Is The Red Light On My TV A Camera?

Is The Red Light On My TV A Camera? – [Complete Details]

The red light of a smart TV always makes us worried about whether it’s a camera or not.

The red light on your smart TV doesn’t indicate a camera. Red light can be a camera if your TV model has a built-in camera. Otherwise, the red light shows the power status of your TV. Additionally, red light shows when there is an issue or fixation needed.

Let’s read this guide to know more about the red light of smart TVs.

Why Does Everyone Get Confused By A Red Light On Smart TV?

In our smartphones, we see a red light when a camera is on or recording video. Mostly you see a red light that shows the camera is working. 

Red Light On My TV

So we always thought that the red light was linked to a camera. Likewise, if we see a red light on a smart TV we would start thinking that it’s a camera and possibly recording a video.

Privacy concerns:

One of the main reasons is we are worried about our TV, that it might collect and use our information to spy. So it is obvious to worry about a red light.

Checking a camera:

If you want to check a camera in your smart TV, you have to read its guide. Additionally, you can also check TV settings to identify a camera in your smart TV.

Furthermore, you can also thoroughly inspect the bezels of your smart TV. Closely check if the TV has any circular thickness on the upper edge of the TV. Because the camera has a lens and it needs some space to fit in. So it is not possible to fit a camera in an Ultra-thin TV.

Can I See It When My Smart TV Camera Turns On?

You always consider your privacy concerns; so you want to deny all apps permissions that would want to access your TV. However, if any app would get access to your smart TV camera; you can’t see here whether it’s active or not.

Some cameras in smart TVs have LED indicators while many do not.

If you want to keep yourself secure and maintain your privacy, just tape it on the camera’s lens or unplug it.

What Is The Purpose Of The Red Light In A Smart TV?

If your smart TV has a camera it is mentioned in the manual or TV settings. However, if it is not mentioned then a red light on your smart TV is not a camera it’s just a light.

Red Light On TV

The red light on your smart TV has different purposes and its functions depend on the TV model. Let’s discuss some of the possible purposes of red light.

Power Off Or Stand By:

The red light on your smart TV indicates that your TV is in standby mode. This is one of the common signs of red light. Because when the TV turns on, this red light vanishes. Many Samsung TVs have this feature.

Blinking Red Light:

In most smart TVs if the red light on the smart TV is blinking then it shows there is some issue with the TV. Maybe your TV may not turn on.

Sometimes there are different blinking patterns in every TV model. You should have basic knowledge of what to do when a red light is blinking. Do not immediately call customer care services that will cost you money.

  • One possible reason for the blinking red light is the power board failing. If the power board of the TV has failed then it shows a blinking red light. In this case, call a professional.
  • The other possible reason for blinking the red light is if your TV has a damaged power strip. If your surge protector is not working well then the red light starts blinking.
  • If you choose incorrect inputs for your TV, the red light starts blinking. Likewise, faulty input connections also cause problems.
  • The blinking of the red light is also a reason for the HDMI fault. To resolve this issue, you can power off your smart TV, then wait a few seconds and plug it back in. These actions may solve your problems.

Where Can I Find A Camera On My TV?

You can find cameras on the upper edges of your smart TV. These are in the form of small circles. If these are in the form of thin bezels, then it is hidden and usually popped out when needed.

location of cameras in every smart TV varies with manufacturers:


Samsung TV:

If you have a Samsung TV, the camera will be in the middle of the upper edge of your device. However not every Samsung TV has a camera; it varies according to the TV model.


Not all LG TVs have built-in cameras. Those having cameras are retractable. However you can keep your camera retracted, so it could not record you.

Vizio TV:

This brand doesn’t have built-in cameras. But they offer a webcam that is compatible with your device and you can use it with your TV.

Sony TV:

Similar to Vizio, Sony TV does not offer built-in cameras in smart TVs. People having privacy concerns and are worried that their TV is watching them, buy a Sony TV.


For the sake of your privacy, you would be concerned whether the red light on your smart TV is a camera.

A brand can’t put a camera on TV without informing customers. If a smart TV has a built-in camera then it is mentioned in the manual or you can also check settings to know more about camera options.

If you want to find a camera, it is probably in the middle of the top bezel of your smart TV.

Don’t worry about your privacy concerns as the camera needs some space to fit in; so you can easily find it if it is installed in a device.

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