Why Is My LG TV Screen Blue Tint?

Why Is My LG TV Screen Blue Tint? – [Reasons And Solutions]

So, that blueish color on your LG TV screen, which you have been noticing, has now gone too far. In the presence of this blue tint, your TV time just gets ruined. Right?

But why your LG TV screen suddenly has a blue tint on it?

Blue tint on LG TV can be due to many reasons, but the most common one is that your TV is old enough to be replaced.

If your TV is super old, you need to change it or spend some serious money on it. Otherwise, keep reading till the end, as it wasn’t the only potential reason behind that blue tint:

7 Reasons Why Is Your LG TV Screen Blue Tint?

Don’t worry because this problem is quite common and requires easy tasks as solutions. But the problem is that those solutions depend on causes.

LG TV Screen Blue Tint

For that, you must first determine why is your LG TV screen blue tint. So, let’s start with the following:

1. Incorrect Picture Settings:

If you have changed the picture settings of your LG TV recently, there is a possibility that you have done something wrong. Common picture setting errors are:

  • The colour temperature is set to “cool” or “blue.”
  • Tint set to a higher level than necessary
  • Colour saturation set too high

2. Calibration Issue:

Calibration means that your TV screen’s colours should be balanced. If they are not balanced, you might end up with a blue or a different-coloured screen.

3. Poor HDMI Connection:

Probably the most common reason for this issue is poor HDMI connection. Bad connection of HDMI can be because:

  • The HDMI cable is not plugged in properly.
  • HDMI cable is damaged or expired.
  • The HDMI cable you are using isn’t compatible with your LG TV.

4. Damaged or Dirty Screen:

Not cleaning the screen from time to time is one of the worst things you would do for your TV. Dirt, dust, and other debris can easily be the reason for that blue tint. Moreover, physical damage can distort the image, which can cause a blue tint.

5. Firmware Issue:

There can be an ordinary firmware or software issue. These kinds of internal issues can be resolved by you manually.

6. Video Input Problems:

If the problem you are facing is with a particular video source, such as a console or cable box, it might be a video input problem.

7. TV Settings:

Other than specifically picture settings, you can face this issue even if you do something wrong with general TV settings. This settings issue has the same solution as some of the other reasons, like video input problems, calibration issues, incorrect picture settings, and colour temperature.

Possible Solutions to Blue Tint on LG TV Screen:

Every cause of the blue tint on the LG TV screen requires a different solution. So, let’s cover all of them one by one:

LG TV Blue Tint

1. Incorrect Picture Settings:

To resolve this issue, you have to take your picture to default settings. For that, find “picture settings”, which you might find in general settings or the main menu.

Here, find an option saying “reset” or “default” and click on it. Make sure you are resetting picture settings.

2. Calibration Issue:

For this, you have to use a proficient calibration service or software. So, find the best possible calibration software and do whatever it says.

3. Poor HDMI Connection:

Try this solution even if you don’t think that your HDMI cable is the real issue. First, make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in correctly by unplugging and plugging it back.

If the problem stays, make sure that you’re using the right HDMI cable. Now, the final thing you can do is change the HDMI cable, and it’s not even that expensive.

4. Damaged or Dirty Screen:

Clean the screen right now without any frustration!

On the other hand, a physically damaged screen can only be repaired by a qualified technician.

5. Firmware Issue:

Firmware or software issues are normally resolved by updating to the latest version of the software. You can do it by:

  • Going to the “About Section” of your TV, which you might find in the main settings.
  • Find the “Software” or “Software Update” option here.
  • Simply click on it and wait for updates to happen.

If updates don’t resolve the issue, you need to contact a professional.

6. Video Input Problems:

Here are a few things you need to check and (even) change:


Check if the cable is damaged from either end. If so, change it.

Try Different Cable:

If the cable isn’t damaged, try another cable of the same kind (if available at your place).

Picture Settings:

We know picture settings are already discussed, but this issue can also be because of wrong or imbalanced picture settings. So, make sure it’s all fine.

When to Call a Technician for Blue Tint on LG TV Screen?

Although the blue tint issue isn’t a severe one and doesn’t require much to resolve, if it’s your bad day, your LG TV might have bigger damage.

Blue Tint on LG TV Screen

First, make sure that your issue isn’t discussed above in the article. If not, some sort of part of your LG TV must be broken like:

  • T-con board
  • LCD panel

A defect in any technical panel, board, or circuit in your TV can’t be fixed by you, so contact a trusted technician right now!

Best Tip to Prevent Blue Tint on LG TV Screens in Future:

Want to save your TV from small yet irritant problems such as blue tint?

Stop using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on it, even while cleaning it. Cleaning a TV screen is a super straightforward task, but we have made it complicated.

Just take a dusting cloth (soft) and clean it with a hint of water if there’s something stuck on the screen. That’s it!

Bottom Line:

Now, you know why is your LG TV screen blue tint. Furthermore, you also know about every possible reason behind along with the best tip ever you can get in this regard.

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