Can TV Be Mounted On Plywood?

Can TV Be Mounted On Plywood? – [Complete Information]

When you buy a new TV, you have to plan to mount it. Don’t worry. You simply need supporting material that properly secures your TV – a piece of plywood.

Yes, You can mount a TV on plywood. You should use a 1-inch plywood piece for securely holding screws. You can use a single or double layer of plywood for extra strength.

Plywood is considered a great supporting material. Let’s go through this article that will solve your confusion related to mounting the TV on plywood.

What Is The Method Of Mounting A TV On Plywood?

When you have a big screen or heavier TV, then you have to use plywood for mounting it.

Mounting TV On Plywood

Here we discuss the method of mounting your TV on plywood. Let’s have a look at the process.

  • Take a suitable plywood piece of ¾ inch thickness. You can get plywood from any local hardware store.
  • After getting a suitable piece, cut it down according to your TV size, so that it will hide behind your TV when it gets installed.
  • Thirdly, you have to paint the plywood according to the wall paint. In this way, your plywood will look like a blended piece with your room.
  • Secure the plywood with the help of studs. Ideally, plywood attaches with two studs. If you want more studs then it is a better choice.

Using wood screws is also a common practice but sometimes it is an unsafe choice. Because installing wood screws in plywood will reduce the natural expansion and contraction of wood.

Sometimes it makes screws loosen with time. That is why lag bolts are recommended for this purpose. You have to use a power drill to secure these bolts properly.

Lastly, install your TV mount on your fixed mounting plate. A more secure option is you can get the screws through the plywood in the wall to give a secure grip.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Mounting A TV:

There are many things to consider while mounting a TV on plywood. Some of them are below.

wall mounted tv

The Ideal Size Of Plywood:

Generally, you can take a plywood piece equal to or greater than the wall plate size of a TV. In this way, you can easily have enough space for working and mounting your TV plate.

According to experts, you can use at least a 1-inch smaller plywood piece than your TV mount. This will benefit you in many ways it distributes weight throughout 4 corners and reduces the direct weight on the wall.

Using plywood will reduce the extra pressure on the drywall. Resultantly it will reduce the bends and cracks in the wall due to the weight of the TV.

Thickness Of Plywood:

For mounting a TV plate, you should require a 1-inch plywood piece for securely holding the screws. You can also use 1-2 inches-thick plywood pieces.

This offers you space to drill holes for screws.

Additionally, you can use a single or double layer of plywood depending on the weight of the TV. However, it is recommended to use a double layer of plywood.

What Is The Recommended Mounting Height Of A TV On Plywood?

Mounting A TV On Plywood

According to experts, your neck should not bend over 30 degrees to watch TV. You can achieve this goal through many factors:

  • Space in your room
  • Size of TV
  • Height of TV from the floor

The important point to consider for mounting a TV is the higher you mount a TV the more you have to sit farther from it.

Some rooms do not have enough space to sit at a suitable distance from a TV. So in this case, it is recommended to mount your TV lower than normal.

The main purpose is that the center of your TV should be equal to the eye level of the viewer. Ideally, it is 42 inches from the ground. So the center of your TV should be 42 inches from the ground.

When you decide on the mounting height, the next step would be a way to mount your TV. Constructing a plywood mounting plate is the best option.

Ideally, the plate should be ¾ inch thick so studs can easily pass through it in your walls. When plywood is attached with studs then you can easily mount your TV on the plywood plate.

However, it is recommended to mount a lightweight TV, not over 55 pounds. In case you have a heavier TV, then this method won’t work out.

Advantages Of Using Plywood For Mounting A TV:

Let’s look at the advantages of using plywood pieces for mounting a TV.


When you use a plywood piece for mounting your TV, this provides your TV with support and strength. Because you are not mounting a TV plate on the wall. So your plywood piece will serve as a supporting layer for the TV.

Looks Great:

Plywood looks great when used behind a TV for mounting it. You can also paint plywood according to your wall. Plywood looks great just like real wood.


Plywood has a uniform structure so it offers a uniform strength to supporting items. Plywood can withstand for long periods. So it makes plywood a more durable option than other wood products.


Plywood is incredibly lightweight than other wood. Therefore plywood is used for furniture.


Plywood is very eco-friendly because it produces less carbon content. Its manufacturing method is environmentally friendly as compared to other wood panels. Plywood is waterproof and fire-resistant. This is the best manufacturing product that costs very little.


Mounting TV on walls requires some good strengthening material that will efficiently support your TV.

Plywood is one of them!

You can use a single or double layer of plywood as much as you want to secure your TV.

However, before mounting a TV, always notice the size of the TV that plywood can support.

Hope this guide provides you with enough information about mounting a TV on plywood!

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