Is It Safe To Put LED Lights On TV?

Is It Safe To Put LED Lights On TV? – [Complete Information]

Are you going to put LED lights on your TV?

It’s a thing of childish and immature people.

Not really, I’m just kidding. You can do whatever you want because the 21st century, but is it safe to put LED lights on TV?

Yes, LED lights are completely safe to put on the TV as they produce quite less heat that will never harm your TV.

But don’t go anywhere because there are many other things you need to know before putting LED lights on your TV. So, let’s go straight into it:

Common Safety Concerns Associated With “Putting LED Lights On TV”:

Putting LED Lights On TV

There are many rumors about the safety of putting LED lights on/behind the TV. So, we will discuss all of them and find out which one is a true concern and which one is nothing more than just a rumor.

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1. Voltage:

One of the biggest concerns while talking about LED lights is their voltage.

Isn’t the voltage of LED lights high enough to affect my TV?

Is voltage really a concern?

These are some of the questions that come into our minds before going for LED lights.

Well, most LED lights use less voltage to operate as compared to traditional yellow bulbs, which is definitely a good sign. Because high voltage means heating up lights and their surroundings, which in your case is your TV.

2. Heat:

Probably the biggest concern about this trend of using LED lights to decorate TV is that ‘it may heat up the TV.’

And we all know heating up for any TV is bad. But as we have already cleared that LED lights are quite safe because they don’t produce huge amounts of heat when turned on.

In fact, the use of less voltage is the main reason for less heat. But still, you should not use LED lights 24/7 as we don’t know your TV’s brand or model.

Yes, in some cases, you can even turn on LED lights for 24 hours straight. But different TVs can handle different amounts of heat.

Moreover, prevention is better than cure. Right?

3. Damage:

Mostly, short circuits and other accidents occur around electronics due to damaged wires. And you would never want to lose your expensive TV just because of an ordinary and cheap strip of LED lights. Right?

That’s why many people feel afraid of putting LED lights on TV. You don’t have to worry that much, but just like with any other electronic device, you need to keep some important things in mind to ensure safety:

damage TV

  • Keep checking on slight issues like dimming or flickering of those LED lights from time to time. And if you face any, turn them off for a few minutes or even hours and see if the problem persists. If it continues, change the lights.
  • Handling the power source is quite important in this case. If one power source or outlet is supplying electricity to many devices, then you need to keep your eyes open. Otherwise, you might face dangerous fire hazards due to overloading.
  • Make sure you install LED lights properly. (To know how to install them, keep reading)

4. Eyesight:

Just like many others out there, you might also be thinking that LED lights can affect your eyes and weaken them.

Well, the reality is completely the opposite!

TV is already emitting so many lights and colors out of the screen that also contains a few dangerous rays (like blue rays).

Now, when you put lights of the same colors that often come on your TV or are matched with the theme of the TV show or movies (that you are going to watch), then these LED lights will make the TV’s lights easy on your eyes.

TV shows and movies have many effects, and we all love watching TV with the lights off. Right?

So, when the only source of light for you is TV (which emits dangerous rays), you might get headaches or one-eye pain.

But LED lights reduce the glare on the screen if the light matches the color theme of your TV. You can also use different combinations of LED lights, like red and blue, because these are the most common colors for shows and movies.

Anyways, In short, these lights will decrease the effect of TV lights on your eyes.

How To Put LED Lights On TV Safely?

We have also mentioned earlier that the installation process of these LED lights is important. So, if you don’t know how to do it, just keep an eye on the following simples steps:

1. Unrolling:

After buying the best possible LED lights for your TV, your first task is to simply open the packaging and unroll the whole thing.

Now, if you can afford it, you must buy LED lights with peripherals such as remote control or something like that. Because these kinds of LED lights are easy to charge and use, but they are expensive, so be ready for that.

You will also get batteries with most LED lights. So, charge the batteries first and then turn the lights on to see whether they work properly.

2. Clean the TV:

Your next task is with your large TV instead of that strip of LED lights because the back of your TV should be clean.

Look! When you are doing a bit of hustle in installing those LED lights, then why not clean the back of the TV as well?

Moreover, the dusty back of your TV will not let the lights planted for a long time. Lights might slip off in a matter of days.

Cleaning TV

3. Time to Set Up:

This is the real moment!

So, before anything else, measure the size of your TV after taking it off the mount or (simply) wall. Now, you will get maybe a 3M double-adhesive tape on the backside of that strip of LED lights.

Take off the tape and try attaching the lights on the back of the TV. Positioning is important, so always attach the strip of LED lights on a plain or even surface.

That’s it!


As a result, now you know if it is safe to put LED lights on TV or not.

So yes, LED lights are completely safe and even beneficial until or unless you eat them.

Just Kidding!

Enjoy your day watching TV with LED lights on, and don’t forget to give your feedback to help us improve!

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