Is Onn A Good TV Brand?

Is Onn A Good TV Brand? – [Is It Really Worth Buying?]

So, you have finally decided to buy a new TV, and now, you have come across a relatively new brand, “Onn TV by Walmart.” Right?

If so, the first question that could come to your mind before buying is, “Is Onn a good TV brand?”

From apparent views, Onn tv looks quite good and is said to be a revolutionary TV brand for those who want more specifications for less money.

Want to know more about the Onn TV brand to be surer about it? Don’t worry and keep reading, as this is a complete guide for you. So, here we go:

Reasons Why Onn is a Good TV Brand?

While being one of the best TV brands for those who want to buy a reasonable smart TV without breaking the bank, Onn TV has many features that stand out.

onn tv

That’s why we will discuss those features of Onn TV that can make you buy one:


The biggest flex and the best feature of Onn TV are that it is a competitor of big boys of the industry like TCL and Panasonic but is quite cheaper than all of them.

Built-in Smart Capabilities:

Onn TVs come up with built-in smart capabilities, which means that you can enjoy almost all streaming services like Netflix without needing any external device like Roku or Apple TV.

Wide range of Sizes:

You will never need to compromise on the size as you can buy TVs with screens of 24 inches to 75 inches.

Voice Control:

It’s quite beneficial when you can’t find a remote. Isn’t it?

Value for Money:

Being cheap is not bravery, as there are many other cheaper brands as well. But Onn TVs provides much more than what you pay for.

Easy Interface:

Have you never used a smart TV? Don’t worry because using Onn TVs is a piece of cake for everyone.

Picture Quality:

We can’t compare its picture quality with new and advanced models of Samsung or Sony TV, but it’s quite reasonable.

One-year Warranty:

When you buy anything cheap, you will rarely get a warranty, but Onn TV gives you a one-year warranty on specific things.

Connectivity Options:

You can avail of a bunch of connectivity options like HDMI and USB ports.

Things Where Onn TV Can Do Better:

How can a TV be perfect at almost everything?

If you are thinking the same, you need to read this section as here, we have discussed Onn TV problems:

ONN TV Brand

Limited Advanced Features:

When talking about advanced features, it’s not as good as big brands in the industry.

Imperfect Smart Assistant Compatibility:

Many of its customers have complained that the smart assistant on the TV is not as good as it seems.

Not the Best Sound Quality:

Overall, the sound quality is quite reasonable. But if you want to enjoy movies and gaming to their fullest, Onn TV is not for you.


There is no guarantee that you’ll always get Onn TV in Walmart, no matter when you go.

Partial Customer Support:

If you get tangled in a problem, there are chances that you will have to resolve it yourself, as Onn TV’s customer support is not up to the mark.

Limited Models:

There are a bunch of size options, but not as many models as you would expect.

Are Onn TVs good for Gaming?

Want to buy Onn TV for gaming? It might not be a good decision if you want it for professional gaming.

It all depends on your gaming preferences and needs. But we will try to discuss every aspect of gaming with Onn TV:

Onn tv in a room


Not so much, but you might face the problem of input lag with Onn TV if you run a high-graphic game.

Audio Quality:

You already know that the sound quality isn’t one of the best, and it can even ruin your gaming experience.

Refresh Rate:

It’s the number of times TV refreshes an image in one second. In this case, Onn TVs are super-efficient.

Smart Features:

Not many, but some features of Onn TV make your gaming experience better if you use them wisely.


It usually depends on the model you buy, but with Onn TV, 1080p is (usually) the least you will get.

Overall, Onn TV is a good choice for gaming if you can’t afford an expensive gaming setup and stuff. But if you are looking for a future in esports or even a gaming YouTube channel, we would recommend you go for a better and more expensive TV.

List of 5 Best Models of Onn TV:

So, you have decided that Onn TV is a reasonable TV brand for you but still do not know exactly which Onn TV will be best for you. Right?

Onn tv model

Although it’s YOU who has to make the decision, we have a list of the 5 Best Models of Onn TV:

  1. Onn 50″ Class 4K UHD (2160P) LED Roku Smart TV: If you can’t afford bad audio quality but also want Onn TV, this model is for you.
  2. Onn 43″ Class FHD (1080P) LED Roku Smart TV: It’s the same as the first one! The only difference is that it doesn’t provide a 4K image experience.
  3. Onn 32″ Class HD (720P) LED Roku Smart TV: Its slim design makes it perfect for small spaces.
  4. Onn 50″ Class 4K UHD Roku TV HDR: If you want everything (from audio to video) to be enhanced, go for this model.
  5. Onn 24″ Class HD (720P) LED TV: It’s an overall reasonable TV that has good features with a relatively smaller size and is also quite cheap.

So, according to your needs and the features of these models, choose one of them. You can deny all of them and ask about any other model of Onn TV from us if you want to.


So, the final verdict is that it’s a great deal to buy an Onn TV for budget people as it gives value for money.

If you still can’t determine whether Onn TV is a good TV brand, ask your queries!

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