Does Vizio TV Have Aux Input?

Does Vizio TV Have Aux Input? – [Complete Visual Details]

Do you want to change your audio output from your Vizio TV’s original speaker to any external speaker or headphones?

If so, before doing it, the first you might be thinking is, “Does Vizio TV have aux input?”

Thankfully, YES, Normally latest Vizio TVs have aux input or port so that you can connect your TV to an external audio device. But not every Vizio TV has this amazing feature. 

So Keep reading to know more about the topic!

Because If you read this article till the end, you will end up being completely ready to connect a speaker or headphones to your Vizio TV.

So, let’s get straight into it:

Does Vizio TV Have Aux Input?

There is no guarantee that you will find an aux input in your Vizio TV because the company is manufacturing some TV models with this option while some with not.

aux input

Usually, they give you the option to use an external speaker or headphones on those TVs that are expensive. While in cheaper ones, this option is not included.

Before going further deep in the topic, you need to understand one important thing. We usually mix up the aux input and headphones jack.

Most people even think that they both are the same. But they are not, so let’s find out what they both exactly are and how they are different from each other.

Difference between Aux Input and Headphone Jacks:

Most of the time, the production of the aux input and the headphone jack are the same.

The main difference between both of them is that aux input can be used to plug in any audio (output) device to your TV.

But with a headphone jack, you can only connect your TV with a headset. It indicates that you can use an aux input to plug a headphone into your TV.

Nevertheless, the headphone jack can’t be used to connect any audio (output) device to your TV except your headset.

Still, there is a big exception while connecting not just headphones but any other audio output device to your TV using an aux input.

You might already know that every audio device (including the headset) has a plug that goes into the aux input to start working. Right?

The real deal is that every plug has a different size and shape, which you might know as 3.5 mm or 2.5 mm.

So, the size and shape of a plug (of your output audio device) need to match the size of the auxiliary input. Got it?

difference Between Aux Input And Headphone Jacks

Now, the reason why you need to understand the difference between aux input and the headphone jack is that some Vizio TVs have aux input while some have headphones.

So, before using it, you must know whether you have aux input or a headphone jack.

How do you Distinguish between Aux Input and Headphone Jacks?

We already know that they are quite different. Right?

But the difference we know is quite technical, and a common man can’t normally distinguish between both of them.

Nonetheless, there is a main difference between an aux input and a headphone jack and that dissimilarity is their ‘wiring.’

This is the same thing we discussed earlier. It’s the size of the wiring.

A normal or standard aux input that is used in modern TVs is usually 3.5 mm in size (when talking about connectors).

On the other hand, the headphone jack size varies from 2.5mm to 6.35mm because there are many diverse types of headsets in the market, and each kind has a different size of plug.

This point explains the previous topic further of using an aux input for connecting headphones to a Vizio TV.

Hence, you now know that you can only use those headphones with an aux input that has plugs of 3.5mm.

Nevertheless, there is good news for you if you are going to connect an external speaker to your TV instead of an earphone.

Because almost every speaker brand in the world manufactures speakers with a plug of 3.5mm so that it can be connected through an aux input.

How to Connect External Speaker to a Vizio TV Without an Aux Input?

Now, there is a clear possibility that you don’t have any sort of port (aux input) to connect an external speaker to your TV.

In this case, you don’t need to sweat it as we have got you back with (not one) but two of the most convenient ways to connect your output audio device to a Vizio TV.

Moreover, even if you have an aux input but not a headphone jack and are finding it impossible to connect a pair of headphones to your TV, you can use the below-mentioned ways to do so.

So, let’s start with the best one (in our opinion):

Note: In every solution, you need some sort of adapter or converter.

Dual-RCA Adapter:

Using a 2 RCA adapter will solve your issue. You just need to follow these simple steps for a 3.5mm Female Socket:

1. Analog Audio Output:

You first need to find an analogue audio output on the back of your TV. Most Vizio TVs have two options for you (red and white).

2. RCA Adapter:

After making sure that you have an audio output jack (not input), get that TRSF to RCA adapter which you have already bought.

Always but that adapter has a plug of 3.5mm, and you already know the reason.

3. Final Step:

It’s time to plug your headphones or any other speaker into the adapter and then plug the adapter into the TV. Got it?

Digital to Analog Audio Converter:

Now, if your TV only has the option for digital audio, the first solution will never work for you. So, you have to try this one in this case.

But how will you know that?

If your TV has a jack of 3.5mm, it means that it has analog audio, which is good news. Otherwise, keep reading!

Digital To Analog Audio Converter

1. Get an Audio Converter:

Buy a digital-to-analogue audio converter from a trusted brand or retailer. You must know that it is quite much expensive compared to any other adapter.

Firstly, the required inputs and outputs should be available. Secondly, you must buy an audio converter that has similar inputs to the TV’s digital outputs. (coaxal and optical)

If you can’t get an audio converter that can be directly connected to the TV, you can use the adapter.

2. Go for it:

The second and last step is to plug your speaker or headphones into the converter. Every speaker and headphone has a different way of connecting to the converter.

So, for that, it’s better to take your output audio device to the shop so that you can show the retailer your speaker or headphones. That’s how he will tell you how to do the job.

Now, as the converter is connected to the Tv and your audio device is connected to the converter, things will work nicely for you.


The final verdict is that you know the answer to this question: “Does Vizio TV have aux input?”

Moreover, you also know how to make things work amazingly for you even if your Vizio TV doesn’t have any aux input or port.

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