Does TV Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

Does TV Warranty Cover Accidental Damage? – [Complete Info]

If your smart TV accidentally gets damaged, you start worrying about its repair costs. Don’t worry; your TV’s accidental damage warranty will rescue you!

Yes, Some companies offer a warranty for accidental damages. However, warranty policies differ from company to company. You have to provide proof of your accidental damages. But the warranty does not cover those accidental damages that happen due to your fault.

The good news for you is various companies offer you warranties for your smart TV damages.

Let’s continue this guide to learn more about warranties for accidental damages.

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Does The TV Fall Under An Accidental Damage Warranty?

An accidental damage warranty means that the warranty covers the cost of repairing electronics. Your TV warranty covers an amount if your product is damaged by accident.


Electronic equipment like smart TV is usually covered under an accidental damage warranty. The warranty covers damaged electronics. But does not cover that damages occur due to misuse of products.

Accidental damages can be paid to some extent but cannot replace under warranty.

Additionally, accidental damages cover new electronic products. You cannot claim accidental coverage for a used electronic item. Generally, you can claim accidental damages within 90 days only. However warranty coverage period for accidental damages varies for each company.

Furthermore, a deductible is also a common factor in accidental damage warranty plans. However, a TV warranty does not cover non-accidental damages like if you intentionally hit your TV while watching a football match!

Accidental damage warranty covers you in the following way:

  • Protects you against accidental damage or breakdown.
  • If your TV suddenly stops working for no reason.
  • Companies provide you with a professional to resolve your issue; under warranty.
  • If your TV cannot be repaired, the company will provide you with some compensation.

What It Covers:

It is important to note that every company has different coverage policies. Each company has different rules to compensate for the loss of their customers.

Some major damage losses that every company should cover are:

  • Cracked or damaged screen.
  • Theft – from your home.
  • Damaged remote or broken TV buttons.
  • Accidental damages.
  • Spills

Usually, these kinds of damages are covered under warranty policies. You can claim coverage within a specific time frame. Warranty plans give you confidence that your items are secured!

Some Conditions Of Accidental Damage:

TV Fall on the floor

There are common terms that describes accidental damages:

  • Sudden
  • Loss
  • External Force


Accidental damage may happen suddenly. It doesn’t mean that your TV gets damaged suddenly, some issues in TV lead to sudden damage. Every company has its own rules to compensate for sudden accidental damages.


Sometimes damaged TV will lead to a loss of functions for your TV. Your TV won’t be able to do its functions properly. Loss may be in the form of damaged remotes buttons.

External Force:

In some cases, there are external forces that lead to damage. For example, if your TV gets damaged by hitting a remote on the TV screen.

How Can I Get Insurance For My Smart TV?

While buying a costly smart TV, you should get insurance to add more value to your smart TV. Insurance includes theft and accidental damages.

Your accidental damage warranty depends on how costly your smart TV is. Following are the steps for applying for a warranty:

  • You have to apply for insurance when you buy a smart TV set.
  • Then provide a copy of a purchase receipt. Also gives them details about your smart TV.
  • The company does the verification process and approves your application. Then you will get insurance for your smart TV.

Reasons To Insure Your Smart TV Against Accidental Damages:

Smart TV has become an essential item in every home. If your smart TV gets damaged you will not only be unable to watch your favorite TV channels; but also not get access to Netflix, Amazon, and many other streaming services.

Repairing and replacing a smart TV cost a significant amount. So if your TV is insured you will get some coverage amount.

  • Smart TV warranties cover you against accidental damages giving you peace of mind that you get some financial assistance from the company.
  • If you insured your Smart TV it would sell at a good price.
  • Modern smart TVs come with a lighter and slimmer frame that could more easily break so it is better to have an insured TV.
  • Apart from these, there are many other reasons that one should get an insured TV because accidents happen anywhere, anytime! Like dropping your TV while moving or putting it on a cabinet or if your wall mount breaks or someone throws a remote at your TV screen in frustration; here a TV warranty for accidental damages will rescue you!

What Are The Benefits Of Accidental Damage Warranty?

broken tv by falling on the ground

When you pay a considerable amount for your TV, you want to secure it in an ideal way. In this situation, protection plans or warranty policies will rescue you!

These warranty policies got you covered if you accidentally face any damage to your TV.

If you have a warranty plan you will get benefits like:

  • If your TV is accidentally damaged, protection plans give you coverage for your financial losses. For example, if damage happens due to wall mount breakage or due to fire.
  • You will get paid for theft losses.
  • If any aerial parts of your TV get damaged these parts will be replaced.

Final Words:

If you are worrying about your TV warranty; you are not alone.

Many companies offer Smart TV warranties for their customer’s peace of mind. However, the cost of warranty policies varies for each company.

To get warranty coverage from a TV company you should provide them details about your TV model or cost etc. Then they will give you compensation according to your product and loss.

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t have a warranty for your smart TV go and get it now to secure your smart TV!

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