Does A Smart TV Need A Cable Box?

Does A Smart TV Need A Cable Box? – [Complete Visual Guide]

You need a cable box to enjoy your favorite TV programs.

Yes, your smart TV needs a cable box if you want to watch all TV stations and channels.

However, you can also watch your favorite TV shows and programs on streaming services like YouTube or Netflix. As all the TV content is not available on YouTube or Netflix, you need a cable box to watch your favorite channels.

Let’s discuss how a cable box works for smart TV; continue reading

Does A Smart TV Need A Cable Box?

If you want to enjoy all TV channels then yes you need a cable box. You require a cable box because no other device can deliver you the TV stations or channels like a cable box.

cable box with tv

However, you have to pay for the cable box every month to watch your favorite channels. Additionally, most cable providers provide their streaming applications. On the other hand, you can enjoy some of the popular shows on YouTube or Netflix without a cable box.

If you want to enjoy smart TV without a cable box then you need an internet connection to watch shows on Netflix.

Watching TV Without A Cable Box:

You can enjoy streaming services on your smart TV without a cable box. You can watch Disney, Netflix, and many other streaming apps. You can get a wide range of content with these streaming services.

Additionally, here you can find your favorite songs, TV shows, popular movies, and the content you want to watch. To get an uninterrupted and smooth streaming service you should have a good internet connection.

So you can enjoy content break-free. However, if you don’t like to watch content on streaming services, simply connect your cable box to the HDMI cable. Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port.

Connect A TV To Cable Without A Box:

Yes, you can connect both without a cable box. For this, a streaming device is required.

A direct connection with your TV is only possible when the TV cable provider has that application. Nowadays cable TV providers have started offering such applications that you can download on your smart TV and you can watch your favorite shows.

For these applications, you need a good internet connection to watch live streaming of your favorite channels.

The following steps help connect TV to a cable without a cable box.

1. Buy A Media Streaming Device:

The first step in this process is buying a media streaming device. You can buy either Fire Stick or Roku streaming devices; these are the two popular options.

These streaming devices can connect through USB without a smart TV. Additionally, you can also use a remote connection. You just have to set up an account and you are done to start downloading the applications on these devices.

2. Set The Streaming Device:

In the next step, you have to set up the streaming device. Firstly connect it to WiFi and then make an account.

In case if you already have an Amazon or Roku account you just have to sign in to these accounts. If you have none of them, then make it and quickly sign up to use a streaming device.

3. Downloading:

If your TV cable provider also offers a TV application, then you just search the available TV app lists and download the application of your choice.

It doesn’t require much time and it is very easy to find applications and download them on your streaming device.

4. Log In:

In the last step, you just have to enter your username along with your password and log in to the streaming device.

A username and password will be provided by the cable provider.

5. Enjoy Streaming:

Now you are done with the process. After login to the account, you can start watching your favorite channels.

Most cable service companies provide their TV applications to ensure a smooth and great experience, just like the cable box.

Do We Still Need Cable Boxes For Smart TV?

Cable boxes made a comeback in mid-2000. In the mid-2000s cable companies found an opportunity to reduce piracy issues which were very common in analog cable TV. So many cable companies introduce external cable boxes to deal with these combat piracy issues.

cable box

These issues are resolved by a cable box that decodes the digital cable signal. Still cable boxes are required for this purpose. As many cable services offer to stream their channels online, but still some cable channels require a subscription to watch them on TV.

So we concluded that if you want to enjoy digital cable TV you require an external cable box.

Final Argument:

Smart TV offers you many ways to watch your favorite shows even without a cable box. You can stream your favorite channels on Netflix and other streaming apps.

In this way, you don’t need a cable box. In addition, you can also search for your favorite content on YouTube.

If you don’t want to connect your TV to the cable box then there is no issue. You can watch content on different streaming apps. For this purpose, you need a fast internet connection.

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