Can You Use A Laser Pointer On A TV Screen

Can You Use A Laser Pointer On A TV Screen? – [Explained]

When you are looking for a laser pointer for your smart TV, there are many things to consider. Laser pointers are available in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes. And each one of them comes with benefits and drawbacks. So always choose the right one.

Yes, you can use digital laser pointers on your TV screen. These are the latest laser pointers that cannot cause pixel damage. On the other hand, using traditional laser pointers can be harmful to your smart TV screen.

Laser pointers are very common nowadays. So let’s discuss whether we can use them on our smart TV. Let’s learn!

Introduction To A Digital Laser Pointer:

In digital laser pointers, there is a direct digital laser on a TV screen rather than traditional real lasers.

As you know, digital laser pointers are completely different from traditional lasers. With digital lasers, you can highlight objects on the TV screen by spotlighting specific parts of the TV screen.

Digital Laser Pointer

These specifically work with LED or LCD TV monitors with a small pointer or maybe a spotlight. You can adjust the laser’s size, color, and transparency as per your choices.

You can connect a digital laser pointer to your TV. Additionally, these are rechargeable. Moreover, many digital laser pointers come with apps with which you can customize the laser pointer’s features.

Can A Traditional Laser Pointer Be Used On A TV Screen?

No, traditional laser pointers cannot show on your TV screen.

Traditional laser pointers are bright light streams. As they can appear bright on a wall but when you put them on your TV screen, they will not be seen on the TV screen.

Because the TV screen emits a high amount of light, your laser pointers are nothing compared to the TV’s emitted lights. In this way, laser pointers are quite hard to see and appear very dim on the TV screen.

Moreover, many smart TVs have polarizing films. As this film comes with anti-glare technology, it can block external light. So your smart TV anti-glare film will block any external light source. This absorption of external light by the TV screen prevents the laser from being seen on the TV screen.

Which Laser Pointer Should I Use On My TV Screen?

You can use a digital laser pointer on your TV screen. It will work perfectly for a TV screen. As your traditional lasers cannot work perfectly for a TV screen, so, in this case, digital lasers will rescue you.

Laser Pointer On A TV screen

Experts recommend using digital laser pointers rather than traditional lasers because TV screens emit excess light and make the laser dim.

However, there are some Ultra-bright and powerful traditional lasers that can be displayed on TV screens, but these lasers have some drawbacks as they can lead to damage to your TV screen.

Additionally, digital lasers are quite expensive but they will benefit you on a long-term basis. Because it causes no damage to the screen. The main benefit of digital laser pointers is they go perfectly well with your TV as well as with your projector screen. Using digital laser pointers for projectors is a great bonus.

Will A Traditional Laser Pointer Damage Your TV?

Yes, it can damage a TV screen!

Additionally, traditional laser pointers have a worse effect on your TV screen. There are many types of laser available in the market that are differentiated based on their power and brightness level.

If you use a laser with a wattage of 5 or higher on your TV screens, it can lead to damage to your TV screen when you point it directly at the TV screen.

Can Traditional Laser Pointer Damage TV

In this way, the LED pixels of your TV would burn because of the laser’s bright light. It will lead to dead pixels that are impossible to repair.

So, it is advised to use a digital laser pointer on your smart TV. As it is easier and clearer to see and the best thing about it won’t damage your TV screen.


Traditional lasers cannot be seen on your TV, but they can damage your TV pixels. So it is strongly recommended to use a digital laser pointer for your TV screen.

Because these are improved and latest laser pointers that can connect to your smart TV. This enables you to spotlight objects on your TV screen without causing damage to its pixels.

Hopefully, this article provides you with useful information about the latest digital laser pointers!

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