Can I Program Any Remote to Any TV?

Can I Program Any Remote To Any TV? – [Complete Information]

So, your TV’s original remote is missing or has stopped working. Right? Now, the only option you have is to buy a new remote. But, before buying a new remote, you must have a question in your mind: “Can I program any remote to any TV?”

Thankfully, Yes. You can program any remote to any TV. But there are two types of TV remotes one of which can’t be programmed with every TV.

Moreover, do you know how to program any remote with any TV? If not, keep reading the article to get essential information about the topic.

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Can You Program Any Remote to Any TV? – [Brief]

When you buy a new smart TV, the company will give you its remote that is specifically built for your TV. Once this TV remote becomes useless, many people think that now, they will have to buy the same one.

Well, you can do it, but buying that same branded remote will prove to be extremely expensive and unnecessary.

TV with remote

Instead, you can just buy a new universal remote that can be programmed with any kind of TV. But for that, you need to know how to do it. (To know how to program a remote to any TV, stay tuned)

Anyways, this is the remote that can be programmed with any TV. The other one (branded TV remote) is not manufactured for one specific TV model.

So, it’s best to buy a universal remote. And while buying that, make sure to see the buttons and options on the TV.

That’s how you will be able to buy the remote with those options that you use because more options mean more bucks.

Moreover, unlike your preview TV remote, with a universal remote, you can’t just control your TV but also some other electronic devices like:

  • soundbars
  • cable and satellite boxes
  • home theatre receivers
  • video game consoles
  • streaming devices
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc players

You must also keep in mind which devices, other than TV, you want to control with that remote (while purchasing the remote). Because some cheaper ones might not control your desired device.

How to Program Any Remote to Any TV?

Now, you do not just know which remote to buy, but you also know how to buy a better and cheaper remote.

There are several ways to program a universal remote to your TV. So, go through all of them and choose whatever suits you or your TV.

So, without further let’s jump into them one by one:

Important Note: Before starting, we want to tell you that every TV has different names for different programs and options. So, don’t panic about that and choose the closest option name (in case your TV has a different name for it). Okay?

Simply Enter the Code:

Before knowing any procedure, you must know that you need to have your TV’s code which you will put in that new remote to make it work.

Now, the most used way of programming and connecting a new remote to any TV is simply entering the required code.

Just follow these steps to program any remote to any TV in the easiest way possible:

  • First, you need to get the code. For that, go to the webpage of your TV brand. Here, you will find a list of codes named “code sheet.” Go through this list and find your TV code.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press and hold the TV button on your remote. (remote has different buttons for different devices)
  • If the light of your TV blinks or lights up, you are good to go. Otherwise, your universal remote might need to be set up first.
  • To do that, simply press the setup button before the TV button.
  • Now, press and hold the TV button again. But this time, while doing this, enter the code you got to know before.
  • If your TV has more than one code, write them in the same order as written on the site.
  • Now, if your TV’s light starts blinking, your code is incorrect. In this situation, keep repeating the process until it works.

Do it Yourself:

If the first method doesn’t work for you because you were unable to find or get your TVs brand code, try this way.

Before starting this method, you must know this will take much more time than previous ones. Now, let’s go:

  • Just like the last time, after turning on your TV, press and hold the TV button on your remote.
  • But this time, along with TV button, you also have to press and hold the power button.
  • Wait for a good 10 to 20 seconds and then release both buttons at the same time.
  • Now, press and hold the power button for just 2 seconds while pointing the remote towards the TV.
  • If your TV turns off after pressing the power button for two or even 5 seconds, you have done it. Your remote has found the code of your TV.
  • Simply press the stop button on the remote to save the code.

Leave it to the Remote:

Instead of doing it manually, you can leave it to your remote. You just need to follow some steps to do so.

remote with tv

Here’s what you have to do this time:

  • Before doing anything else, follow the first four steps of the previous method.
  • Now, if the power button doesn’t work for you, try pressing and holding the play button for a few seconds. Your TV should shut down if it doesn’t try again and again.
  • After turning the TV off, press and hold the reverse button on your remote for 2 seconds. Repeat it until your TV turn back on.
  • If it does turn back, your TV has found the right code.
  • Finally, save the code with the stop button immediately.

Final Words:

Gratefully, the answer to this question: “Can I program any remote to any TV?” is ‘Yes.’

And you know that. Not just this, but you also know how to program your new universal remote to any TV. Right?

As you also know, brand code is the real deal, so if you are still unable to get that, contact customer care of your TV brand and ask them for help.

Tip: You can use the same ways to program universal remote to any other devices, which we have already mentioned in the article.

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