What Happens If You Pawn A TV From Aarons?

What Happens If You Pawn A TV From Aarons? – [Quick Answer]

Due to financial issues, anyone can face difficulty in paying for their pawned item. However, Aaron’s has some flexible plans for you.

When you pawn a TV from Aarons and are unable to pay according to the agreement; they will send you legal notice. However, if you face difficulty in paying, you can contact them; as they also have some flexible plans.

Read this guide to know more about pawning a TV from Aaron’s.

What Will Be The Consequences If I Missed A Payment For Pawning A TV From Aaron’s?

If you miss any payment for pawning a tv from Aarons then you have to call Aaron’s customer care support. Generally, if you miss any of Aaron’s payments, they will contact you immediately.

In case they fail to contact you they will reach out to your references to contact you. Whether you get a second chance or not depends on the manager of the store from which you pawned the TV.

If Aaron’s wouldn’t reach your references or does not contact you then they will sell your TV. They can also take you to court if you cannot pay their loan. You will also be punished if not paid at Aaron’s.

Pawn A TV From Aarons

All the states have rules and regulations for not paying for TV from Aaron’s. So you would be punished according to your state’s rules if you don’t follow them properly.

It is advised to contact management if you are unable to pay your lease. Management will work with you to help you in canceling your lease.

You can further research pawning a TV from Aaron’s and learn about their canceling policies.

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How Can You Get A Pawn TV From Aaron’s?

Aaron’s pawning process offers easy and simple leasing programs for customers. To own a product from Aaron’s you have to complete their purchase options.

Aaron’s will not provide you with a loan or some credit for pawning your TV. However, it offers lease or rental purchases. This is a hassle-free process as this process does not require any credit history.

But Aaron’s gathers data about consumers from different agencies that are necessary for lease approval. So all the applicants cannot get approval after this process.

Furthermore, it is important to note that you will only get ownership rights of products when you finish all lease renewal amounts or select some early payment process.

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Aaron’s Application Requirements:

To pawn a TV from Aaron’s, you have to follow the below requirements:

  • Your full name
  • Your residence address
  • CNIC
  • Social Security Number
  • Your income information
  • Reference contact numbers (in case you wouldn’t pay your lease)

Pawning at Aaron’s would not charge any additional fees. These applications are completely free. Your online applications would be approved after 7 days. On the other hand, your in-store applications will be approved within 60 days of applying.

What Kind Of Items Can You Shop At Aaron’s?

For leasing online, you can view leased items online like TV and then head towards your local shop to start the lease process. However, when you shop online you can get both new and pre-leased products from local shops.

All the pawned TVs from Aaron’s have a warranty for 60 days after pawning. But this case varies in each region. Every region or state has its own rules.

Can Aaron’s Call Out The Police For Not Paying Them?

The simple answer to this question is No!

In case you are unable to pay your lease with Aaron’s you can apply for cancellation. They also offer flexible cancellation plans that cancel out your lease within the scheduled time.

For cancellation of the lease, you have to return pawned items and cease payments. In case you are late with your payments, Aaron’s has the right to call the police.


What Are The Consequences If You Break A TV From Aaron’s?

Aaron’s can replace your damaged item if it gets damaged upon delivery. You can also get a replacement for your broken TV if you are Aaron’s club member (if your TV gets damaged or broken by natural reasons like rain or fire).


Aaron’s brings out the most simple and convenient plans for their customers. If you feel difficulty in paying your payments with Aaron’s you can contact them for some professional advice.

Additionally, for your TV payment, your local store management can help you by advising lenient payment plans for you.

If Aaron’s would not get in contact with you and your references then they can sell your debt collection.

If you fail to pay for Aaron’s payments you will have to face consequences and it may lead to your arrest. So always let Aaron’s know if you are struggling in paying your payments.

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