Can You Plug A Flash Drive Into A Smart TV?

Can You Plug A Flash Drive Into A Smart TV? – [Explained]

Most smart TVs come with USB connectors. Then why get bored if you have a chance to enjoy your photos or videos on a bigger screen?

Yes, You can plug a flash drive into your smart TV. Smart TVs have USB ports. You have to plug in your flash drive to the USB port. If your TV doesn’t have USB ports you can also use an HDMI cable.

Let’s go through the process of how you can connect a flash drive to your smart TV.

Can I Plug The Flash Drive Into My Smart TV?

Yes, you can!

If you want to connect your USB to your smart TV, firstly you have to back up your files. Because if you face something wrong, your data won’t lose. Connecting a USB to a smart TV is not a hard process. Let’s learn it.

Flash Drive Into A Smart TV

Process of connecting a flash drive to smart TV:

  • In your smart TV, plug your USB drive into the USB port. Most smart TVs receive messages after you plug in the flash drive to the smart TV. This message will pop up on the screen and inform you that your USB device is accepted by the smart TV.
  • From your remote press the source button that shows you the USB device. Additionally, you can also tap on the home button and check the “source” to see “USB connected device.” Scroll through media files from the USB device and select any picture and video.
  • Press Enter for selecting a picture or video.

What To Do If A Smart TV Doesn’t Connect To A Flash Drive?

When you connect a flash drive to the USB port of your smart TV and it doesn’t recognize it then your flash drive may have the wrong format.

Some smart TVs support specific formats for flash drives. You can check your smart TV specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

In another way, you can also reformat your USB. You can plug the flash drive into your computer and find the USB folder in the file manager.

When you do formatting of your flash drive it will erase all the content of your flash drive. So you have to secure your files in some other safe location.

For reformating, right-click the USB drive. Press “Format” select an option under “file system” and tap Start to begin the formatting process.

What Type Of USB Port Does A Smart TV Has?

Generally, smart TVs have USB Type-A ports that connect flash drives to smart TVs. Type-A ports are an ideal choice for connecting accessories to a smart TV.

flash drive

You should have enough knowledge about your smart TV’s USB ports; which type of flash drive it supports. Modern smart TVs use USB-C for connection. For example, if your smart TV uses Type-C, then you need a USB-A to USB-C connector, for the connection with the smart TV.

Is There Any Way To Connect The Flash Drive If My Smart TV Doesn’t Have A USB Port?

Unfortunately, if your smart TV doesn’t have a USB port, don’t need to worry about that! There is still a way.

For this, you need an HDMI cable. Connect one end of the cable to the smart TV and the other end to a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Additionally, you can also use an S-video cable or DVI. Most TVs have built-in features to connect HDMI or DVI.

Laptops have these built-in features so you will not feel any difficulty in connecting them with your smart TV through HDMI cable.

If you have old version laptops or computers then you can choose S-video. But it varies in quality compared to DVI cable.

Can My Smart TV Connect To The Flash Drive Automatically?

Yes, your smart TV can read your flash drive automatically.

When you plug a flash drive into your smart TV you have to check its media files for the content. In this way, you can ensure that your smart TV recognizes flash drives.

Additionally, you can find a flash drive button on the remote control of a smart TV. When you press it, you will be directed to the media files of your smart TV.

Here you can search all folders and files that will display on the screen.

What Devices Can You Connect To Smart TVs Through USB?

You can connect multiple devices to a smart TV using a USB drive. Some of them are below:

Plugged A Flash Drive Into A Smart TV

Keyboard Or Mouse:

You can connect a wireless mouse or keyboard via a flash drive.

In case you don’t want to do typing with your remote controller, you can attach a keyboard to a smart TV via a USB port. For your convenience and better results, you can plug in a wireless USB keyboard.

Web Cameras:

Some brands offer built-in features for web cameras and smart TVs. Or you can plug web cameras into smart TVs via USB ports. In this way, you can do video calling on smart TV.

Storage Device:

In smart TVs you can use USB ports for plugging in storage devices like flash drives. Smart TV has the ability to read up to 2TB of external storage like audio, photos, or videos.

With your smartphone, you can connect your smart TV via a USB port. In this way, you can display content from your phone to smart TV. You can also swipe photos through the TV remote.

One of the main benefits is when you are viewing these files or images, your battery gets charged via a USB port.

Bluetooth Or WiFi:

You can give your smart TV an added feature by plugging WiFi or Bluetooth dongles via USB ports.

Final Thoughts:

USB ports are an exciting feature of smart TVs!

Now you can view photos or videos on a smart TV via flash drive. In this way, you can view and enjoy your photos in a better visual display.

Flash drives take your entertainment to a new level!

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