How Far Should A TV Be Away From A Radiator?

How Far Should A TV Be Away From A Radiator? – [Explained]

Is the only place left for your TV near the radiator?

What to do now?

One of the main problems that occur when you move in or just update the settings is the placement of the TV, especially when the TV is big and the space is small.

Here, the biggest question that arises is: “How Far Should a TV Be Away From a Radiator?”

To avoid overheating and other potential damages, the distance between the TV and the radiator must be six inches or more.

You might already know the saying,” Incomplete knowledge is dangerous.” That’s why you must have complete knowledge of the topic.

And for that, you must read the article thoroughly.

So, let’s get started:

Can You Place a TV near the Radiator?

Technically Yes, you can do it!

But should you do it?

No, if you have ANY other place to mount your TV, go for that one instead of placing the TV near the radiator.

TV Near Radiator

The heat waves coming out of your radiator can easily damage your TV. Many people know about the damage of heat from a radiator, but a few know that it can decrease the lifespan of your TV by a good number.

Excessive heat can cause electronic components to degrade faster. Even If there is not much damage, frequent maintenance fees will always be there to annoy you.

Why Placing Your TV Next to a Radiator is a Risky Gamble?

Going into the depth of the topic takes us to all the potential damages that your TV might get in future if you place it near the radiator.


The most basic effect of the radiator on your TV is overheating. Radiators work on heat, with heat, and emit heat.

It means that when a TV is placed too close, it can be exposed to excessive heat. Now what overheating can do to your TV?

Overheating can be quite dangerous as it can lead to performance issues. This all thing includes system malfunctions, picture distortion, and reduced overall lifespan of the TV.

Reduced Lifespan:

At the end of the previous, we mentioned reduced lifespan. So, yes, exposing a TV to prolonged periods of heat can reduce its lifespan. But how?

That heat coming out of the radiator accelerates the wear and tear of internal components. Due to this problem, you will require more frequent repairs. And in the worst situation, you might have to purchase a new TV real quick.

Electrical Damage:

Heat and electricity are relatives!

High temperatures can cause damage to the electrical circuitry inside the TV. If you live in a quite cold place and use a radiator more often than usual, you might be in more trouble.

It’s because excessive heat can melt or warp sensitive components of your TV. When internal parts are melted, short circuits become easier to happen. It can even cause permanent damage to the TV’s internal electronics.

Image Distortion:

Many people notice image distortion but never think that heat from the radiator can be the reason behind that. Actually, heat can impact the display panel of a TV, resulting in image distortion or discoloration.

Other things like faded colors, pixelation, or uneven brightness levels, compromising the visual quality of the TV, can also be because of the heat of the radiator.

Image Distortion

System Malfunctions:

The thing that you would never want from a radiator is the system malfunction of your TV. Many different internal systems, such as the processor or memory, can get damaged in this case. It will then lead to system malfunctions, freezing, slow response times, or even complete system failure. Complete failure is quite rare.

Increased Energy Consumption:

When a TV is exposed to heat, it needs more electricity to perform its ordinary tasks. It will happen more if the TV and radiator are kept on for a good long time. It will eventually increase your electricity bills.

Fire Hazard:

Excessive heat can lead to fire!

But the thing is, it’s not as rare as it may sound in this case of placing a TV too close to a radiator. TV is filled with a bunch of inflammable materials, such as plastic components or cables, potentially causing a dangerous fire.

Audio Issues:

Many people can’t even imagine this issue, but it is a legitimate problem when you are having a good time with your family. The problems you might face here are distorted sound quality, reduced volume levels, or even audio failure.

Voiding Warranty:

Placing the TV near a radiator in a manner contrary to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It means that if any damage happens to the TV due to the radiator (in the future), the company will just say “sorry.”

What Can I Do to Protect My TV from My Radiator?

After knowing about all the damage your TV can get after being close to the radiator (just like everyone else), you might also be worried about your TV.

Protect My TV From My Radiator

That’s why we have compiled every safety precaution you can, and you should apply if you have to place your TV near that radiator:

Maintain a Safe Distance:

The most basic safety precaution is maintaining a safe distance which is already explained in the article.

Choose an Appropriate Location:

Just like distance, location is also quite important if you want to decrease the effect of the radiator’s heat. Place the TV in a location where it is shielded from direct heat sources like radiators.

Some of the best places for your TV can be:

  • A dedicated TV stand
  • media cabinet
  • wall mount on cooler walls away from the radiator

Avoid Blocking Vents:

Never block any ventilation vents on the TV itself to ensure proper airflow and prevent overheating of internal components.

Avoid Overcrowding:

Want to survive with a TV and radiator in the same room? Don’t bring too many people in the room, especially because the room is already quite small.

Maintain Room Temperature:

Be mindful of the overall temperature in the room where the TV is located. If it increases, you might get in big trouble.

Seek Professional Installation:

If, even after following all of our interests, you are still noticing some sort of overheating or any damage to the TV, call a reliable professional. Because he will be able to guide you even better as he can also keep the dimensions and stuff of your room, TV, and radiator.


In the end, you know you are pretty much ready to install your TV in the presence of a radiator. It’s because you have the answer to this question: “How Far Should a TV Be Away From a Radiator?”

Not only this, but you also have every safety precaution related to the placement of a TV near a radiator.

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