Can Mormons Watch TV?

Can Mormons Watch TV? – [Complete Detailed Information]

We all know that Mormons always have to follow strict rules that are sometimes even impossible to resist as human beings of the 21st century. If you’re somehow related to Mormons or want to become one, you must have a question in your mind, “Can Mormons watch TV?”

Yes, Mormons can watch TV, but there are a few conditions and circumstances that come into place.

If you want an in-depth and detailed answer to this question, read the article thoroughly:

Can Mormons Watch TV? – Explained Completely

Just like the lives of Mormons, the answer to this question is also not simple. It has many ifs and buts, so don’t skip any part to get a complete understanding of it.


There are two questions that are being asked related to Mormons and TV:

  • Can Mormons watch TV?
  • Do Mormons watch TV?

The second one is a lot easier to answer. Like many other religions, people don’t obey everything their religion (Mormonism) says (sadly).

For example, in Hinduism, alcohol is forbidden, but most Hindus don’t even hesitate to drink it. Just like this, many Mormons don’t hesitate to do forbidden things.

Watching TV is not entirely forbidden in Mormonism. But there are many things Mormons can’t watch on TV, for example:

  • They can’t watch explicit content that contains bad words.
  • They can’t watch R-rated movies.
  • They can’t watch adult content etc.

But there is another thing that is called a ‘missionary.’ While on missionary, Mormons live on extremely strict rules and regulations. They can’t watch TV in any case while on missionaries.

Wait! Do you know what a missionary is?

What are Missionaries?

Missionary is an interval of Mormons’ lives when they dedicate every second to that specific time to god. Every year, no less than 53,000 Mormons go out into the world to preach their religion and convert 250,00 people to Mormonism.

Missionaries are actually like missions of their lives, and they are agents of god. Only old Mormons were interested in these missions in the past, but now, young men and women are also taking part in them.


Missions are so strict that they can’t even contact their families during that particular interval of time. They are only allowed to call their families on Mother’s day and Christmas.

For different people, missions are of different lengths like:

  • 2 years of young men
  • 5 years of young women
  • 1 to 3 years for old men and women

During missions, Mormons aren’t allowed to do anything that can divert their focus from god. One of those completely forbidden things in that period is ‘watching TV.’

What Types of TV Shows Do Mormons Like to Watch?

When not on a mission, Mormons do watch allowed TV shows. It is seen that Mormons (especially in Utah) love competition shows.

Shows like America’s Got Talent have entertainment and don’t have any forbidden things. Mormons also watch web series and dramas, not just reality shows and competition shows.

They just keep in mind that the content they are watching is not explicit and doesn’t contain harsh or strong language. Because the use of bad and abusive language is forbidden in Mormonism, they avoid watching abusive content.

Family shows are the most famous ones among Mormons. They do like watching TV shows with the family.

Some Mormons don’t care about anything and watch every kind of web series or show on TV. Because there is a group of Mormons that doesn’t think that explicit, abusive, or R-rated content is forbidden.

The most interesting thing is that the first who invented TV was an LDS (Mormon). His name was Filo Farnsworth. So, when you think logically if they couldn’t watch TV or stuff like that, why would a Mormon (who was a member of a church) invent TV?

Other Than Watching TV, Strange Laws Of Mormonism:

Let’s dig into Mormonism and discuss some rules that are normal for Mormons but are strange for other people:

Missionaries people

Alcohol and Drugs are Forbidden:

We all know that both alcohol and drugs are injurious to health, but the extreme population of this world is consuming them. But in Mormonism, they are completely forbidden.

You can’t even consume them for once until or unless as a medicine. Not just Mormonism, but alcohol and drugs are forbidden in many other famous religions like Islam and Hinduism.

10% to god:

Every Mormon is said to donate 10% of his every salary to god. They do it to build a kingdom of god.

Charity is encouraged in every religion and culture, but 10% of your salary is not a small number. Right?


On one side of the USA and other first-world countries, people are running campaigns and making LGBTQ a trend.

On the other side, a religion of Americans (Mormonism) says that it’s forbidden. Well, not just Mormonism, almost every religion in the world dislikes it.

Almost No Caffeine:

We can’t start or spend our day without caffeine. Right? We always need a cup of coffee or tea to get started.

But for Mormons, the case is different as they don’t drink tea or coffee. It is probably the strangest rule of Mormonism for a person from another religion.

They also aren’t allowed to consume tobacco or smoke cigarettes. Well, they are quite injurious to health, but life without soft drinks, coffee, and tea would be tough. What do you think?

Caffeine is not encouraged to consume in Mormonism, but it’s not totally forbidden. So, mostly, Mormons consume it as tea, coffee, and soft drinks, but in lesser amounts.

Final Words:

Now you know that the answer to this question, “Can Mormons watch TV” is ‘yes.’

Not just this, but you also know many other things and facts about Mormons. Right?

If you still think that we missed something, do let us know in the comments!

Have any queries about the topic? Don’t hesitate to ask us; we are always ready to answer you!

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