Is Walmart Protection Plan Worth It For TV?

Is Walmart Protection Plan Worth It For TV? – [Explained]

As a customer, you are always worried about whether your buying is worth it. What if my purchase goes through any damage? It is very crucial if your electronic item gets damaged or defective after purchase.

That’s why Walmart’s protection plan got you covered!

Yes, it is worth it to purchase a Walmart protection plan. When you purchase electronics like TV; ideally you would purchase a Walmart plan. These protection plans will benefit you in multiple ways like if your TV gets damaged while using it, file a claim for it.

Walmart’s protection plan gives your peace of mind that your electronic items are secured.

So, continue reading this guide to know more about Walmart’s protection plan.

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How Much Is A Walmart TV Protection Plan Worth?

If you buy a Walmart TV protection plan for 2 years it will cost you just $16!

$16 is just a wonderful deal as it adds value to your electronics. This protection plan is for those electronics that cover around $100 and $199. It is helpful for you if your TV goes through any damage.

Walmart Protection Plan

For low-price electronics, Walmart gives a one-year protection plan. But for low prices device coverage is not very impressive.

Walmart’s protection plan is an affordable way to save your electric devices! Walmart’s protection plans extend the life of electronics and give you ease and peace of mind.

How To Purchase A Walmart Protection Plan For TV?

Walmart has various protection plans online and in-store for its products like electronics.

Walmart’s protection plan covers accidental product damage, product malfunctions, and some other technical faults.

If you want to purchase a protection plan online you can search on the Walmart homepage. It is ideal to use the phrase “protection plan” and the period you would like a protection plan for. For example, if you want it for 2 years, write. 2-year protection plan.

To get a protection plan in-store, ask for help from staff.

Walmart Protection Plan for TVs:

Walmart protection plans for TVs benefit you in many ways. Walmart protection plan is great when you want to secure your investment.

Walmart’s protection plan for TVs includes:

  • Remote failure
  • Screen failure
  • Speaker failure

This plan ensures that you can continue to use your product even if it gets damaged.

Furthermore, if your TV does not work properly, then it will also be included in this plan. But this protection plan does not include damages due to theft, intentional product damage, or accidental product damage.

This shows that if your TV is damaged beyond repair or stolen then it will not fall under replacement.

Walmart’s protection plan gives you peace of mind and gives you detailed information about what it covers.

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How To File A Claim Under Walmart’s TV Protection Plan?

Under Walmart’s protection plan, you can easily file a claim against your damage. You have to be honest while telling about your product defects.

Let’s have a look at the process of filing a claim under Walmart’s protection plan.

  • If you want an instant response, you have to file your claim online.
  • For filing a complaint, you have to take your receipt and covered item with you.
  • Mostly, customer claims will be approved immediately after filling a claim. In another way, staff will guide you in further process.
  • Most of the time, your damaged item will be repaired. If it won’t be repaired, Walmart will send you a replacement for your loss.

Advantages Of Walmart’s TV Protection Plan:

Walmart’s protection plan comes with many benefits. The majority of people show concern about Walmart’s protection plans for their TVs.

Below are the benefits of a Walmart protection plan. Let’s have a look.

Easy Communication:

One of the main benefits is that Walmart gives you the option to call them. You can get their telephone number from their website or in-store.

Additionally, they have great customer care service; you can call them 24/7. You can call the customer care center at any time of the day.

Moreover, there is also a call-back option. So if you don’t want to wait for long you can use this call-back option. In this way, a representative will call you back.

Walmart’s protection plan gives you ease and peace of mind.

Helps In Filing A Claim:

Whenever you buy a Walmart protection plan ensure to get a copy of the receipt. This receipt will be needed if you want to file a claim.

Saving a receipt will be an ideal option to get a proper and instant response.

Besides this, you have to tell all your concerns to a customer care representative. You have to tell him your problem and claims. You should be honest in your claims and give him accurate knowledge about your damaged TV.

Additionally, you should file your claim immediately after the damage. Claim it as soon as possible when you get to know your TV is broken, or defective.

Gives You Product Coverage:

Walmart’s protection plan comes with some covered situations like power surges damage. Power surges damage may occur when a product is affected by an electrical spike. So if you had bought a protection plan for your TV you will be covered under this plan.


The protection plan also covered electrical and mechanical damages. Your electronics will be covered if damage happens due to spilling beverages, cracked TV screens, or defective remotes.

If your TV goes through pixel failure or burnout due to electrical issues it will also be covered under this protection plan. You can identify pixel damage by a tiny spot on the TV screen.


Walmart’s protection plan gives their customers peace of mind and comfort due to warranty coverage.

Walmart makes you purchase a warranty plan for a lifetime. Walmart protection plans give product safety and give you surety that your products are secured.

Whether you buy a TV or something else, you are sure that your item is secured under Walmart protection plans.

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