Is RCA A Good TV Brand?

Is RCA A Good TV Brand? – [Is It Really Worth It?]

Looking for some reliable smart TV options? We have got you covered;

Yes, RCA is a really good and reliable smart TV brand. It offers very affordable prices to its customers with highly amazing technological features. RCA smart TVs will last for 5-8 years.

You should buy RCA as it is budget-friendly. Also, it cools off twice per day. This is necessary for the optimal working of light and screen components.

Let’s read out this guide and know more about RCA smart TVs.

Is RCA Considered A Good TV Brand?

Yes, RCA is a good TV brand that comes with affordable smart TVs. These affordable TVs have many amazing features that everyone looks at in a smart TV. RCA TVs have different sizes; their main features are:

  • Easy and fast searching of TV channels via cross-channel search
  • 178° viewing angle
  • HDMI input
  • 4K Resolution

You can use the Roku mobile application to turn Android or iOS phones into a convenient remote. However, it lacks some features because of its cheapest prices as compared to high-end smart TVs.


In the end, you should buy RCA TVs if you want a good display and enjoy high-quality movies with great audio features. To get all these features; go for RCA TVs.

Should I Buy An RCA TV?

Yes, buying an RCA TV is a worth-buying choice. Because RCA TVs have many amazing quality features at such a low price. RCA smart TVs are a good choice when you have a low budget. However, if you can increase your budget, other brands in the market offer more features than RCA.


When you want to buy a 4K QLED TV, then RCA QLED smart TV is the best choice for you. This RCA TV comes with a Smart Cast system, so you can easily get access to popular streaming applications like YouTube or Netflix.

Lighting conditions don’t matter in this RCA QLED TV. Whether it is afternoon or late at night, you can enjoy it equally in all lighting conditions; as this smart TV would not cause any issues.

As far as its features are concerned, it has a 60 Hz refresh rate, it is a good choice because you can lower the gaming settings. Additionally, it has an 8ms input lag. But unfortunately, RCA QLED TV lacks HDR support. But if you look at its prices, RCA TVs are surely the best choice.

Why Do RCA TVs Have The Cheapest Price?

Let’s know the various reasons why RCA TVs have the cheapest prices.

watching movie on RCA TV


The reason behind the affordability of RCA TVs is that they are made in China. Many brands produce their electronics in China because they have large labor at cheap rates.

Likewise, RCA TVs are also built in China; However, some TV manufacturers are in Mexico. Additionally, the reason behind the cheapest TV prices is that the business ecosystem in China has evolved rapidly.

Resultantly, big electronics brand like RCA will take benefit from China’s supply chain and keeps their costs low.

Rca Makes Money When You Are Watching Tv?

Manufacturers know how to make money when you take your TV home. Rather than just relying on TV purchases, manufacturers make money by tracking your TV watching and then selling your info to the advertisers. In this way, they make money when you watch your shows.

RCA mostly makes smart TVs. These smart TVs are user-friendly and you can easily get access to the streaming apps like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, HBO, or Sling TV.

You can watch any content from these streaming services; so companies gather data about your watchings, what and how long you watch. So advertisement companies target their audience according to their most watched content.

Screen Price:

The main reason for RCA’s cheap price is its price drop in LCD panels. Prices for LCD TV were reduced by around 3% last year. However, there is news that these prices have increased in recent years. The price drop of LCD TVs happens due to their oversupply in the market.

High Competition:

Most companies lower their prices to attract customers from competitor companies. Generally, it is known as a price war. RCA TVs are the cheapest smart TVs but this brand still has many competitors.

Like you have many options in this price range like TCL, Sceptre, and Hisense. All of these TV companies are brand competitors of RCA.

RCA TV Brand

In the price war, companies compare their prices with their competitors. Like if Hisense drops its TV prices then RCA must follow the trend and lower the prices.

Final Argument:

In the end, we must say that RCA is a really good brand due to its amazing features at cheap prices. If you have a low budget and want to buy a high-quality smart TV, then go for RCA smart TV.

RCA comes with the cheapest prices due to its brand competitors also offering low prices. RCA TVs are a good choice for you if you take proper care of your TV.

Hope you find it a helpful guide for you!

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