Does Samsung Frame TV Come With Wall Mount?

Does Samsung Frame TV Come With Wall Mount? – [Explained]

If you are looking to buy a Samsung Frame TV and want to mount it on a wall, you must have a question in your mind: Does the Samsung Frame TV come with a wall mount?

Fortunately, Most of the time, Samsung does remember that a Frame TV needs to be mounted on the wall. But it’s not guaranteed as some Samsung Frame TVs don’t have a wall mount in the package.

To get answers to all your questions related to Samsung Frame TV and wall mount, read this article completely:

What is a Samsung Frame TV?

Samsung Frame TV is simply a TV that comes with a frame that’s a combination of TV and art. It means that the TV will not even look TV when turned off as it has a customizable bezel that allows it to blend in with your home décor.

Samsung Frame TV

In other words, this type of TV is for those who think that their TV makes their interior design look bad. If you are more into art and interior design and think that another piece of art or painting is needed on the wall, just go for a nice Samsung Frame TV, as it will work as both.

Which Samsung Frame TVs Come With Wall Mounts?

Unlike the beginning of Samsung Frame TVs, now, you can buy these frame TVs of different sizes and eventually models. This is where the availability of wall mount comes into play.

Depending on size, package, and model, some Samsung Farm TVs come with a wall mount while others don’t.

Usually, there are no specified criteria unveiled by Samsung, but it is seen that higher-end models of Frame TVs with larger screen sizes are more likely to have a wall mount in the package.

These models usually include 65 to 75-inch TVs. They are relatively quite heavier, and according to Samsung, they require real material (wall mount) to hang them on the wall.

On the other hand, small TVs normally don’t come with wall mounts. Moreover, getting a wall mount with the package also depends on the region or country where you live. So, you every time have to check the specifications of the product before buying.

Where to buy Samsung Frame TV wall mounts If Didn’t Come Up with a TV?

Now as you know, there is always a possibility that Samsung will not give you its original Samsung Frame TV Wall Mount with the complete, so you must know that this is not where you should step back.

Samsung Frame TV wall mounted

You should not step back and not buy a specific model or size of Samsung Frame TV only because it doesn’t come up with a wall mount.

Your desired model or size should only depend on your needs and the features of that model. It’s because you can buy the original wall mount of that specific Frame TV separately from other marketplaces like:

Samsung Online Store:

Official Samsung store is the most convenient way of buying a wall mount for your Samsung Frame TV. Just go to their official site and go for purchase.

Samsung Authorized Dealers:

If not from the official store, you can also find many authorized dealers that sell Samsung products.


From Amazon, you might not get official wall mounts of Samsung TVs but will get a great variety of third-party wall mounts that are compatible with Samsung products.

Best Buy:

If you don’t trust Amazon, Best Buy is another reliable retailer that sells wall mounts that will go well with your Samsung Frame TV.


You can also physically go to Walmart if Samsung Authorized Dealers are far from you or are not available in your city.

B&H Photo Video:

B&H Photo Video is a popular electronics retailer that offers a variety of wall mounts for Samsung Frame TVs.


Crutchfield is another online retailer that offers a selection of wall mounts for Samsung Frame TVs.

How to Mount a Samsung Frame TV on the Wall?

Note: This is just a general process of mounting a Samsung Frame TV on the Wall. Your Frame TV or wall mount might have a little bit different mechanism but don’t worry because it’s not a complicated task.

Choose the right Spot:

Your first job is to point to the spot on the wall where you want to mount your Samsung Frame TV on the wall. The thing that matters here is the ability of the wall. Ask yourself questions like: “Is this wall strong enough to handle my TV?”

The answer to this question also depends on the size of your TV. Moreover, Make sure that it’s near a power outlet and any necessary inputs.


Instructions are always given on the box of wall mount. Furthermore, in the case of the original Samsung wall mount, it should come pre-assembled.

Attach the mounting bracket:

Locate the mounting holes on the back of your Samsung Frame TV and attach the mounting bracket using the screws provided.

Start Installation Process:

Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall where you want to mount the TV. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil. Use a drill to install the mounting bracket onto the wall using the appropriate screws and hardware. Make sure the bracket is level.

Attach the TV:

Carefully lift your Samsung Frame TV and hang it onto the mounting bracket on the wall. Make sure it’s securely attached.

Conceal cables:

Use cable ties or a cable cover to conceal any cables and wires from the TV to the power outlet and any inputs. This will give your installation a clean and organized look.

Conceal Cables

Adjust the TV angle:

Adjust the angle of the TV to ensure that it’s leveled and positioned perfectly.

Test it in the end:

When the process is done, you need to check if it’s functioning properly by turning it on. Make sure every bolt and nut is tightened nicely.

Bottom Line:

The final interpretation is that Samsung Frame TV doesn’t always come with a wall mount. So, you might need to buy a wall mount separately.

But the good part is that we have listed all the places from where you can get them. Moreover, you now also have a complete step-by-step process of mounting a Samsung Frame TV on the wall.

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