Why Is My Fire TV Home Screen So Small?

Why Is My Fire TV Home Screen So Small? – [Complete Details]

So, your Fire TV home screen suddenly became smaller than your TV screen. Right? If so, don’t sweat it much because it’s quite a common issue. It can happen not just with a Fire smart TV but with any smart TV.

Nevertheless, whenever this happens, just like you, everyone first thinks of the question, “Why is my Fire tv home screen so small?”

Fire Tv screen small can be due to many different reasons. But one of the most common is that your TV screen might be zoomed out or the ratio aspect of the picture is not suitable.

Want a complete and comprehensive answer to this question, along with the solution to this problem? Read this article till the end!

Why is Fire TV Home Screen Small?

Brand new Fire TVs come with a perfect default setting in which the picture (you see) is of perfect size. But recently, new Fire TVs have started showing a bug in which the home screen becomes small.

Fire TV Home Screen Small

Icons and thumbnails also become tiny in this bug. This bug is extremely frustrating because you have done nothing, and all of a sudden, your TV’s home screen becomes small. But don’t worry!

You already know that this can be due to any reason that you don’t know as it is a (tiny) bug. Your Fire TV screen is actually zoomed out, which is an error in the aspect ratio of the image of your TV screen.

So, before anything else, you must know the aspect ratio.

What is Aspect Ratio?

In the technical world, the aspect ratio is quite a complex thing that you might not understand. So, here is its definition in simple words:

“It’s a proportional bond or ratio between height and width of the image on your screen.”

Normally, a TV brand can come up with any aspect ratio according to their need. But with so many different aspect ratios, people got confused.

aspect ratio

That’s why all smart TV brands decided to come up with one aspect ratio to end this issue.

So now, almost every (new) smart TV brand uses a 16:9 aspect ratio (along with Fire TV), which means that the ratio between the height and width of your TV’s image is 16:9.

Got it? If not, ask us anytime!

Hence, the bug you are facing must be because of some sort of aspect ratio mismatch error. A mismatch error means that the aspect ratio of your TV screen (which is 16:9 in your case) is not suitable for your TV’s actual aspect ratio.

In most cases, the aspect ratio changes from 16:9 to 4:3. You can change the aspect ratio yourself as well in a Fire TV. But a bug is also capable of doing it.

Solution Of Fire TV Home Screen So Small:

Now, after knowing almost everything about “Why is your Fire TV home screen so small?” it’s time to know about the solution to this common problem.

As this bug or issue can happen due to any sort of problem (particularly in aspect ratio) of your Fire TV screen, its solution is also not ‘one.

fire tv

That’s why we have compiled every possible solution and even hack to this issue that can be performed by you. So, let’s start with the easiest one:

Note: None of these solutions is guaranteed or long-lasting, as this problem is created by a bug. That’s why the only company of your Fire TV can eradicate this bug.

1. Restart the Fire TV:

As there is no known way to resolve this issue, you have to try every possible hack and solution. And the first and easiest thing you can do is simply restart your Fire TV.

But wait!

It’s not like unplugging the power cable and plugging it back. To restart and reset your Fire TV, follow these two straightforward steps:

  • Press and hold both the ‘select’ and ‘play’ buttons on your Firestick (TV remote) at the same time.
  • Do it for just 10 seconds! Now, a message will appear to tell you that your Fire TV is restarting.

This way doesn’t work for many people. If you are one of them, you can try these steps:

  • Go to the main settings of your Fire TV.
  • Find and select the ‘Device and Software’ option.
  • Here you will get the option to restart your Fire TV.

Note: In some Fire TVs, you need to go to the ‘My Fire TV’ option instead of ‘Device and Software.’

2. Deactivate Screen Magnifier:

This is the most used solution to this problem. Many people turn the Screen Magnifier on (consciously or mistakenly).

But after that, they forget it and get a zoomed-out home screen on their Fire TV. Maybe you are also one of them.

If so, you can easily deactivate the Screen Magnifier option. To do it, just press and hold the “Back” and “Fast Forward” options on your remote for a few seconds.

In a few moments, the option will be deactivated, and your Fire TV screen will go to its default aspect ratio.

You can also try a different way to deactivate this irritating option, as in some Fire TVs above-mentioned way doesn’t work.

In this way, press and hold the “Menu” and “Pause/Play” buttons on your remote for a few moments.

3. Display Calibration Settings:

Unlike previous ones, this solution is more of a manual task. But with our simple steps, you can do it yourself easily:

  • Go to ‘home’ and click on ‘settings.’
  • Find ‘display and sound.’
  • After going to it, click on ‘calibrate display’, which you can find in the ‘display’ option.
  • Now is the moment of truth. Here you can do two things. Either you can reset it to default or try adjusting your display. We’ll recommend you try both and then go with the one that goes the best for you.
  • After making changes, go to the ‘home screen’ to see whether it works.


Final Words:

So, you know, “Why is your Fire TV home screen so small?”


And you also have every possible solution to this irritating bug. But if your problem persists and doesn’t get resolved, you might need to call a technician because this might be a bigger issue than you think.

Tip: Even if your problem gets resolved, do complain to the manufacturer or retailer of your Fire TV so that they eradicate the bug completely.

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