Which HDMI Port Is The Best For Gaming In Samsung TV?

Which HDMI Port Is The Best For Gaming In Samsung TV?

Provided that you have (any) new model of Samsung smart TV, you must know that these fresh TVs from Samsung now have two HDMI ports.

But which HDMI port is the best for gaming on your Samsung TV?

It depends on many factors, but the most prominent one is the type of cable you use. Most of the time HDMI port 4 is best for gaming in samsung TV. 

This is not it, as there are many other things you need to know to decide which port to use specifically for gaming on your Samsung TV. So, let’s get started:

Which HDMI Port Is the Best For Gaming in Samsung TV?

HDMI is always helpful in enjoying TV or gaming. Because it is used to transfer high-quality video and audio signals between the output device (monitor) and the source of audio and video.

HDMI Port Is Best For Gaming In Samsung TV

Moreover, to get the best results out of your output device and game, you need to have the right HDMI port, which in your case, you have (due to Samsung).

That’s why it’s always important to choose the right HDMI port for the right (HDMI) cable and occasion (which is gaming in your case).

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Everything You Should Know About Samsung TV HDMI Ports:

To decide on the perfect HDMI port for your gaming experience, you first need to know and understand some important things about the ports you will get on your Samsung.

hdmi port

If you have a little bit of technical knowledge about TVs, you must know that these days, Samsung is coming up with smart TVs with HDMI ports on the I/O panel.

The two types of ports that you can find in the latest Samsung smart TVs are:

  • Standard HDMI port
  • ARC HDMI port

Difference between Arc and Standard HDMI Ports:

When we go in-depth, there are many differences between these two ports. But the main difference is that a regular HDMI port is just used to transmit sound and video from the source to the monitor, while an Arc HDMI port is capable of doing the opposite as well.

hdmi port types

It means that with an Arc HDMI port, you can transmit video and audio from your monitor to the source as well. Most HDMI cables connect easily to Arc HDMI ports as they are more efficient and used ones.

You can find both ports on the back or on the Connect Box of your Samsung smart TV.

Now, back to the point!

So, you know exactly what both HDMI ports of Samsung TV are. But which one is the best for your gaming experience?

Use Arc HDMI Ports:

You know the Arc HDMI port is capable of transmitting audio or video from your TV to a particular source. Right?

So, you should use it when you need it. For example, if you are using a speaker or soundbar that is not directly connected to the TV, use an HDMI cable (that can connect with the Arc HDMI port) and connect with the Arc port. Okay?

Use Standard HDMI Ports:

This port is only used to transfer information in the form of audio and video from a source to your TV.

So, use this type of port when you only need video and sound to be transmitted from your gaming device (such as Nintendo Switch) to your TV.

After all this, there is another thing you need to understand another important aspect of this issue. You should use every type of HDMI port on your Samsung TV according to your need.

And as we told you in the beginning, the main concern is the HDMI cable, so use the right cable for the right HDMI port.

If you haven’t bought a suitable HDMI cable for gaming on your TV, first determine the type of cable after understanding your need (according to the HDMI port). After doing it, always buy cables from a trusted seller so that your Samsung TV can be safe from bigger damage.

Which HDMI Mode is the Best for Gaming on Samsung TV?

If you don’t already know, there are some specific modes in the latest models of Samsung TVs on which you can improvise on different occasions to enjoy the moment in a better way.

A huge Samsung TV screen is a perfect thing you can use as a monitor to get delighted by your gaming skills.

samsung tv

But to make the most out of it, you should turn the HDM mode on. Now, there are two features you need to turn on before gaming on your Samsung TV:

  • Game Mode
  • Input Signal Plus

Yes, there is a special Game Mode for gaming lovers like you in modern TVs (especially Samsung). The Job of Game Mode is to dodge two video signal processors.

In other words, it will increase the speed of video processing in the game, making it easier for the video to run properly.

In most new models of Samsung smart TVs, there is a feature called “auto-switching.” This feature automatically detects when you connect a gaming console to your TV and then turn the ‘Game Mode’ on automatically.

The two most common problems of new HD games and monitors are that some monitors are not optimized to run fast-moving objects and have low latency smoothly.

But the Input Signal Plus feature in your Samsung TV (when enabled) optimizes the TV screen immediately to make the game containing run fast-moving objects and low latency effortlessly.

To turn this feature on, first, connect your gaming console to your Samsung TV. Then you need to go to the ‘HDMI Connection’ option, which you can find in the main menu of your TV.

After that, just click on ‘Enhanced Mode.’ Now as your TV is already connected to a gaming console, this feature will detect it and turn Input Signal Plus on.


The final assumption is that it all depends on you and your need. So, if you have read this article completely, you must have the answer to this question: “which HDMI port is the best for gaming on your Samsung TV?”

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