Does Vizio TV Have Optical Output?

Does Vizio TV Have Optical Output? – [Quick Visual Answer!]

Smart TVs come with many options for connecting sound systems with your smart TV. One way to connect a sound system for outputting the sound from your smart TV is Optical Output.

Yes, Vizio TVs have optical outputs. Optical output is one way of outputting sound from a smart TV to the surrounding sound system.

Usually, optical ports are found on the rear side of the TV. Optical outputs are only functional when a video has digital audio.

In this article, you can explore enough information about optical output. Let’s continue.

Does Vizio TV Have Optical Output?

Yes, Vizio TVs have an optical output. Usually, most Vizio TVs have three ways of outputting sound from the TV to a surround system like optical audio, HDMI, and composite analog audio.

Vizio TV

You can easily find an optical port on your Vizio TV. It is mentioned as an “Optical port or S/PDIF” in the TV manual. Usually, these ports are on the rear side of your Vizio TV.

How Can We Use Optical Audio On Vizio Smart TV?

If your smart TV doesn’t have an HDMI port or maybe you are using an HDMI port for some other device then using the optical output for audio is the best choice for you.

When you use the optical output, you have to use fiber optic cables for connecting devices. Optical audio cables have specific TOSlink connectors.

However, as compared to composite connection, optical audio delivers comparatively lower audio quality than HDMI because it cannot be compatible with lossless audio. However, most people cannot feel the difference.

  • Firstly, you have to connect one end of the digital audio cable with the optical output port of your Vizio TV.
  • Then, the other end should be connected to the Optical port of your surround sound receiver.

What Are The Reasons That My Vizio TV Optical Output Is Not Responding?

Many reasons cause this issue. Let’s discuss them.

Vizio TV Optical Output

  • Your soundbar, audio receiver, or home theater system is not decoding the digital signals.
  • Maybe your Vizio TV has not been set according to the digital channel or maybe the video that you are watching is not encoded in 5.1 audio.
  • Additionally, the main reason for this issue is maybe the digital audio of the volume of your TV is very low.
  • Check your optical cable whether it is properly connected or not.
  • The other reason may be the faulty optical cable.
  • Check out your TV settings, and update the latest software version in your Vizio TV.
  • The most common reason why the optical output of your TV is not responding is that the connected soundbar or home theater is not compatible with your Vizio TV.
  • The optical jerks of the TV are specifically designed for video that has digital audio. So, this feature is only available for specific streaming videos and digital broadcasts. This feature is not compatible with analog stations and standard cables.
  • If the streaming video has no digital audio signals then you will not be able to hear audio through this connection. In this situation, you have to use a secondary analog connection for the transfer of audio.
  • The sound passed through the HDMI or other connections will not respond to the optical output. For this, you have to connect the optical cable to the home theater or soundbar from which you want to get sound.

What To Do If My Smart TV Has No Optical Output?

If you want to connect your Vizio TV with a sound system that has only optical input then you have to buy an audio adaptor so it will turn on the audio that your TV will support.

For this purpose, you can buy coaxial digital audio or optical converters. Additionally, you can also use an HDMI audio extractor for converting the HDMI audio into optical audio.

Furthermore, you can also use converter boxes to convert the stereo RCA analog audio into optical audio.

How To Use Optical Audio And HDMI At The Same Time?

It depends; if your Vizio TV can send two audio signals simultaneously then one cable is required to transfer the audio while the other is needed to pass the video signals.

So you can easily use both simultaneously. Like using an optical cable for the audio signal purpose; then you can insert an HDMI cable to transfer the video.

What Is A Better Option Optical Output Or HDMI?

Optical output or HDMI both deliver super high-quality audio. With an optical cable, surround sound can pass with super high-quality audio.

On the other hand, HDMI has some added features over optical cable because of its added bandwidth in its latest HDMI version. It can pass high audio and resolution with these cables.

You can also connect a Vizio soundbar to optical output by connecting it to a power outlet with a power cable. Then you have to press the Power button and it will turn On.

Then choose the right input method from your soundbar remote. Tap the input button from your soundbar remote and with the arrow keys choose the Optical output link.


Optical outputs are used to output sound from intelligent TVs to surround sound systems.

Optical outputs are present on the rear side of the Vizio TV. For further guidance, you can read the TV manually. Furthermore, you can also use HDMI or optical output at the same time.

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