Does TV Warranty Cover A Cracked Screen?

Does TV Warranty Cover A Cracked Screen? – [Complete Guide]

So, you have broken your TV screen obviously by mistake. Right?

After anything like this, a normal person’s mind goes towards warranty. But does a TV warranty cover a cracked screen?

Unfortunately, NO, Because if TV companies started including a cracked screen in the warranty, they would go bankrupt in just a matter of days, as it’s quite a common thing.

Do you want to know what you can do about your cracked TV screen?

Read the article till the end to not miss any point as every single part of this article is quite beneficial for a person like you (who has damaged his TV screen).

Does TV Warranty Cover A Cracked Screen?

Yes, you can’t claim any sort of cashback or repair of your TV screen if it’s ultimately your fault.

There is only one case when you can ask for anything from the company about your cracked screen when you receive a TV with a cracked screen.

cracked tv screen

So, it’s either the manufacturer’s or the transporter’s fault. Right?

But if you have transported your TV from the shop yourself, it’s definitely your fault. Even in this case, your TV warranty doesn’t include a cracked screen.

Well, transporting a TV is a big deal if it’s a small TV, but a 65-inch TV can be a headache. So, before transporting your TV shop home, read this article (add a link to number 6).

Anyways, your case is completely different because your TV’s screen is broken only because of your (or any of your family member’s) fault. That’s why you can’t claim anything from the company.

You are not alone, as there have been many people who wanted to add a cracked screen to the TV warranty but all in vain.

Because always company’s or manufacturer’s point is much stronger than the consumer’s, as a cracked screen is not their fault.

Some people say that the TV should at least be replaced in case it is dropped from the wall or mount. But this is also not the manufacturer’s fault and is completely the consumer’s fault because he hasn’t mounted it on the wall nicely.

What can you do With Your TV with a Cracked Screen?

Now as you know that your TV brand is not going to do anything for you, so you have to do everything yourself.

cracked LCD Tv

You have to go for a repair because it is pretty less expensive as compared to buying a new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Cracked TV Screen?

Before going for a repair, you must know the cost of repairing. This will help you a lot because otherwise, you might get shocked by the price technician will tell you in the future.

We can’t promise you a specific number because it all depends on so many factors, including:

  • The brand of your TV
  • The size of your TV screen
  • The place where you live and much more

But these are just basic factors. The real factor on which the whole thing depends is actually the damage. The more intense the damage is, the more you will have to pay.

The only thing you see at the moment is a broken or cracked screen. Right?

That’s why only a technician or professional can tell you which component of your TV screen is damaged, due to which it is not showing anything.

Nevertheless, you can get an idea:

  • If your TV is just showing a black screen, it’s quite bad news. Because this is an indication of damage in maybe malfunctioning of TV or any other technical thing damaged.
  • If your TV is showing differently-colored lines, as shown in the picture below, your problem is severe but as much as the first one.
  • You are extremely lucky if you are facing this problem. In this case, your TV will work properly (picture and audio), but there must be some lines, spots, or black portions on your TV that will not work properly.

Now, you determine which type of damage is closest to your TV. That’s how you might get an idea of the cost.

Normally, depending on the above-mentioned factors (like the size of your TV), your TV screen’s repair cost may vary from 70$ to 500$ or even 600$.

Should You Go For a TV Screen Repair?

Now, the next question is whether you should go for a repair or buy a new TV.

If you can afford and have spent so much time with this TV, it might already be in its last stages. In these cases, there are many chances that the TV will not work properly for a good long time even after spending so much money on it.


flat screen tv in a room

Moreover, the answer to this question also depends on the repair cost. As the repairing cost will never be the same for every TV, so if it’s less than 100$ or even 200$, go for it.

If repairing cost is quite high and you think that it is way out of your hands, we recommend you to wait, collect and add up some more money and then go for a new TV.

If your TV is brand new, this cracked screen must be more traumatizing than the cracked screen of an old TV. So, in this case, going for repair seems to be the most appropriate option.

Nonetheless, it’s your choice as we are just here to assist and suggest the most appropriate solutions. You can ask us anything about the topic in the feedback section.

Final Verdict:

In the end, you know that the answer to this question: “Does a TV warranty cover a cracked screen?” is ‘Yes.’

This whole article didn’t have any good news for you. But let’s end up with some good news.

It’s good news for you only if you have homeowners insurance.

Yes! Because homeowner insurance usually includes cracked screens no matter whose fault it is.

So, go read the contract of your homeowners insurance (if you have one) and never miss terms and conditions. Because the truth is usually hidden in the ‘terms and conditions section.’

But before making up your mind, consult your insurance company or consultant to ensure things are.

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