Do 4K TVs Automatically Upscale?

Do 4K TVs Automatically Upscale? – [Complete Information]

Whether you are buying a 4K TV or recently got to know about upscaling with 4K TVs, the first question that can come to your mind is, “Do 4K TVs Automatically Upscale?”

Yes, 4K TVs automatically upscale the resolution of the image, but not every 4K TV does it.

If you are thinking the same, you are right, but it’s because this question can’t be answered in one line. To know every detail about automatic upscaling with 4K TVs, Read this article:

What is the Upscaling of 4K TVs?

Upscaling is a new technology in which low-resolution images are turned into high-resolution images. In other words, through upscaling, video is adjusted and enhanced to fit a higher-resolution display.


For example, let a TV screen display high-resolution picture quality, but the video or image you want to watch on it has low resolution and bad quality. Here, Upscaling is used to enhance the image quality.

In the case of 4K TVs, if anything with less than 4K picture quality (like 720p, 1080p, 360p) comes on its screen, upscaling will make that image 4K. Got it?

Do 4K TVs Automatically Upscale?

You already know the primary answer to this question. Right?

Every 4K TV indeed has an upscaling option which means that you will never have to watch bad picture-quality content on 4K TVs.

Now, almost all 4K TVs automatically upscale low-resolution images to make them high-resolution. But it really depends on the brand and model.

We can’t tell whether your 4K TV is automatic in this case. In some TVs, whenever a bad-quality image comes on the screen, you’ll get an option to adjust picture quality yourself.

  • Note: Not all images turn into 4K with automatic upscaling. But don’t worry, as all of them will come super close to 4K picture quality.

Do We Really Need 4K Upscaling?

There is still a significant amount of content being created, and once created in less resolution. It makes upscaling an extremely important thing for those who have paid for 4K picture quality.

4K Upscaling

Other than that, we have many other benefits of upscaling that will let you know whether you need 4K upscaling or not:

Improved Visual Quality:

Upscaling enhances the clarity, sharpness, and detail of lower-resolution content. In the end, it makes everything more visually appealing.

Full-Screen Display:

One of the best things about upscaling is that it ensures that lower-resolution content fills the entire screen of a higher-resolution display, eliminating black bars or empty spaces.

Consistent Viewing Experience:

With upscaling, your overall experience on 4K TVs will be seamless and consistent. No matter what the quality of that particular content (on the screen) is, your 4K TV will make it watchable for you, and you will not even notice anything.


Upscaling future-proofs your TV! It allows you to enjoy lower-resolution content on a higher-resolution display without compromising the overall visual experience.

Comparison Guide: TVs with the Best Upscaling Capabilities – This link can direct users to a comprehensive comparison guide that evaluates various TV models and their upscaling capabilities, discussing the technologies employed and their effectiveness.

All Limitations of 4K TV’s Upscaling:

After benefits, you should also know about the limitations and drawbacks of 4K upscaling before making up your mind about it.

So, here you go:

Limited Detail Improvement:

If something was already missing in the picture, upscaling could not create additional details that were not present in the original content.

For example, let’s suppose you are watching your old childhood pictures on 4K TV, and there is a mark on one of them; upscaling will do nothing with that.

Image Distortion:

In some cases, upscaling can go bad with jagged edges, blurriness, or unnatural textures, which results in image distortion.


The effectiveness of upscaling depends on the quality of the source content. If the original content is in poor quality, upscaling may not help you enough.

Variable Performance:

The quality of upscaling can vary depending on the specific TV model, brand, and the upscaling algorithms used.

Techniques of Upscaling Your 4K TV Might Be Using Automatically:

4K TVs usually use more than one technique at a time to provide you with high-resolution images.

Upscaling Of 4K TV

Now, let’s have a look at techniques of upscaling your 4K TV might be using automatically:

Spatial Upscaling:

This technique analyzes the pixels of the original image and fills in the gaps to match the higher resolution.

Temporal Upscaling:

It analyzes multiple frames of a video reduces motion blur, and enhances the overall sharpness.

Edge Enhancement:

This technique focuses on enhancing the edges of objects in the image.


It’s simply the best upscaling technique out there which is available in just a few 4K TV models.

AI-Enhanced Upscaling:

Artificial intelligence and its algorithms are used in this technology to provide you with the best results.

Adaptive Upscaling:

This technique dynamically adjusts the upscaling algorithm based on the characteristics of the content being displayed.

Detail Enhancement:

Focusing more on things like such as textures, fine lines, and small objects, provides a more refined and visually pleasing image.

Color Enhancement:

Color also matters while upscaling, and all the color work is done with technique.

Will the Size of My 4K TV Affect the Automatic Upscaling Quality of My Videos?

Somehow the answer is YES!

Size of My 4K TV

Now, let’s talk about both small and large TV with automatic upscaling:

Small 4K TVs with Automatic Upscaling:

Small TVs mostly have small processors that conduct the whole process of upscaling. It means that due to small processors, results aren’t that good.

But small TVs have one significant advantage of “High Pixel Density.” It means that small 4K TVs have more pixels to show on the small display, which makes picture quality much better.

Large 4K TVs with Automatic Upscaling:

Firstly, large 4K TVs have large processors and advanced processes of upscaling, which makes the picture look much better than before.

On the other hand, larger TVs also have scaling limitations which means when a small image fits into the screen, its resolution automatically drops.

The size directly doesn’t matter, but it is seen (maybe due to processor difference) that larger 4K TVs show better results of upscaling.


The final verdict is that you now know the in-depth answer to this question: “Do 4K TVs automatically upscale?”

Other than that, you know everything about 4K upscaling and its automatic processing. If you still have any questions in mind, ask us now!

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