Can I Return A TV Without The Box?

Can I Return A TV Without The Box? – [Complete Information]

So, you have bought a TV, and now you want to return it for some reason, but at the moment, you don’t have its original box. Right? If so, you must be asking yourself a question: “Can I Return a TV Without the Box?”

Yes, You can return a TV without the box but there are many things you need to know before returning a TV.

So, let’s get started:

Can I Return a TV Without the Box? (Explanation):

Buying a TV is not like buying candy as you plan for it and then go for it. That’s why most retailers come up with a return policy.

And fortunately, most of them will take your TV without its original box. But in the absence of a box, the thing you definitely need is the receipt of your TV.

If you don’t have the box and receipt, you will most probably not be able to return the TV.

If you have bought the TV from a known retailer like Walmart, you can read their policies. Their policies clearly say that they will not take back the product if you don’t have a receipt or box.

Tv without box

But if you bought it from a local (most likely unregistered) store, you can try convincing him. But the return is never guaranteed in the absence of both.

Nevertheless, a few retailers give a warranty card while selling the TV. If you have that in place of the receipt, you can still return your TV.

Well, if you have bought the TV from an online store like Amazon, you are good to go as your transaction is saved on their computer.

You also need to be on time. Most retailers tell a specific interval of time (30 days or 60 days) while giving a warranty card or simply selling the product. If you exceed that time, you can’t exchange or return your TV.

Moreover, if your TV was damaged or faulty when you received it and you have bought it from a local or unknown shop, you should never even wait for a minute.

Because if you go to return the TV after (let’s suppose) a week, the local retailer will have an excuse. He might not return it, and you can’t do anything in that case.

But don’t worry if you have bought that TV from any known brand or retailer, as it will not say a word if you are returning while not breaching the policy.

How to Pack a TV to Return? (Without Its Orignal Box)

Packing is quite a crucial part of returning a TV if your retailer doesn’t offer this service.

Very few retailers would offer you a service in which their team will come take their TV and bring a new one (if you want).

But most retailers’ policy says you have to bring the TV to the store and return it. Never procrastinate in this case because you don’t want to run out of time and miss the refund. Right?

If you are thinking, “why would I pack it?” then you must know that if you take the TV without packing it to the retailer, he will get an excuse. HE might say that you damaged the TV while transporting it and they can’t return it.

So, without further ado, let’s first get to know about possibly the most appropriate way to pack a TV to return:

Things You Need Before packing, find three main things to pack the TV:

  • A TV box in which your TV can fit. You can find it from a ragman if you are lucky.
  • A bubble wrapping sheet to cover the TV completely. You can also go for fat and soft cloth if you can’t get it. Always make sure the cloth is soft and thick enough to save that vulnerable TV.
  • An ordinary and simple plastic bag for TV accessories.

Important Note: If you can’t find the right box, be ready for consequences, because the TV can easily get damaged while transporting. Then who will take a damaged TV from you?

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Start Packing TV Without box:

packing tv

Now, after finding (somehow) finding all the important stuff, it’s time to pack the TV:

  1. Before packing, unplug the TV and detach it from its stand. (TV with stand and accessories like wires might not fit in the box. Even if it gets fits, stand and accessories can damage the screen of the TV. The least that can happen in this case is “scratches”, and you can even bear them. Can you?)
  1. Now, wrap the TV in a bubble sheet. You already know that you can also use a thick and soft cloth as well, but bubble wrap is the best.
  2. While wrapping with anything you have, always make sure to cover the TV in a vertical or straight manner. That’s how TV will remain safe from top and bottom.
  3. Open the box and carefully put the wrapped TV in the box. Don’t hustle, and take your time.
  4. You don’t need to put accessories like a TV remote, cables, and TV stands in the box.
  5. If you think you have space in the box, always put the accessories first in a plastic bag and then in the box.
  6. Always put accessories on the backside of the TV (away from the screen). Especially power cord needs to be in the back of the panel and screen.
  7. While transporting, the more TV shakes, the more chances of it breaking increase.
  8. Don’t spare any space in the box. If you still have room in the box after putting the TV and accessories (not recommended), put some extra bubble sheets or soft cloth. That’s how the TV will not shake or move in the box while travelling.
  9. Tape up the box with a generous amount of glass tape to ensure that the TV doesn’t get damaged on your way.


Hence, the answer to your asked question: “Can I Return a TV Without the Box?” is ‘Yes.’

You still need to know many things that we have explained in the article.

But if you have more queries, ask us freely!

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