Is Extended Warranty Worth It For TV?

Is Extended Warranty Worth It For TV?- [Here Is The Answer!]

Buying a smart TV requires enough investment. So you would always want to protect your smart TV with additional warranties.

Apart from manufacturer warranties, there are extended warranties that benefit consumers in multiple ways.

The extended warranty comes with a fixed-price insurance policy that is not associated with the manufacturer’s warranties. Extended warranties are concerned about the financial protection of your TV so it is a worthy choice in case you buy an expensive smart TV.

Let’s discuss the extended warranty policy to know whether it is worth it or not.

What Is Covered Under The Extended Warranty For TV?

Extended warranties are not associated with the manufacturer’s warranties. Usually, this is an optional or additional service and you have to pay for it.

Extended warranties usually cover multiple factors like maintenance of your TV, low-cost TV replacements, or power surge protection.

Extended Warranty For TV

These services may include in-home services for defective TVs. So there is no issue with taking your heavy smart TVs to the stores for repairs.

Additionally, extended warranties cover the defects of TV buttons, internal components, picture screen stands, onboard software, a sensor for remote control, and many other factors.

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Where To Get These Extended Warranties?

You can get extended warranties for your smart TV where TVs are sold. Generally, many stores will offer you extended warranties when you’re buying a smart TV.

If you don’t buy an extended warranty at the time of buying a TV, then there is an option that you can buy it after some days.

If the store doesn’t offer you extended warranties then you can get help from the internet to know where you can get these warranties.

One thing to consider while buying an extended warranty is whether it is reliable or not. You have to check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating before buying any extended warranty.

Is An Extended Warranty For A TV a Worthy choice?

Extended warranties are only worthy in some situations. Many people consider extended warranties a total waste of money. So extended warranties won’t help in saving your money.

Most extended warranties are offered by the vendors from which you buy a TV. On average, extended warranties are around 10% of your TV cost per year. So if you take a 5-year warranty it is a better choice.

According to studies, it is revealed that minor TV issues happen in the first year of the purchase. So extended warranties would be a great investment when you buy an expensive smart TV.

Some extended warranties offer replacement of your smart TVs. However, it is not very common that a TV is damaged badly enough to not repair properly; as some damages are more expensive than the total cost of the TV.

Considering all these factors, an extended warranty is useful for high-end or highly expensive TV models. Because if you have kids at home there is a higher chance of damage to your smart TV, so buying extended warranties would be helpful.

Additionally, you should consider the TV’s size before buying the extended warranty.


Factors To Consider For Buying An Extended Warranty:

Extended warranties will give you many benefits in different ways. Most people buy extended warranties for their expensive smart TVs.

Before buying extended warranties for your smart TVs, you should get thorough information from the store representative about these warranties.

Some things to consider while buying an extended warranty for your smart TV are below:

  • Consider the value of your smart TV.
  • Price of the extended warranty.
  • The period of the manufacturer warranty (The period for extended warranty and the date from which this warranty will start).

Cost Of The Extended Warranty:

In some cases, the cost of the TV repair is more expensive than the extra coverage price.

Prices of the extended warranty are determined by the type and cost of the TV. This shows that the warranty plans may cost more for TVs that have additional features or advanced technologies.

So the cost of the extended warranty for each TV would be different. In this way, the price of the warranty does not cover all TV prices.

Benefits Of Extended Warranty:

There are many benefits of buying an extended warranty for your TV. Below we mention some of them. An extended warranty covers you in the preventive maintenance of your TV.

  • It also protects you against power surges.
  • Includes inexpensive repairs that may arise due to the user’s fault.
  • Additionally, the Extended warranty covers in-home services of your TVs so you would not have to suffer from transportation issues.

Why do people buy extended warranties for their smart TVs?

Most people buy extended warranties because they think manufacturer warranty is not great, so they prefer buying an extended warranty for their expensive TVs. This is true about the factory warranties because it offers a year warranty on TV parts and a three-month warranty on labor.

smart tv

People intended to buy the extended warranty because they thought flat TVs were fragile and they could easily break. However, this is not true, if you use a smart TV with care then they are extremely reliable.


In simple words, extended warranties are just your smart TV Insurance. Usually, it is recommended to buy extended warranties for your expensive smart TV. Flat TVs are reliable devices so it doesn’t need repairing cost regularly.

Extended warranties are the insurance of your smart TV. So it will give many TV benefits. If a store doesn’t offer you an extended warranty (from where you buy your TV) then you can search on Google and find a place from where you can get it.

Most of the extended warranties depend on the price and type of your smart TV. If you are buying an expensive smart TV then you should buy an extended warranty for your TV because the manufacturer’s warranty comes with only one year warranty.

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