Is Philips TV A Good Brand?

Is Philips TV A Good Brand? – [Things You Need To Know!]

For a long while Philips has been producing televisions. From their impressive marketability to the affordable price point: Philips offers it all. But while these televisions are great devices overall, they’re rarely seen as compared to Sony, and LG. 

Besides the low popularity, Philips is trying to make a return, and chances are: they might just succeed. 

Where people can still buy TVs by Philips, and stand a competition against other brands, the real question is, should they? 

The answer is yes Philips is A Good TV Brand. Reduced popularity over the years hasn’t stopped Philips from producing some of the best TVs at the most affordable rates.

However, Philips doesn’t stop there. There are various other factors like a nice screen, Android support, and Ambilight that allow Philips to stand against the competitors.

Let’s look closer at the whys and hows of Philips being a great brand to consider. So keep on reading to find out more!

Reasons Why Philips Is A Good TV Brand?

As we have previously mentioned, Philips is an excellent choice if you look at its value and price point. A Philips TV comes packed with all the essential tech features that you expect from your brand-new TV.

Philips TV Brand

Here are a bunch of more reasons why you need to consider buying a Philips TV. 

Great Price Point:

If you ask us, there’s nothing more appealing to a buyer than an item that falls into their price range with all the additional features packed within, and Philips understands that. You must have heard your friends chant “It’s cheap!” while bragging about their new TV, and so can you. 

Don’t believe us? Well, you’d be amazed to know that a 43-inch TV 4K by Philips costs 755.59USD, while a similar model by Samsung and SONY costs around 1290.22USD and 941.51USD respectively. And that’s only the beginning of how cost-effective Philips is. 

High Resolution:

If the low price point has got you wondering whether Philips offers smart features like a crisp picture and sound quality, then allow us to inform you that the offered prices come without any compromise on quality. Yup, you heard us. 

Instead of the expected 720p or 1080p at this price range, it’s a surprising fact that Philips offers a full 4K in all of its main models. So be it your movies, shows, or sports events, Philips TVs will provide you with the best hands-on watching experience. 

Smart Features:

Not only do Philips TVs come with 4K resolution, but they are also fully supported by Android. This means you can now have access to Google Play Store in addition to streaming Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube without using any external streaming gadgets.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the Ambilight feature. An Ambilight creates mood and ambiance in the room while allowing you to go beyond just watching, and being fully immersed in getting a feel from your favorite shows.

Do Philips TVs Last?

If you’re investing your savings in a gadget, you might as well be expecting it to last for a good long while. When it comes to TVs by Philips, we must say they do have a good history of lasting long as compared to their costly competitors. 

Philips TV

However, no matter what brand it is, it’s going to last long only if you take good care of it. Most TVs’ lasting period depends upon the care you take of them. Therefore, to ensure an extended lifespan, make sure you put extra effort into its care. 

Here are a few steps that you may take to elongate your TV’s lifespan.

Turn It Off When No One’s Watching:

It’s very common for users to sleep while streaming their favorite shows at night. But as enjoyable as it may be, it’s not a good idea for your or your TV’s health. 

Keeping your screen turned on for an extended period ends up increasing the burn-ins on OLED panels, and destroys the pixels. So make sure to set up a sleep timer if you wanna extend your TV’s screen life. 

Make Sure There’s Some Ventilation:

One could say the TV breathes from its backside, which helps it keep the internal components cool. So make sure you don’t cover its mouth and disrupt its breathing. 

Taking steps like keeping the back clear of dust, and not covering it ensures an extended lifespan of your TV.

Should I Get A Philips TV?

If you’ve got a list of your non-negotiable features and know your budget, then what’s stopping you from taking a look at the series of TVs by Philips? 

Of course, there’s always something better in the market. Something that suits your needs better, and something that generally looks better or offers a wider, more colorful display.

Philips samrt TV

However, as lavishing as the new and smart features may sound, they cost a lot. No matter how many amazing features fancier brands like Sony and Samsung come up with, what you need to consider before buying a new TV is your budget, and Philips understands that.

Although Philips offers TVs at many more affordable rates than Sony and Samsung, it doesn’t do so at the compromise of quality or smart features. 

Philips TVs come with the latest tech features like Android support, Ambilight, and even 4K resolution. So whether it’s the colors or the sound quality, now you don’t have to compromise on any feature in the name of your budget!

Wrap Up:

Is Philips a good TV brand? The answer is both yes and no! It’s a great choice if you know what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. 

Typically brands like Samsung and Sony offer devices with smarter and better features, but smarter features are not the only thing you consider before buying a new TV. According to us, the budget comes first. 

Philips being an evergreen brand understands that. This means they’re offering newer, better, and smarter TVs at the best rates in the market. So don’t forget to go through their collection before you make your final decision!

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