Can You Ruin A TV By Leaving It On?

Can You Ruin A TV By Leaving It On? – [If Yes Then Why?]

Many people leave their TV On for a prolonged time. There may be no obvious change immediately, but this practice will cause a problem in the long run.

When you leave your TV On for a long time it shortens its lifespan. Apart from this, it can also cause a still image that will lead to burn-in. Try to leave it off when you are not watching it.

Read the guide below to know more reasons why you should not leave your TV On for a long time.

Is It Safe To Leave My TV On?

The period you will keep your TV On depends on the type of your smart TV. Nowadays common types of TV screens are LCD, LED, plasma, and OLED. These screens can run for longer hours without damaging your Android device.

Leave My TV On

However, if your TV is on all the time then its lifespan will shorten. For example, LED TV comes with a lifespan of 60,000 hours. After this running time is completed, your TV will lose 20% of its brightness. Moreover, if you reduce your TV brightness, its lifespan will increase by around 100,000 hours.

How Can I Safely Leave My TV On?

There are various reasons for leaving your TV on for a long period. In case you cannot control it then you have to opt for precautionary measures to save your TV. Let’s discuss some factors that you have to consider for the safety of your TV.

Avoid Still Images:

Still images can cause damage to your TV. If there is an image retention then you have to remove it immediately. Prevent images that include static elements like bars or borders etc.

You should limit these elements to around 2 hours only. If you will not remove these images immediately you have to change the picture size to avoid them on your TV screen.

Reduce Contrast And Brightness:

If your TV screen has static images with brighter light then it will increase the risk of TV damage. You have to continuously adjust the brightness of your TV screen so that it will be according to your room’s light.

Additionally, you have to choose among these settings to set the brightness level. You should always keep the contrast at a standard level.

Place Your TV In A Good Location:

Smart TV is a device that will be with you for a long time. Rather than leaving your TV on for a long period, you have to choose the right location to place it.

However, you have to make sure that your TV placement is away from the sunlight because sunlight can damage and result in reduced life span and low brightness issues.

Additionally, try to keep your smart TV in a static place. You should choose a wall for mounting it safely. Always remember to keep your smart TV away from fireplaces to avoid the risk of the TV burning.

Does Leaving The TV On Cause A Fire?

Yes, when you leave your TV on for a long period it can cause a fire. Sometimes TV catches fire due to overloading the wiring. Resultantly it will lead to an electrical fire.

leaving the tv on

If your home is more than 20 years old, it is unable to handle the heavy electric current of the latest Smart TV. When your circuit is overloaded, the breaker box of your home must be tripped.

But if you are living in an older home then its breaker box would also be outdated. Resultantly it causes overloading and leads to a fire.

How To Avoid Fire When My TV Is Left On For A Prolonged Time?

When you leave your TV On for a prolonged time, many reasons cause overheating and may lead to a fire. To avoid this hazard you have to consider the following measures.

Allow Circulation:

Every TV set has vents that allow hot air to be released from it. If these are blocked due to some reasons they may catch on fire. In case your TV is placed in a cabinet then you have to make sure that enough air goes inside.

You can also place your TV away from fabrics like drapes or curtains so that it won’t get stuck in the air vent and block air circulation.

Use Power Strips:

Your TV device may catch fire for several reasons. If you want to avoid this you have to use GFI sockets or Power strips. Additionally, you have to ensure that all sockets or plugs are dust-free.

This preventive measure ensures that your TV will not catch fire. However, any type of liquid can also catch fire so you should place them away from your TV device.

When you leave your TV on all the time it will cause burns due to still images. In this way, your TV can overheat and thus shorten its life.

leave the tv on for a night

Final Argument:

In this article, you learned that leaving your TV on will shorten its life.

However, leaving a TV on can also cause many issues like fire hazards. Additionally, it can also cause screen display issues. So it is best to turn off your TV for some time so that it will work properly.

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