Can I Store A TV Vertically?

Can I Store A TV Vertically? – [Complete Detailed Guide]

Storing a TV for a good long time is not a hectic job, but you still need to be cautious of some actions.

While storing a TV, you must have a question in your mind, “Can I store a TV vertically?”

The Answer is ‘Yes.’ In fact, experts suggest that storing a TV vertically, upright, or straight (whatever you want to say) is the best way.

But there are still many things about storing a TV and especially. If so, read this thorough article completely to get the comprehensive answer:

Can I Store a TV Vertically? (Explanation)

Many people think that storing a TV is as difficult as transporting it. But this perception is not true. You can store a TV without much hard work.

store TV Vertically

But positioning the TV while storing it in your basement or storage room is still important. Now, the question is: Why does positioning matter this much?

Well, positioning is connected to the most expensive and weakest part of your TV. Yes, it’s the screen.

If you place the TV in a careless fashion without thinking about it being damaged, you might get in trouble in the near future. Because wrong positioning can damage the TV screen.

Now, you know that a vertical or erect position is not one of the wrong positions. Not just his but vertically storing a TV is said to be the finest way of storing a TV.

Old CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs should never be stored in a vertical manner. Although quite a few people have CRT TVs in the 21st century, still, if you are one of them, always keep it in its original position.

Other than CRT TV, every type of TV should always be stored in an upright or straight position, including:

  • LCD TV
  • LED TV
  • Plasma TV

Positions in which TV Should Never be Stored:

Now, you know that the vertical position is the best to store a modern TV. But in case you can’t store it this way due to several reasons, you must know which positions should never be trusted.

packing of a TV

If you want to save your TV and especially its screen, never keep it while:

  • Back facing the surface
  • Screen facing the surface

In both cases, your TV needs to be laid down on the surface or in the box. You can trust this state even if you are using its original box for storage.

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Other than Placing the TV Vertically While Storing it, What Else to Consider?

At the moment, you know that placing the TV vertically is the best possible option for storage. Right?

But there are many other things you should consider doing to save your TV, and especially your TV screen, from any sort of damage.


Before storing the TV, the first thing you need to do is clean all the dust particles and hair from the TV.

If you don’t pay attention to the dusting process, small dust particles and hair will leave those irritating tiny scratches on your TV screen.

For the dusting process, you can use any soft piece of cloth, but it’s better to clean the TV with a foam duster.

Not just TV but accessories like cables and TV mount or stand should also be cleaned.

Packing TV Properly:

Packing is the most important step in storing a TV. If you haven’t packed the TV properly, things will not go as planned, even if you place the TV vertically.

Before packing, wrap the TV. And to do it, use a bubble wrapping sheet or any soft cloth (if the bubble sheet is unavailable).

While packing, always make sure to put the TV in a soft container or box. Never leave any space in the container of the TV.

That’s how the TV will not get any room to move, decreasing the chances of any damage. And to fill the container or box, use the same wrapping sheet or soft cloth.

packing tv

The Orignal Box:

Putting the TV in its original box is what you need to do. Because in its original box, the TV will fit nicely and chances of damage or any scratches will be decreased.


If you are planning to store TV for quite a few months or even years, it’s almost impossible to remember where to put which cable.

Simply write the important stuff in a notebook, so you don’t need to learn them.

If not notes, the easier way to do the same thing is a photo. So, take a photo of your plugged and mounted TV with cables easily visible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I store the TV without packing it?

Well, you can do it. But you should never do it if you want to see your TV undamaged again. Packing the TV will save your TV from scratches and other damage.

Can I hang the TV Vertically?

It all depends on your TV model and company whether your TV supports the upright image. Because even if you hang it vertically, if it doesn’t support a vertical video, there is no point in doing it.

So, If you got a vertical TV mount while buying a TV, it means you can hang it vertically. Even if you didn’t get a vertical TV mount, you can buy one from the market and hang your TV vertically. Because you already know that the TV will not be damaged in the erect position.

Can I transport a TV Vertically?

You know that you should always store your TV vertically. The same goes for transporting it.

Final Words:

So, the answer to this question: “Can I store a TV vertically?” is ‘Yes.’

Now, you don’t just have this straightforward answer. Instead, you have a comprehensive answer. Right?

Moreover, you know other things you should consider while storing a TV.

Although we have added some frequently asked questions about this topic that you might be asking yourself but if you still have more queries, ask freely. We are always happy to help and assist you!

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