Does A Smart TV Need A Coaxial Cable?

Does A Smart TV Need A Coaxial Cable? – [Complete Details]

Every smart TV has different features. To know about the different ports of a smart TV, you should read the TV manual thoroughly.

Some smart TVs require a coaxial cable for connecting various devices to the TV.

Yes, smart TV needs a coaxial cable. If you have a cable internet connection then you should need a coaxial cable to connect it to the TV. Smart TV needs a coaxial cable for plugging in the TV or a cable box.

In case your smart TV has no coaxial input then you can use a coax to HDMI converter. Additionally, you can also directly plug in the cable to the coax wall outlet.

In this guide, you will get to know about the features and workings of coaxial cable. So let’s start reading.

Can I Use A Coaxial Cable For My TV?

Yes, you can use a coaxial cable in a smart TV. Coaxial cables are the same as fiber optic and HDMI cables.

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cable is an older technology and it requires some extra technology for work. So you have to connect coaxial cables to HDMI cables.

How Can I Connect A Coaxial Cable To The TV?

There are multiple ways of connecting a coaxial cable to smart TV. Let’s discuss them.

Using OTA (Over the Air) Converter:

Converting OTA coax to an HDMI converter is the best choice for outdoor/indoor antennas and is suitable for those TVs that do not have coaxial ports. These adaptors are affordable.

For using adaptors you have to plug in the coaxial cable in the RF IN port. Then plug the cables that are attached to the adapter TV. All of the AV cables go in their color-coordinated ports

However, in some cases, OTA does not have an HDMI cable. So you have to take your cable and it should be long enough.

Digital Converter Box:

A digital TV converter box contains HDMI cables and required AV cables. In addition, these cables also have a TV recording function. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite shows by recording and saving them on a USB cable.

Is Coaxial Cable Necessary For Your Smart TV?

If your smart TV operates with cable internet then yes, you need a coaxial cable for connecting the TV to the internet. You can also get these coaxial cables on Amazon and your internet provider also gives it with your modem.

Coaxial Cable for tv

Older TVs that operate with antennas or VCRs receive signals through coaxial cable. However, the latest smart TVs have coaxial inputs and outputs that use HDMI cables for working.

You can use RG6 or RG11 coaxial cables for high-resolution TV broadcasts. Additionally, the most popular and commonly used coaxial cable for TVs is RG6.

Likewise, the ideal coaxial cable for HDTV is RG-11. This cable offers enough space for signal transmission.

Moreover, there are some quality differences between coaxial and HDMI cables. HDMI cables permit better quality and continuous transmission of video at higher resolution. HDMI cables allow much better video quality than coaxial cables.

Do All Samsung Smart TVs Have Coaxial Inputs?

Many Samsung TVs have coaxial input. If you want to watch TV shows, then you have to connect the cable box to your TV.

To connect the cable box to your smart TV, you need a coaxial cable. Coaxial inputs are present near the HDMI ports of the smart TV. Usually, these ports are round, having a threaded exterior. In these ports, you have to insert a coaxial cable.

However, if your smart TV does not support these coaxial cables then you can also watch streaming applications. If you use a traditional cable on your TV then the ideal choice is to buy an HDTV having coaxial inputs.

Additionally, if your smart TV has no coaxial ports then you have to buy a digital converter box. With these converter boxes, you can easily connect a cable box to a TV.

Coaxial input

Furthermore, these convertor boxes have built-in tuners. So you can use them in place of a cable connection.

Concluding Argument:

A smart TV needs a coaxial cable and it is completely possible to connect a TV with a coaxial cable.

However, the technology behind coaxial cable is old. But many latest smart TVs still offer coaxial inputs that are reliable.

Additionally, you can read out the TV manual to know if your TV supports coaxial cables or not.

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