Does Mounting The TV Damage The Wall?

Does Mounting The TV Damage The Wall? – [Complete Guide]

Sometimes mounting a TV becomes necessary because your room has no space for your TV. In this case, the most ideal way is to wall mount it. But some people get confused about whether wall mount would damage their wall or not

Yes, wall mounting your smart TV will affect the wall because you have to drill holes in your wall. Alternatively, you can go for other options that don’t need drilling holes to least damage the wall.

In this article, we will discuss how to mount a TV without damaging the wall. Let’s discuss them.

Does Drilling Holes While Wall Mounting TV Damage The Wall?

Yes, it does!

When you start drilling holes to wall mount your TV, it will damage the wall in some way. Drilling holes in your wall can be done for any reason like for hanging pictures of any object.

wall mounted tv

However, some people avoid putting holes in the wall to prevent their wall from any damage.

Additionally, if you are new to drilling holes or you do not have any experience in mount installation then you may end up causing more damage to the wall.

For example, when you install a drywall anchor, it will cause significant damage to the drywall if you tighten it very much.

Additionally, if the drilling speed is high, it can lead to cracks in the wall. In this way, the wall gets damaged. Therefore you should go slowly and carefully while drilling holes.

How To Carefully Wall Mount Your TV Without Damaging The Wall?

Let’s discuss the process of wall mounting a TV that shows the wall will not get damaged:

  • Firstly decide the position of your smart TV. Viewing angles matters a lot for better image quality. If you move your TV again after its installation it will lead to more unnecessary holes in the wall. So decide the place of your TV carefully.
  • Then find wall studs with the help of a stud finder. After this, you have to keep moving the stud finder across the wall so that it will find a stud. When it finds the stud, you have to mark it. After marking, drill the pilot holes.
  • In the next step hold the TV mount straight up to the wall. Mark holes in the place where you want to attach it by drilling holes in the wall.
  • With the help of a masonry bit, drill and mark holes.
  • Now you can attach the smart TV by a bracket with the wall. For this, you have to drill the mounting screw where you made the hole by holding your mount to the wall.
  • Now it’s time to attach this mounting plate to the TV.
  • Firstly attach all the stands from your TV (if it has any).
  • Now you have to locate your mounting plate’s attachment holes. These holes are on the back of your TV and they may have screws already in them or covered with plastic. If it’s so then you have to remove them first.
  • You should attach the plate to your TV’s back. Finally, mount your TV on a wall.

How To Protect The Wall From Damage While Wall Mounting TV?

Follow the below steps to wall mount your smart TV.

Protect The Wall From Damage While Wall Mounting TV

Adhesive Tapes:

This is another way to wall mount your TV with the help of adhesive tapes. These tapes can carry heavier objects. These tapes usually come as double-sided; one side holds the TV and the other side goes onto the wall; and keeps the device in place.

However, adhesive tapes are more commonly used for light objects like paintings than TVs. But there are also strong adhesive tapes available in the market that can handle the small TV’s weight.

One of its drawbacks is it will lose its glue strength with time. So your TV may get damaged if it falls off the wall.

No-Stud Wall Mount:

These wall mounts have a second frame that can be secured with mount holes on your TV’s back. You can mount your smart TV with a frame by interlocking both frames.

These wall mounts can support weights of around 80 pounds. This mount can spread its load over a wider surface area.

Final Argument:

There are multiple ways to wall mount your TV. But they can damage your wall. Because you have to make drill holes for wall mounting your TV.

Additionally, if you put too heavy a TV on the mounting stand it will result in studs weakening over time.

Hopefully, you learned useful details from this guide!

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