Can You Leave A TV In A Hot Car?

Can You Leave A TV In A Hot Car? – [Complete Information]

Leaving your smart TV in a hot car has many risks. It is better to take some precautions for the safety of your device.

If you are leaving your TV in a hot car and also want to prevent it from damaging then you should not put it in the direction of sunlight. Because when your electronic device is exposed to high temperatures for a long period it can affect its functionalities and cause disaster.

Moreover, you have to take some precautionary measures so that your car’s temperature remains as low as possible. You can opt for different ways to lower your car’s temperature.

Let’s find out these ways by reading out this guide.

What Happens If You Leave A TV In A Hot Car?

While putting your TV in a hot car you have to consider some factors. Because it can damage the internal and external hardware of your TV. If you put your TV in a hot car it will lead to overheating and cause the following damages.

Leave A TV In A Hot Car

Pixel Damage:

With overheating your TV’s pixels can be damaged. If your TV pixels are damaged it will be impossible to repair.

However, stuck pixels can be fixed. Pixel damage is very common in Plasma TVs but it is also common in LCD and OLED TVs that can also undergo damage due to overheating.

Hardware Issues:

If you leave your TV in a hot car there is a risk that the TV’s hardware can melt. If you keep your TV in a hot car for a prolonged time you will see that your TV starts melting or softening up.

Additionally, your TV speaker also does not sound right. Moreover, you will experience a plastic-burning smell.

One more sign of the hardware issue is the appearance of white and black spots on the screen. Additionally, there may be the appearance of brightly colored vertical lines.

TV Can Combust:

With continuous exposure to high temperatures, your TV could combust. There is a higher chance of combustion if your smart TV is powered On.

The most common signs of combustion include the melting of hardware and dead spots on the TV screen. Additionally, your TV feels too hot to touch.

What Precautions To Take While Leaving The TV In A Hot Car?

You have to take the following precautionary measures for the safety of your TV.

Leaving The TV In A Hot Car

Keep Your TV Away From Sun:

When you leave your TV in a hot car or direct sunlight it will cause trouble. While keeping an expensive TV in a hot car you have to take some precautionary measures. You should keep your TV or any other electronic device cool by wrapping it in any bright color towel.

One other thing to consider is the use of a brighter color towel. It will effectively reflect most of the sunlight. In this way, it will keep your electronic device cool.

Power Down Your TV:

As you know TV also releases some heat when it is operating. So when you place an operating TV in a hot car with direct sun exposure it can cause a disaster. You have to make sure to turn off your TV before keeping it in the car.

So that it will remain cool. In case you cannot turn off the TV then you have to minimize the number of running apps. Because if you run too many apps it will release more heat.

Give Some Time For Adjustment:

If you turn On your TV that is already hot, it will also lead to damage. As you know, the optimal operating temperature for electronics is 73 to 76 degrees.

Always try to cool down your TV before powering it on. Additionally, you can also run an air-conditioner in your car before putting your TV in it. As it can prevent overheating.

Use The Windshield Sunshade:

A windshield sunshade would be a great choice for leaving your TV in a hot car. However, with the windshield sunshade, you still have to cover your TV out of direct sunlight.

Crack Your Car Windows:

When you are putting a TV in your hot car, keeping your car’s window down for a few inches is a great way to provide proper ventilation. It will prevent overheating in the car. Combining sunshades with windows down will keep the temperature of your car low.

Use A Solar-Powered Fan:

Solar-powered fans are ideal for keeping your TV in your car.

solar panel fan

Additionally, it is also an affordable option for you. These fans will be great when your car windows are a bit down.

Backup Your TV’s Data:

It is a good idea to back up your smart TV data regularly. It is a great way to save your data because an accident can happen any time.

You can save your data on any USB drive. That is the easiest way to do it. While leaving your TV in a hot car it is necessary to back up your useful data somewhere.

Use Neoprene Storage Bags:

Neoprene storage bags aid in protecting your TV from extreme temperatures. It is equally useful in hot or cold temperatures.

Additionally, these bags act as padding and help to keep your device clean. When placing your TV in a Neoprene storage bag and away from the sunlight is a great way to save your TV.

Final Argument:

In this article, you learn multiple ways of leaving your TV in the hot car. Following all the above-mentioned tips you can save your TV from any damage. One thing to consider is that you should not place your TV in direct sunlight.

Hopefully, you will learn many tips for saving your TV.

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