Should I Leave The TV On For My Cat?

Should I Leave The TV On For My Cat? – [Complete Details]

Cats are said to be curious creatures which is why it’s extremely difficult to pet them. Even it is said that cats will do exactly what you don’t want them to do.

If your cat is also obsessed with TV, you must be thinking, “Should I leave the TV on for my cat?”

Leaving the TV on for your cat can provide mental stimulation and entertainment. But there are many factors you need to know before doing it.

So, let’s dig into the article to learn everything you must know about the relationship between TV and your cat:

The Benefits of Leaving the TV on for Your Cat:

Before going towards the dark side of this topic, you must know some potential benefits of letting your cat watch TV.

Leaving the TV on for Your Cat


Just like humans, cats also need some entertainment. Although cats are sleepy and lazy pets, they would never mind if their playing time turned into TV time.


If your cat is super active and never stops running or jumping, it needs a break. It can even help your cat sleep easily.

Mental Stimulation:

If there are colorful visuals and animals (that cat loves) on TV, it will help in its mental stimulation.

Anxiety Reduction:

Are you a cat going through an anxiety phase and doesn’t relax or sleep easily? TV might help you, and it if you just put on an animal show.

Mimicking Human Presence:

Pet cats always want you to be with them. If you are not at home, TV might help your cat as it will think that you are somewhere near here.

Environmental Enrichment:

In your absence, when the cat notices the same environment as before, the cat will not get bored.

Summary: All these benefits are temporary, and the disadvantages of watching TV are much more prominent.

Screen Time for Cats: How Much is Too Much?

Are you noticing lately that your cat loves watching TV more than ever before? If so, you must have questions in mind like, “Is it concerning?” or “Is it too much screen time for my cat?

Coming after that depressing era of Covid-19 wasn’t easy for us, but our pets were also stuck in the house. And in the house, you can’t do much.

This leads pets, especially cats, to start watching TV. And yes, it’s concerning, and you should pay attention to the screen time of your cat.

Unlike humans, cats’ eyes can’t bear the lights and sounds coming out of the TV for so much time. Many experts suggest keeping the screen time of cats at 1 hour per day.

It also depends on the age of your cat. If it’s a baby, your kitten can’t even come closer to a TV.

TV Volume and Brightness: What’s Safe for Your Cat?

While talking about the screen time of your cat, we mentioned that screen time should be extremely less because of the brightness and volume of the TV.

The eyes and ears of a cat are way more delicate than ours. It means that they can’t bear high noises and extreme light.

You should keep the brightness to as low as possible, but the volume can be moderate. High levels of brightness and volume can lead your cat to even anxiety and depression.

How to Choose the Right TV for Your Cat?

Not many people know, but every TV is built differently and has a different effect on your (and your cat’s) eyes and ears.

tv for cat

You might not know, but choosing the right TV for your cat can increase its screen time and is always better.

You should not buy a TV, especially for your cat, but if your cat’s vet allows it and you have to, then keep these things in mind:


The bigger the screen is, the better your cat can see visuals and stuff. If it can’t see anything properly, it might get anxious and try scratching the screen.

Cat-friendly features:

Go and ask the shopkeeper to give you a TV that has cat-friendly features, such as interactive games and apps that you can enjoy with your cat.

Remote Control:

Now, when you know that your cat’s screen time is over, but you are not close to the TV to turn it off. What would you do?

Pet-safe Material:

Things like sharp edges of the TV can injure your cat, so beware of anything like that.

Tip: Always tell your cat to watch TV from a good distance, especially if the size of the TV screen is massive, as it may affect its eyes.

Alternative Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained and Happy:

Now you know that it’s not ideal for your cat to watch TV. Instead, it can spend its time in your absence with some other things. Here are five of them:

happy cat

Puzzle Feeders:

Puzzle feeders are toys in which a cat has to go through a puzzle or maze to get to the food. It’s fun and stimulates their natural hunting ability.

Interactive Toys:

There are so many interactive toys you can go with, like wand toys, laser pointers, and balls. Cats have to do some exercise because it’s extremely bad for a cat to be lazy.

Cat Trees:

All cat owners know the love of cats towards the tree. They love climbing trees, so a cat tree can provide a perfect playground for your cat.

DIY Toys:

Making your cat toys can be a fun and affordable way to keep them entertained. Moreover, the affection of your cat towards those toys will be more than any other toy because it has seen YOU making them.

Regular Playtime:

If you can afford it, you should also buy a regular playtime.


So, in the end, you know whether you should keep the TV on for your cat or not.

The cat can watch TV, but it’s not the ideal way of spending spare time. If you have time, spend it with your cat. And if you are busy, buy some other cat toys that are safer than watching TV.

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