Can You Put A Bigger TV On A Smaller Stand?

Can You Put A Bigger TV On A Smaller Stand? – [Explained]

Don’t sweat too hard only because your TV stand is smaller than the TV!

But if you ask people whether you can put a bigger TV on a smaller stand, some say yes while others say otherwise.

So, who is right?

Technically and physically, the answer is ‘Yes,’ but it isn’t as straightforward as it may sound.

A bunch of factors and risks are involved in putting a bigger TV on a smaller stand. That’s why we are here to provide you with everything you need to know. So, here we go:

Crucial Factors to Consider for Putting A Bigger TV On A Smaller Stand:

You already know that it’s not as straightforward as it looks. The crucial factors that make putting a bigger TV on a smaller stand complicated are discussed below:

tv on a TV Stand


Big TV means more weight. Right?

No, modern TVs are being made these days, and they aren’t as heavy as they look. If your TV is also one of them, a small stand will not cause problems. So, first, go and measure the weight of your TV.


If the width of your TV is too much for that stand, your TV’s weight will mostly be exerted from outside of the TV stand. It makes this process a risky gamble.

In other words, the width of that stand must be at least more than the TV’s base stand.


Yes, placement also matters.

The best way to place a TV on that small stand is in such a way the back of the TV touches the wall. It might cause a little bit more heat than usual, but it’s quite safe. The wall will work as a support for the TV.

All Potential Risks of Balancing a Big TV on a Small TV Stand:

Even after considering and taking care of all three crucial factors, there is still a significant chance that your TV might fall from the stand.

Here are all the potential risks you need to take care of:

Bigger TV On A Smaller Stand

Stability Issues:

Even if placed nicely and carefully, there are chances that the TV will swing a little bit on the stand. It is because of the difference between the center of gravity compared of both.

VESA Compatibility:

If the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) pattern of the TV does not match the stand, it’s always unsafe because all TVs and stands need to stick to VESA’s mounting standards.

Heat Dissipation Issues:

Placing a larger TV on a smaller stand may limit the airflow around the TV. Overheating can result in performance issues or permanent damage to the TV’s components.

Warranty Voidance:

The company will not assist if you bring them a damaged TV that fell from a small and unstable stand.

Limited Adjustability:

Smaller stands may lack adjustable features, such as height or tilt. In other words, ease and comfort are also at risk.

Essential Safety Measures for Balancing a Big TV on a Small Stand:

While discussing potential risks, you can’t miss safety measures to eliminate the risks. So, here they are:

Verify TV Dimensions:

Confirm that the width and depth of the bigger TV are within the dimensions that, the smaller stand can accommodate.

Consider the Center of Gravity:

The center where the most force is exerted by the TV must be right in the middle of that stand.

Keep Cables Away:

Keep cables away from the edges of the stand to prevent accidental jerking of the TV.

Seek Professional Advice:

If you are still unsure, going for a professional might help as he can see both (your TV and stand), which we can’t.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain:

Periodically, there are any signs of damage or instability.

Best Alternatives of Smaller Stands for Bigger TVs:

Is it compulsory to use that tiny stand?

Is it more important than that gigantic TV which is quite expensive?

Even if the answer is ‘Yes,’ you must go through all these alternatives we have discussed.

Alternatives Of Small TV Stand

Wall Mounting:

The best alternative you can ever come across, in this case, is going for ‘wall mounting.’ It’s already quite popular that you might have already thought about it.

If saving only a few dollars on a wall mount is the reason why you are not going for it, then you might face a big loss when your TV screen shatters.

The only thing you need to do is ensure that the wall mount you choose is compatible with the weight and size of your TV.

Custom Stand Modification:

At the moment, you know the measurements of your TV (size and weight, etc.). Right?

And you also know how much width and stuff are needed for the stand to make it a secure call. So, if you love your stand and TV (both), you can go for modifying it.

You can call a professional or do it yourself!

Floor Stand or Entertainment Center:

Consider using a floor stand or an entertainment center specifically designed for larger TVs. Things like space for accessories and built-in cable management systems make this option even better.

TV Stand Extenders:

TV stand extenders are specially designed accessories that can be added to your existing stand to increase its size and accommodate larger TVs. So, just buy it and enjoy the big screen!

Floating Shelves:

If you can afford it, or you already have, floating shelves aren’t a bad option. They can be installed on the wall below your TV to create an aesthetically pleasing setup.

DIY Stand Solutions:

There are numerous online resources and tutorials available that provide step-by-step instructions for constructing DIY TV stands.

So, if you don’t want to go for a purchase and have stuff like wood at home, do it yourself!

Repurpose Furniture:

Consider repurposing existing furniture items, such as cabinets, showcases, or bookshelves. Some furniture items like them already have some space where you can fit your TV.

If you have any of the alternatives available easily, opting for a small stand can become the dumbest decision of your life.


So, it’s proven that physically you can put a larger TV on a smaller stand. But there are a bunch of risks and considerations involved.

Nonetheless, we have discussed two solutions to this problem as well, which are taking safety measures and going for alternatives.

What are you going to go for?

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