months.

According to experts, you should never risk your expensive TV while storing it. Laying it down for a long period of time is nothing less than striking an axe on your own feet.

Note: We never recommend laying down LCD TV for storage. Not even if the size is small.

Why Can’t You Lay an LCD TV Flat for Storage?

It’s nothing else but the design of your LCD TV that is stopping you from storing it while lying it down. But how?

LCD TVs are designed in such a way that their weight is balanced when they are kept straight (upright). It means that when Liquid Crystal Display TVs are vertical (like when they are mounted on the wall), they put equal pressure on every point of the screen.

In LCD, liquid crystal material is filled in two layers of glass. When you lay it down, that liquid crystal material will start exerting pressure on the outer glass layer (which is the display screen).

Lay An LCD TV Flat For Storage

This pressure will increase with every passing minute, not just because of the weight of that liquid material but also the whole weight LCD.

In the case of large LCD TV (maybe 65 or 70 inches), the screen might get completely damaged in the storage room.

The decrease in LCD TV size and storage time will decrease the damage. The least bad that can happen while lying down your LCD TV flat for storage is a crack on the TV screen.

That’s why you should never lay an LCD TV flat for storage.

Other Than Laying It, What Other Mistakes Should You Never Make While Storing an LCD TV?

Everyone’s way of storing things can be different. But while storing vulnerable or expensive items, you need to be extra cautious. Right?

That’s why we have compiled a bunch of things you should never do while storing an LCD TV:

Never in a Dusty/Dirty Place:

Usually, store rooms are dusty with so much filth on things. So, to store your LCD TV, you either need to find a new place for storage or clean the storage room entirely.

This aspect matters the most if you are not going to store your TV in its original box or at least a cover. TV screens (especially LCD) attract tiny dust and other particles from the air.

These particles can make slight scratches on the screen that can be quite irritating. The worst part of these scratches is that you can’t get rid of them.

Never Expose TV to Sun:

You should never store your TV near a window or a place where sunlight comes directly. When not in the cover or box, your TV can even stop operating due to exposure to UV rays of sunlight.

Moreover, even if you have covered your LCD TV, sunlight can still leave minor scratches on the screen on your TV. Because sunlight has more dust particles than the normal environment, and you already know what small dust particles can do.

Never Forget to Take a Photo:

Taking a photo of your TV’s backside before packing and unmounting will help you a lot in the future when you will re-install and mount it back on the wall.

By taking a snapshot, you will not need to remember the pattern of cables and many other things.

Never Store TV with Stand and Cables:

Never even think about storing your TV by unplugging every cable and removing the stand. Although storing a TV screen alone might feel wrong, that’s how you are actually saving it.

smart tv

So, always first unmount everything and then pack the TV alone in a box or any safe covering. Because cables and its stand can scratch the screen if kept without unmounting in the same box. Moreover, the stand can get titled, which can even break your TV (if it’s too big or weak).

Final Words:

Hence, you know the answer to this question: “Can I lay an LCD TV flat for storage?”. Not just this, but you also know why you can’t keep your LCD TV like this. Right?

Still, have questions related to the topic? Don’t hesitate and ask!

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