Do Vizio TV Have Bluetooth?

Do Vizio TV Have Bluetooth? – [Complete Visual Information]

Nowadays smart TV comes with many innovative features for the convenience of their customers. Bluetooth is one of them; as it enables you to connect different Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Most Vizio TV models offer Bluetooth features so you can easily pair your smart TV to other devices. If you want to check whether your Vizio TV has a Bluetooth feature, you have to check the TV settings or its manual. One thing to keep in mind is that Vizio TV cannot be connected to every Bluetooth device.

When you find that your Vizio TV has a Bluetooth feature then you can easily connect your TV with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. If your Vizio TV does not have a Bluetooth feature, you can use a Bluetooth adapter.

Does Vizio TV Offer Bluetooth Features?

Yes, Vizio TV offers a Bluetooth option.

You can easily connect Bluetooth-compatible devices with your Vizio TV. However, it should be noted that all Vizio TV models cannot support all Bluetooth devices.

Vizio TV

Because it is only compatible with Bluetooth LE devices that are for basic devices and is a low-energy Bluetooth. These basic devices include tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Regular Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE utilize an equal amount of radiofrequency. However, the main difference between these Bluetooth types is based on power consumption.

Bluetooth LE utilizes less power consumption as compared to regular Bluetooth. However, they maintain the same communication range.

If you want to connect high-energy Bluetooth devices with your Vizio TV such as Bluetooth speaker, soundbar, and home theater, then you should use the Audio out ports of your Vizio TV.

Because you cannot connect these with your TV’s Bluetooth option. You can use a 3.5mm AUX jack for connecting Bluetooth devices with Vizio TV.

Do All Vizio TVs Have A Bluetooth Feature?

Mostly, Vizio TVs have Bluetooth features. And this is a Bluetooth LE. In simple words, Vizio TVs only support Bluetooth LE smart devices.

The easiest way to check if your VIzio TV has a Bluetooth feature is to check its manual. Additionally, you can also check out the remote control to know about the TV’s functions.

How Can I Turn On Bluetooth On My Vizio TV?

If you want to know that your Vizio TV has a Bluetooth feature, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Tap on the “Home Button” on your TV remote to know about its menu options.
  • From the menu section, go to “Settings” and choose “Network & Accessories”.
  • Search and tap on the “Bluetooth Settings”. Select the “ON” option. In this way, your Vizio TV Bluetooth feature is turned ON.

How To Check If My Vizio TV Has A Built-In Bluetooth Feature?

To know about the Bluetooth features of Vizio TV, check the below steps.

TV Manual:

The best way to explore your TV features is to check out the manual. In the manual, you will know about your TV’s Bluetooth feature and what type of Bluetooth it supports. In case you have lost your manual you can head towards the steps below.

TV Remote:

Another best way to know about the Bluetooth feature is to check out the remote’s features. One important thing is you have to check your TV’s original remote control and check its options. If your TV remote shows smart TV options then it means your TV has a Bluetooth feature.

Check Your Internet:

You have to visit the Vizio website to know about your TV model. After knowing the model, you have to check the features of your TV model.

Alternatively, you can check your TV information online by typing and searching its model name on Google. One thing to consider is you should use trustworthy and credible sources.

Benefits Of Bluetooth-Compatible Smart TV:

There are multiple advantages associated with a smart TV having a Bluetooth feature. Smart TV’s Bluetooth feature gives you an amazing experience according to your needs. Let’s discuss some of them.

It offers you a better viewing and listening experience. Let’s take an example; when you connect your smartphone to your smart TV, then you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your TV.

Bluetooth-Compatible Smart TV

Additionally, you can easily play your favorite content like movies and music from your smartphone, computer, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices on your Vizio smart TV.

Moreover, it also improves your listening experience as you can connect your TV with multiple audio devices like speakers and headphones. Additionally, this feature also benefits you while playing games, listening to music, and watching movies.


Most of the Vizio Smart TVs are compatible with Bluetooth LE devices. If you are not sure whether Vizio Smart TVs have Bluetooth features or not then you can check its TV Settings, TV manual, and its remote control to know about TV features.

When your Vizio Smart TVs Bluetooth pairs up with your smartphone or any other smart device, then you can easily share your data between these devices.

This guide provided you with useful information about the Vizio Smart TVs Bluetooth features.

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