Is It A Sin To Watch TV?

Is It A Sin To Watch TV? – [Complete Religious Information]

It has become a great concern as some religious people might stop you or have stopped you from watching TV now or in your childhood.

They mostly say it because watching TV is mostly a waste of time in their eyes. But is it a sin to watch TV?

In general, watching TV is not a sin, according to studies of most religions, but it’s the content that matters.

This is a huge discussion as there are thousands of different faiths and religions in the world. So, we have to dig deeper into content on TV to know this answer better:

Watching TV and Major Religions of This World:

At this point, we will discuss whether the major religions of this world directly say anything about watching TV or not. And if they say anything, is it bad or good:

watching tv

1. Christianity:

Christianity and its book Bible don’t mention TV directly anywhere. But it is always taught that you should not even watch anything that is against your values if you’re a Christian.

What Bible Said About Watching TV?

Bible is the real guidance for Christians, and the Bible says that we should focus on spiritual, uplifting, and positive things rather than those that can waste our time (according to Philippians).

Moreover, at a point in Psalm, Christians are said to stay away from immoral and sinful things. It means that immoral things are sinful as they both are mentioned together. So, if there is something immoral going on on TV, you should not watch it.

2. Islam:

In Islam, there are two terminologies:

  • Halal
  • Haram

Halal is something that you can do, while haram is impermissible in Islam. Well, there is no direct reference to watching TV being haram because it depends on the content you watch. If the content is not permissible in Islam, it’s sinful to watch that.

3. Hinduism:

In Hinduism, spirituality has quite a big role. On the one hand, there is no direct order related to TV. But on the other hand, you must spend time that is only between you and god.

Being leisurely is discouraged in Hinduism, which implies that watching TV isn’t sinful but is not one of those good things that you can do in a day.

4. Buddhism:

On many different spots, Buddhism tells you about the importance of two things:

  • Mindfulness
  • Avoiding negative influences

Although there is no direct reference to watching TV being a sin in Buddhism watching TV in this era is mostly against both these things.


We have noticed that all religions don’t target TV directly. It implies that watching TV isn’t a sin until or unless the content you watch is immoral or against the ruling of that specific religion.

TV for the Soul – Shows That Inspire and Uplift Across Different Religions:

If you are kind of addicted to watching TV but want to get rid of it and become religious, you should change the content that you consume on TV.


Here we have discussed some of the famous shows that are interesting but uplifting and inspiring at the same time across different religions:

1. Sense 8 (for everyone):

Let’s start things off with an American show that’s for everyone. No matter to which religion you belong, you must give this show a go.

This is a show about eight strangers from different parts of the world who are mostly Christians, but this show is not about that.

It’s all about a psychic connection between all of them. Everyone has a different story, but they still are connected somehow, which is the main plot of the show.

2. The Chosen (for Christians):

This show is mainly created for Christians that show the amazing habits of Jesus. It’s about his life and the hardships he faced.

In other words, this show is filled with different biblical characters and is kind of a video representation of the Bible. As Muslims also believe that Jesus is real, they can also give this show a go.

3. Little Mosque on the Prairie (for Muslims):

This Canadian sitcom revolves around the Muslims of a small town in Canada where they live as minorities. But as Canada is filled with diverse people, things get interesting.

They live in that small area like a family, even though they aren’t a family. This drama is filled with moral and family values. You should watch it with your whole family if you love the family system.

4. Ramayan (for Hindus):

This Indian epic show is filled with different characters that flow with the story without any chaos. It’s like an easy-going show that also teaches you at many points about your life as a Hindu. The people of India have been watching this show for decades, and it’s still going strong.

5. Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh (for Jews):

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh is a story of Jerusalem, where a bunch of ultra-orthodox Jews live their lives according to their religion. Moreover, this show also includes many complex moral issues that they face.


Now you know that watching TV is generally not a sin and is not mentioned in any holy book of any religion (maybe because it wasn’t invented back then). But the content you want matters and makes your TV session sinful or permissible.

watching television

Still, have questions in mind?

Ask us after going through the FAQs section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Watching TV Affect One’s Spirituality?

Not really!

If a person is so much into spirituality, the content on TV can cause a distraction for him if it’s against the values of his religion. But it’s not that of a big concern if the person is mindful of and conscious about what he is watching.

Is it wrong to watch TV during religious holidays?

There can’t be any definitive answer to this question, as every religion has a different definition and perspective of religious holidays.

But religious holidays are supposed to be some days of the year that you dedicate to your religion. That’s why there should not be any distractions in that, and watching is a kind of distraction.

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